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RoadWarrior Car Holder, Charger & FM Transmitter iPhone 5S / 5C / 5

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The RoadWarrior Car holder features an integrated Lightning charger, additional 1 Amp USB Car Charger and FM Transmitter enabling you to wirelessly transmit music and hands-free calls through your car's stereo system.

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27th April 2015

Didn't last long. Too much static signal is horrible. Didn't fit my iPhone plus cause I would have to remove my case before installing.
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Liesl Henz
elk river, mn
16th April 2015

I ordered a mobile charger mount with radio trans for iPhone 5 with a usb to lightning additional charging cord. I received a USB to Android cord instead. I contacted MF through PayPal. MF promptly responded wanting to communicate outside of PP. Being my first time using PP's system, I didn't know that there would be no evidence for PP claim. They sent a replacement, a new iPhone 6 unit. I questioned this and was reassured. It was the same model as the first time.I contacted them again and received no reply. I have 2 units and no cords. I spent a few hours on this, which is my biggest complaint. Yes, the 2nd unit is worth more than the cord I needed in the first place, but I am frustrated at how much extra time it will take me to get what I need. I like the unit, it works well, but I doubt it will last long because it's very hard to disconnect my phone from the unit. The button to adjust the grip is under the phone, so you must carefully bend the unit to remove it. This is putting pressure on the Lightning jack I'm sure.
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15th April 2015

Not compatible with iPhone
This product is useless for charging the iPhone 6 which is what it's advertised for. It doesn't have a recognised lightening connector by apple so it will NOT charge and therefore you get the message pop up on your phone 'This accessory may not be supported'
MobileFun Reply:
Hi TG You may get the message if you have another device charging at the same time, so just unplug the USB port connected device if this is causing issues. If nothing else is connected, please contact us so you can return the item as it may be faulty. Hope this helps.
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7th April 2015

'Accessory Not Supported'
iPhone does not charge after 'not supported' message on screen.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi David Please ensure that there are no devices plugged in to charge via the USB port of the RoadWarrior as this can cause issues when charging an iPhone 6 / 6 Plus at the same time. Hope this helps.
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Brisbane, qld
26th March 2015

Badly designed and completely useless, threw it in the bin. For example the top clip interferes with the button on the top of the iphone The plug is hard to remove from the phone
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Dan Trim
9th March 2015

Badly made, breaks easily
I've only had the RoadWarrior for 2 weeks and the 7 pin charger at the bottom has stopped working already - it started wobbling within a few uses and has now stopped working altogether. Also, small pieces of plastic started to fall off within the first day. Not worth the money.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Dan, Sounds like you may have a faulty item, please return it to us for a replacement.
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20th February 2015

Road Warrior - Not so tough
I purchased the Road Warrior iPhone 6 Carrier, Charger & FM transmitter. The second time I hooked my phone up to it the iPhone 6 connector/plug snapped off. The problem lies in the fact that the tiny iPhone six connector/plug is required to support the entire weight of the phone. There is not enough support from the rest of the hands free casing to keep the phone still and in place. Total waste of money!
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Emily Sounds like you had a faulty item, please send it back to us for a replacement.
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Jon Brooks
20th February 2015

Fits great doesn't charge
Idea is great, for me it didn't charge phone, a lot to pay just for a holder. Phone was brand new, latest iOS and works with other original/clone chargers.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Jon Please check you don't have anything plugged in charging on the USB port as it may interfere with the phone charging. Hope this helps.
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15th December 2014

iPhone 5S
Initially great, now not so
The RoadWarrior worked very well initially, even though it displayed a message saying this accessory may not be compatible. It still charged my phone quickly and with no issues. Now only 2 months after I bought it, it still displays the message about non compatibility, but now it will not charge my phone. Very frustrating, as I use it a lot for my sat nav. The software on my iPhone 5s is bang up to date so I'm not sure why it's suddenly stopped charging, although I have had issues with other non Apple products before in the same way.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Matthew Please ensure you are using the latest version of iOS and that the contacts of your phone are dust free. If this doesn't work, please consider sending it back to us for a replacement. Hope this helps.
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Marie Tait
26th April 2014

iPhone 5s
No good for me
I bought this device so I could use the sat Nav app on my phone but I couldn't get it to sit properly in my car ( a Honda Jazz) where I could see it. Not the fault of the device or the car they are just incompatible.
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