Muvit Bimat Back Case for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact - Clear / Black

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Part No: SEBMC0025

Product Reference: 43364

Featuring a clear ABS back and shock-absorbing black silicone sides, the Muvit Bimat Case for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact provides slim fitting protection whilst showing off the phone's details.

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8th August 2014

So far after a few days of use this product has been great! It's a great fit and it certainly has enough holes for everything. I don't mind the camera button i think it's pretty good. Overall it makes the whole phone look a bit sturdier. I am not sure if there were any scratches or anything in the back of it when i got it but if there are/were i didn't notice.
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29th July 2014

Xperia Z1 Compact
good fit
Overall pretty good, phone still seems quite slim. Have yet to drop it though!
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Sydney NSW
11th July 2014

Great Product
Definitely the best cover I have had for my Z1 Compact. Keeps my phone looking stylish while protecting it at the same time. Great design and very light.
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17th June 2014

A worthy case
What do you want out of a case? Well, it fits snugly, and in my opinion is quite slim and keeps the phone looking sleek and still as compact as you could expect. It's a sony endorsed product, so you would expect this. It's slightly elevated on the front, so it protects the screen from a face down hit. It has holes where holes need to be. The only criticism is that it doesn't work with the magnetic charger, which is true. Not sure whose fault that is though, the case manufacturer or the charger manufacturer. The rubber casing it quite hard, not overly concerned about this, it probably avoids it bouncing when dropped. Overall good protection for a reasonable price.
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United Kingdom
11th June 2014

Z1 Compact
This seems like a pretty good bit of kit. Good fit, seems pretty sturdy, it is proud around the edges so face down the screen isn't in contact with the surface. I'd recommend it to anyone aslong as they are aware of the two minor negatives 1) the front edge is slightly peeling off the top corner of my protective screen because it wasnt perfect. 2)I can imagine dust gathering behind the clear plastic screen. Apart from that, smashing bit of kit!
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Graham Ledger
19th May 2014

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Good design but badly scratched
It would be a nice case which improves security of holding the phone in the hand. However, there must be no quality control at the factory or dealer as it has two very visible scuff marks across the clear back. Dealer suggested I return it but hardly worth the inconvenience. They should just send a replacement.
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6th May 2014

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Not worth the money
I don't normally spend much on phone cases but thought I would this time as I liked the idea of the case. However, the clear part scratches easily and the plastic bit marks and doesn't really clean. I wouldn't buy this again and would go back to cheaper cases which do the same job! It does fit the phone well though and has holes in the right places making getting to the charging port etc easy.
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John C
25th April 2014

Xperia Z1 Compact
Almost Perfect
This is a very good case indeed. It fits the phone very well adding little to the phone size. In the hand it feels as good as the phone itself. My version had the clear back and the black sides. The sides and corners of the phone are very well protected and there is the all important cut-out for the magnetic charging lead which works perfectly.If I'm being picky I would say the material for the side protection could be a little more shock absorbant. If the you a phone cover that really is drop prof then the Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit case offers a well fitting soft silicon side protection and whilst a little more bulky is a much better fit than the horrible Case Mate Naked (see my review) Ok the back of the case is plastic and will scratch but so what! In my mind that's what it there for, so you scratch the case and not the phone. Highly Recommended
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7th April 2014

sony xperia z1 compact
good quality!
Hight finish, good quality, good fixation on the phone, i have the lime color witch makes my phone mach more easy to find in my staff, but is the sensitive color to dirt, in rest is a very good product, not to rigid, not to flexible still sock absorbant.
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Peter Fern
28th March 2014

Do not recommend
Magnetic connector cut-out is too small for DK32 dock. Rear clear plastic ruins the camera when using flash - the entire back turns into a big reflector and shines the light straight back into the sensor. It's impossible to take flash photos with this case.
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Jeff Martinez
16th March 2014

Great Case
Once I receive this case it fit my Z1 Compact perfectly. The case feels great in hand. Soft outer rim. The color matches the Lime color of the phone. The clear backing is great, it doesn't get in the way of taking pictures or block any functionality. Only the MicroUSB port and the docking prongs are accessible along with the headphone jack and lanyard opening. I higly recommend.
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11th March 2014

Doesn't work with DK-32 dock
The case is fine otherwise, but the cut-out for the magnetic connector is too small for the connector on the magnetic dock to fit, so expect to have to either cut out the hole to a larger size, or take the case off every time you want to charge it. Both options are pretty unappealing.
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20th February 2014

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Scratches straight from the packet, stick with case mate...
Not bad, but has scratches on the clear back straight from the packet, stick with case mate. Disappointed tbh.
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