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Polycarbonate Shell Case for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact - 100% Clear

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Product Reference: 43564

Slim and clear shell case provides durable protection for your Sony Xperia Z1 Compact whilst maintaining its slender profile.

  • "Protection and elegance in one"
  • "Does the Job"

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This product has been given an average rating of 3.8 by 29 customers. | Write a review
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9th May 2015

I paid more for this case as the reviews said it was good quality. However it has never fitted the phone correctly, it always seems a bit loose and within a few weeks scratches very easily. Not happy with this case.
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7th May 2015

sony xperia z1 compact
precies het hoesje voor mijn toestel
Mooi doorzichtig hoesje zodat de mooie kleur van het toestel behouden blijft past exact ik ben er super tevreden mee ook de levertijd is prima , kortom bestellen maar !!

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Stefano Paccagnella
7th April 2015

cover Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Il prodotto corrisponde alla descrizione. Le foto sul sito sono molto realistiche e riproducono con estrema fedeltà la cover. Di buona qualità, la custodia aderisce perfettamente al fondo e ai lati del telefonino, lasciando scoperti i principali tasti e i connettori. Unico neo: si sono formate delle piccole e antiestetiche bolle d'aria tra il lato posteriore della cover e il telefono, ma credo che sia un fastidio inevitabile per questo tipo di custodia. La spedizione è stata veloce. Ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo.

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Jürgen O.
12th March 2015

Sony Xperia z1 Compakt
Fast perfekt
Sehr schöne Hülle, umschließt das Handy perfekt und liegt super in der Hand. Die transparente Hülle trägt nicht auf und sieht elegant aus. Lediglich an der Abdeckung des USB Anschlusses passt die Aussparung nicht ganz und es ist eine Fummelei die MINI USB-Abdeckung zu entfernen. Zum Glück kann man über Magnet laden, die Kontakte sind frei und die Abdeckung nur zum Datenaustausch entfernen. Somit hält sich der Aufwand in Grenzen. Dennoch muss ich fairerweise einen Stern wegnehmen.

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8th March 2015

xpera z1c
Bon produit
excellente coque

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6th March 2015

Bon achat
Très bon achat, la coque épouse très bien les contours et les parties connectables sont bien dégagées --> la bonne coque pour le bon smartphone

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Axel Claeijs
23rd February 2015

Sony xperia Z1 compact
Zeer prachtig
Ik was de eerste dagen zeer blij met mijn aankoop. Spijtig genoeg veranderde dit echter. Na enkele dagen stond de achterkant van de case al vol krassen door hem gewoon neer te leggen. Ik heb een zwart toestel en dit merk je dus zeer hard. Buiten dit is hij zeer goed. Cameraknop, volumeknoppen, aan/uit knop, usb ingang en magnetische lader ingang zijn vrij. De hoeken worden wel niet voldoende bescherm. De case is wel mooi omdat je nu iets van je gsm ziet. Zou hem graag willen ruilen vanwege het gevoelige plastic.

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8th December 2014

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Das Handy passt perfekt in die Schutzhülle, kein wackeln oder ähnliches. Man sieht kaum, dass eine Schutzhülle auf den Handy ist, sehr eng anliegend und transparent! Obwohl die Hülle total glatt ist, liegt das Handy sicher in der Hand! Empfehlenswert!

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2nd December 2014

Great case
Bought this case so I could still enjoy my lovely pink Sony and the case is totally clear and hasn't broken yet despite being simply hard plastic. Dust and crap does get in it which you can see as it's a clear case but can be cleaned out every so often. Really happy with it!
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14th September 2014

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
This case is awesome!
This case is awesome! It's elegant, sturdy and it fits perfectly. It goes great together with the white version of the phone. I've also been using the Flash Ringtone app that gives great results with this case when phone is in horizontal position. Because the case is transparent there also is no dust and no fingerprints... although, as someone already mentioned it, there is some kind of issue with watery / oily looking substance betwen the case and the phone. I did manage to get rid of some when I cleaned the case with dish soap (now it's seen only if I press hard on the case). I suggest you guys do the same - but clean it with your fingers, so you don't scratch it and also wait for it to try before putting it back on. ;) And my version came already scratched a little but that didn't bother me so much as nobody's even gonna notice this as the case is transparent and all they see is my beautiful phone. And in case (pun intended) anybody is wondering. Yes, Polycarbonate Shell Case is compatible with the Sony Magnetic Charging Dock when removing the insert of the dock.
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17th August 2014

Diese Schutzhülle macht das, was sie soll - das Smartphone schützen. Sie sitzt gut und ist recht unauffällig; die Optik Smartphones bleibt also erhalten. Die Aussparungen sind passgenau, und die Hülle behindert keine der Funktionen.
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28th July 2014

Good... for one day
Good design and nice feeling. Really keeps the design and lines of my Xperia Z1 Compact original. But when I come to think about the fact that I wanted to return it because it had a small scratch.... After two days of normal use it looks like I had this case for a year ! It became extremely scratched. Looks like the case itself needs another anti scratch protection. Too bad otherwise it would have been a good product.
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17th July 2014

Good buy
Purchased the item and was dispatched the same day. It's transparent all over to showcase the aesthetics of the phone. Slim enough adding little bulk. Hard to slide the phone it between as the case is very tight fit. MicroSD slot will not be accessible but it is compatible with Sony DK32 Magnetic Charging Dock - you just have to remove the insert frame of the dock. Does not provide protection to the top and bottom of the device and you need to press deeper for the camera button. Lastly, the case seems to get scratched easily but it's the device protection that matters. Overall, I'm okay with the purchase.
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5th July 2014

z1 compact
not a top quality item
Feels like plastic. Poor corner protection. Not exactly fits the device. SD card is not accessible when the case is on. But will do, if you have nothing else, or like to save 40$.
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15th June 2014

Sony Xperia Z1 compact
Pour préserver le design.. uniquement
Cette coque prend les griffures à la place de votre appareil. Au final, à moins de changer régulièrement de coque ou de vouloir préserver le potentiel de revente de votre xperia, le résultat reviens au même. Il est à noter que la coque est chère payée pour ce qu'elle est. J'ai d'ailleurs moi même dû raboter un surplus de plastique assez méchant au niveau du bas de la coque. Pour alourdir le tableau négatif, je pourrai signaler que les miettes et poussières viennent se coincer sous la coque. Le seul plus: Elle préserve le (beau) design de mon smartphone, ce qui au final était le but de mon achat.
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14th May 2014

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Looks Great!
I purchased this clear case to replace a white gel one I had bought previously, as it seemed to make my phone fatter and bulkier. My new case was despatched the day it was ordered, as stated on the website and arrived a few days later. Overall I am really pleased with the case. It is clear plastic which means that you can see all the detail of the phone through it, including the silver sides. It is also slim so does not add any bulk to the phone whatsoever and actually feels like there isn't a case on at all! The only downsides I have found with it are that it is quite difficult to put it on the phone in the first place, as it is a tight fit and some of the phone slots including the Micro SD slot are covered so you have to remove the phone from the case to inser or remove a SD card. I don't do this very often, so it's not really an issue for me. The case did arrive with a small scratch on the back of it, but thought it would get scratched through wear and tear anyway, so didn't bother to return it. I was initially surprised with the case when I first received it as it seemed not much for the money paid, but now, I think it was well worth it, as I still have a good looking phone, which is also protected from scratches etc..Highly recommend!
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Mark Chataway
United Kingdom
8th May 2014

Sony Experia Z1 compact
Svelte and good protection
As others have said, this case provides great protection with very little bulk. My only complaint is that the phone does not fit into the magnetic charging dock with the case in place (or, at least, not into my third party one). If you own a Sony, you will know what a brilliant idea these docks are -- no more plugging and unplugging a micro USB
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steve kaufmann
gilbertsville pa
29th April 2014

great service
The service was great!! The phone and delivery of this item was fast. The sony phone would have been good if i received 4g with my provider so i had to send back. This was no fault of Mobile fun, it was a sony problem. If i received 4g i would have loved the phone. Thanks for great customer service Mobile Fun. Steve
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27th April 2014

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Je suis très satisfaite de cette coque. Elle épouse bien le téléphone, contrairement à d'autres coques, elle ne "grossit" pas le téléphone, et elle ne gâche pas son design ! Elle protège bien le téléphone (mon téléphone n'a pas subi encore de grosses chutes), quand je vois toutes les rayures qu'il y a sur la coque, je suis contente de l'avoir ! Par contre, je ne pense pas qu'elle "résiste" dans le temps (3 mois peut être), ce qui ne me dérange pas vu que j'aime changer régulièrement. Je recommande vivement pour protéger son téléphone des rayures sans avoir l'impression de transporter une cabine téléphonique !
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John C
25th April 2014

Xperia Z1 Compact
Very Basic
This cover is probably about as minimal as you can get. The case is made of a hard/brittle plastic and clips around the back and sides of the phone. It protects the back of the phone fully but protection to the sides is limited and I would not want to drop the phone relying on this case to protect the corners etc. As with all covers of this design the screen is unprotected. If looks are a priority its clear and minimal design lets you see the phone design clearly. If you want more protection the MUVIT Bimap back case is a better bet.
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14th April 2014

Mal conçue
L'ouverture de la coque prévue pour permettre l'accès au port micro USB est trop petit. Le port est inaccessible a moins de retirer la coque. N'ayant pas envie de retirer la coque à chaque recharge, je ne l'utilise pas. Dommage pour un produit vendu 15€ !
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Headley, Bordon
13th April 2014

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Good case, strong
This case fits perfect and is ideal if you want to show of your phone and keep it safe. It protects the phone and allows you to have access to the buttons and ports on the phone, so you can keep the case on when charging. My phone is pink in colour so being able to show it off is great whilst keeping it protected.
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1st April 2014

Sony experia Z1 compact
Parfait si on ne veut pas un bumper
Bonne qualité. Assez fin, ne dénature pas trop l'aspect du téléphone. Bien pensé au niveau des dégagements.
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31st March 2014

Z1 Compact
Does the Job
I got this case for the Z1 compact, the case itself feels VERY sturdy, and unlike other cases of similar build, there is no flex in the case when you attempt to bend it. The case fits the device perfectly with no gaps. Doesn't seem as though the case is easily scratched either, its been through a lot in the few weeks I've had the case, namely Airport and travelling and its still like the day I got it. One issue however, which is a killer for me, is that over the last few days, there looks as though there is water between the case and the phone. However, no matter how much you dry it etc, it remains and grows by the day. Other than that, great case and worth the money.
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28th March 2014

Review : Polycarbonate Shell Case for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact - 100% Clear
The case does the job at protecting the back of the zi compact. The fact that it is clear means you can see the finish/colour of your phone underneath which is nice. However there are downsides also. Because it is clear and not totally sealed onto your phone you can see build up of dirt between it and the phone so you will have to take it off and clean it regularly. Also the camera shutter button is not great on the phone on its own, the cutout in this case makes the button even harder to press.
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21st March 2014

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Protection and elegance in one
The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is probably the most beautiful phone I have ever owned. I wanted others to also appreciate it's design and how it feels in the hand. I also wanted to make sure the phone phone had some protection. The polycarbonate shell is flexible yet rigid. It is very light weight and strong. The best thing about it is, it's transparent like a crystal shell still allowing my phone to wow anyone who see it. A very nice product indeed.
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17th March 2014

Sony Z1 compact
Coque transparente rend vraiment très bien sur mon Z1 Compact ! L'arrière du mobile est bien protégé des rayures et les découpes latérales lui confèrent un beau "design". Un petit bémol sur la solidité du plexi...
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Sylvia Waters
United Kingdom
21st February 2014

Sony experia z1 compact
easy to fit, lightweight and unobtrusive
Very light, clear protection for back and sides of phone. Does not get in the way of any function keys or slots.quite a hard plastic, not too sure how it would hold up if dropped on hard surface .
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18th February 2014

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Does the job
Order arrived quickly and in good condition. This cover does what it say it will do. Is a good buy.
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