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Sorry, but Gumbite Clippi - Twin Pack - Black has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Gumbite Clippi - Twin Pack - Black

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Product Reference: 43354

At home, in the office or in your car, the Clippi helps you with your cable management by holding them in place wherever you are. Now available in black.

  • "Looks much neater than cables laying all over it"
  • "Exactly what I needed."

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Peter Jones
24th March 2016

iPhone 6
Not very sticky.
This potentially is a very useful gadget. I wanted to stick to my car dash to hold my phone wire (stop it dangling in the footwell). The sticky stuff 'isn't'. It fell off several times. I have now cut the sticky bit off, attached a sticky fixer from my sons craft box and now it does what I want. In summary, be prepared to replace the sticky bit!
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31st December 2015

Looks much neater than cables laying all over it
Very useful. Now have 2 sitting at the side of my desk which looks much neater than cables laying all over it.
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Malcolm Smith
Cullompton, Devon
28th December 2015

iPad mini 4 and iPhone 6s
Such a simple idea
How many times like me have groped around the floor trying to find your charging cable ? Well here's your answer, the tech guys at Gumbite have come up with the Clippi, such a simple idea, but wow does it do the job. As you can probably guess my wife and I have several sets dotted around the house. I can't tell you how impressed I am with these, and for the price you can't be without them.
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10th September 2015

Gumbite Clippi - Twin Pack
Not for a vertical surface
As in previous reviews, this item is most successful when attached to a horizontal surface. I wanted it to hold the 'phone charging lead on my bedside table as it keeps slipping down between the bed and the cabinet. The first one I opened and stuck to the cabinet was, I decided, in the wrong place. Prising it off removed the sticky pad from the item, which remained on the cabinet. Great, I thought, at least it is going to stay in place. The second one I fixed exactly where I wanted it, on the side of the cabinet but by the next day it had found its own position by slipping down until it was wedged between the bed and the side of the cabinet. Not really where I wanted it and the lead slips out if I am not careful. I also think the item is overpriced.
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18th August 2015

Htc M8
Just the job!
Bought these as my wife as always complaining about my charging cables being on the floor. Problem solved now. They are stuck to my small plastic bedside table/stool thing and so they allow me to store the cables neatly but still charge my my devices. They are soft, so removing the cable and replacing is easy. Would recommend.
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18th November 2014

Pretty good
I purchased these as I have always got cables of some kind hanging from my laptop these are really good a bit expensive but really do the job big thumbs up
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5th November 2014

Brilliant idea
I bought these as i thought looking at the picture what a brilliant idea and I still do however the image is a tough misleading. I have my Clippi on the side on my desk (like the headphones) and it has fallen off twice now. I have a lightning lead and Macbook Air lead in each clip and that's it. I think it could have a touch stronger gum to ensure a better connection with the desk otherwise fantastic.
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William P J Baily
Purley, Surrey
3rd November 2014

PC Specialist desktop
Small and useful
Diameter of each clip is about 32mm. A very neat gadget for keeping cables tidy and where you wish them to come to the top of your desk.
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Lindsay davis
3rd November 2014

iphone 5s
really good is just what I needed it really does what it says it does.
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Shahzad Arif
24th October 2014

Poor adhesion
Great idea, well made product but crap adhesion. Anything heavier than an iPhone ear plug and even taking it out and pushing it in results in the product falling down. Worse on vertical but poor on horizontal surfaces after use. Excellent idea but not worth it. 3M is perhaps better at adhesion in its products than this. Do not buy.
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Si Clough
28th September 2014

GumbIte Clippi
Horizontal only !!!
Reading the description, I thought these would be the product sent from the gadget God !........ Sadly not. The adhesive will adhere to a horizontal surface ok - any resistance however wil see both your cable and the Gumbite disappear down the back of your drawers....... Vertical side of your work station ? Forget it , I'd give it a couple of days !! Seems like a great idea but in reality simply doesn't work well enough
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26th September 2014

Gumbite Clippi - Twin
Neat, nimble and so practical
I have been looking for this for a while, but could not resist the BOGOF offer. Very useful, so easy to install. Good VfM
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United Kingdom
7th September 2014

Used to secure my Chromebook power cable.
Exactly what I needed.
OK, these things are small and don't get in the way. They hold the cable extremely securely and once fixed into the required location don't budge. I bought both the black and the white sets as they fit in well where ever you fix them.
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Beeston, Nottingham
25th August 2014

So very useful!
The Gumbite Clippi is such a simple little device, so neat and incredibly efficient. All charging or USB cables are kept tidy and close to hand, not constantly slipping off desktops or side tables. I'd recommend them to anybody..
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alan young
South shields
2nd August 2014

computer leads
Gumbite Clippie twin pack
I recently purchased a gumbite clippie twin pack and found it a very useful item to have,it is perfect for keeping computer leads naet ,tidy and tangle free,and would have no hesitation in recommendig this product for that purpose.
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alan young
South Shields Tyne7Wear
25th July 2014

Gumbite Clippie
Neede this product badly,to keep wires tidy.
Excellent product,keeps cables tidy and untangled,would definately recommend.
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17th June 2014

phone/lap top/ tom tom/window surface.
wires sorted
not a lot I can say apart from just a excellent product,it does what it says on the box, I highly rate this product what excellent value for your money.
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16th June 2014

This clip is very good for keeping tidy those all cable which hanging everywhere. Also looks nice. I love it.
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Robin Habbitts
16th June 2014

Ipad and Iphone
Gumbite Clippi - Twin Pack.
Handy little item. Takes up little room and keeps cables tidy and untangled. I had a long period of having cables all over my desk; these have taken care of that and now it looks quite neat. I can use the extra packs in the car or to hold pens, etc. All of which keeps areas clear and items where you know you can find them. They are probably better on top of a surface rather than under one, but I do have one positioned successfully under a surface, which keeps the cables out of sight too.
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Kate Crockford
South Coast
15th June 2014

Kindle, ipad, phone.
How useful !!!!!!!
At last - an end to bits of sticky tape to try to stop leads disappearing down the backs of cupboards! I brought a twin pack thinking I would pass 1 onto my son - no chance! 2 in the office, 1 in the bedroom & 1 in the car! I can't believe how such a simple thing can make such a difference, many thanks!
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Heather Bathard
12th March 2014

iPhone, iPad and hairdryer
Brilliant, no more untidy leads
The Gumbite Clippies are brilliant especially, if like me, there has been the odd occasion when a stray lead is lying on the floor and whoops, it gets sucked up by the hoover!! Panic sets in. These Clippies stick very firmly on the side of a cabinet and your lead sits well in the side slit. What is good as well is they are not huge but small enough to be discreet out of sight.
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John Dady
Enfield, North London
3rd March 2014

Any stray cable anywhere near my computer
Now that's tidy!
What a clever little device. Stuck to the side of the desk it's very effective in keeping those "not being used at the moment" cables just where you will want them to be when you do want to use them. If they still stick after I've moved them a few times maybe they'll deserve a 5.
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Dale Karl Harvey
3rd March 2014

iPhone 5 iPod and laptop
It does what the box says
Exactly what my family needed, 3 iPhones and another 3 sets of ear phones we all have one each and it stick like tape to paper, brilliant invention Thanks dale and family. It better to hang them other than winding up the cable!
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Michael Murray
2nd March 2014

Leads for Apple Magic Mouse charger, Pentax DSLR. Canon Ixus & Apple laptop as well as a kitchen blender, toaster & juice extractor.
Excellent work station tidy
The Gumbite Clippi is such a simple little convenience accessory but, oh so practical. My daughters had given me four that I used in the kitchen to secure leads for irregularly used electrical items. I bought more to secure & tidy the leads for periodically used items in my work station. No more scrambling to find dropped leads under the desk!
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Vic McCarthy
2nd March 2014

Great item
So easy to use and the cables stay put
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Dawn Smith
2nd March 2014

Gumbite Clippi
Apple Cables Contained
I found the Gumbite Clippi's on Mobile Fun's website, and thought great, just what we need, my partner has chargers for everything, so one of these attached to the side of the power socket is ideal, the charger cables for the iPad, and his iPhone can be left plugged into the multi socket, and then clipped into the Gambit Clippi, it means they are no longer lying around on the floor, and as they are white, no one notices them stuck to the side of the socket, I also have chargers hanging round, for my phone and laptop, so I put one on the socket by my chair, and my phone charger and laptop charger are stored there. Such a small thing can make so much difference, they keep the cables within easy reach, can be stuck to any surface, but we chose to use the electrical sockets, as they can be stuck to the white plastic case, they do not do any damage to the surface, and are the most brilliant thing I have found in ages, the cable tidies that have the coils for the cables to be bundled together are not really any good for these, as we charge our devices regularly, but the Gumbite Clippi, is ideal, you get two in the pack, and when I got mine I got a pair free, so far we haven't decided what to do with the other two, but we will probably use them in the cars or even at work, or in the kitchen, Keep up the innovative products Mobile Fun. Keep the emails coming.
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Ian Thompson
1st March 2014

This handy little device was just what I was looking for to tidy my computer desk.
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3rd January 2014

Ipad & Hudl
Does what it says
A simple but cheap and effective product which looks great and keeps troublesome power leads in place and saves having to reach down the back of units to grab them.
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15th December 2013

Does the Job
I kept losing my charging cable down the back of the desk. Now it's always at hand. Perfect!
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United Kingdom
25th October 2013

iapod and HTC phone
Gumbite clippi
Excellent - everyone should have them - would have been effective at work. Lovely idea that works.
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Rishi Tank
15th October 2013

Samsung charger cable, Macbook Pro charger cable
Convenient little tool
This item is useful in that it provides easy management of your cables. However it is not suitable for vertical surfaces as the weight of the cables eventually bring the clippi down with it. Also attempting to remove or relocate the clippi is next to impossible because the adhesive remains stuck to the surface, and removing this is a pain. Therefore I recommend choosing the location you place this carefully because it cannot be relocated easily. However, all in all I would recommend this product anyway since it is a really clever idea, and would like to see the product developed a little further.
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9th October 2013

iPhone 4
I was very disappointed when I received these. From the description they sounded just what I needed to hold my 2 USB charging leads to my iPhone & iPad by the side of my bed and my armchair. Unfortunately I found that the Gunmi were frankly useless. The leads pulled out as soon as I tried to gently pull them through. I tried with round and flat leads, same result. What a pity, and very expensive for what they are. Can't fault Mobile Fun, they have agreed a full refund so thank you to them for that.
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Peter Gough
8th October 2013

Laptop cables etc.
Great idea but needs to be stickier
I bought 2 packs of the Gumbite Clippi product as I always have a problem with cables falling off my desk to the floor. The Clippi is a fantastic idea and accommodates various thickness of cables. My only gripe with the product is that the adhesive pad on the bottom is not sticky enough and can be pulled off of the surface it is applied to too easily. I am going to have to re-stick them with a little glue :(
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Ken Simpson
United Kingdom
8th October 2013

Earphones and usb cables
Who ever thought I might be tidier
Great little chunk of soft rubber, stops, earpiece of headphones and even better the charging cable is where you left it, and not in the hoover :-)
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United Kingdom
2nd October 2013

An excellent little device for keeping cables tidy in the car. My particular car has the power socket in an awkward place and cables cross the gear lever. This little device mounts on the side of the tunnel and solves the problem easily and tidily.
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Jacob Williams
18th September 2013

Galaxy S4
I want to buy 2!
Bought this product and it does exactly what it says! Simple yet effective design and modern styling. Plus with 2 in a pack, it's even better (I might buy another pack) :)
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Adam Beckford
10th September 2013

So simple and yet so helpful
The Gumbite's were really one of those "why hasn't someone (myself included!) thought of this before?" moments. I'm forever muttering to myself about wires getting tangled and crossed over, and have broken more than one pair of earphones by yanking them whilst they were tangled around something. However, now with a couple of Clippi's attached to my desk (much like the image shown, one on the side and one nearer the back), my workplace is feeling considerably more zen, both in terms of organisation and my general frustrations! I keep earphones and a pen (or my phone charger) in one, and then my laptop's charger and the audio jack for my speakers in the other, and it really is surprising how much time and effort you save by having everything in close reach. It's also got me much more in the habit of keeping track of my various chargers too, which is a massive added bonus!
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John Buchan
9th September 2013

Love it
Really useful stuff - where has this been all my life? I like to keep things nice and tidy and this really helps keep my desk organised.
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Sarah Willmore
5th September 2013

iPhone 4S
Great product, excellent service and arrived next day! I couldn't ask for more.
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