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Sorry, but Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Smooth Black has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Smooth Black

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Product Reference: 42908

The Smooth Black Slim Armor View Case from Spigen for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is slim, stylish and protective. Its also ideal for checking the time or screening and answering incoming calls without opening the case.

  • "Best case I've bought"
  • ""Pure Protection""

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This product has been given an average rating of 4.1 by 59 customers. | Write a review
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17th February 2015

Weak construction
I had two cases, the hinge broke of both of them. The case is very good, easy to use and to flip up, BUT the hinge is too weak.. Rate should be 4+ on looks, and usage. But the construction is too weak therefor it is a 2..
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23rd November 2014

Non è perfetta
È una custodia bellissima ma non perfetta perché è stata progettata solo per Note 3. Poteva essere da 5 stelle se era compatibile anche con Note 3 Neo, peccato.
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22nd November 2014

samsing Note 3
Goid but fragile hinge
A good slimline case but after a few months the hinge has failed. It is a definite design flaw as it broke just from daily use. A real shame but for the price I would not recommend it.
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1st November 2014

spigen slim amor for samsung note3
Love the case. Good fit and good protection. Only disappointed with the home button, It DOES NOT WORK
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s. Anderson
11th October 2014

excellent product
10 out of 10
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Michael Standbridge
9th October 2014

Samsung note 3
Not suitable
The case is excellent but the front cover hinge is too flimsy and "popped" out within days. Not much use when I'm looking for 2 years protection.
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Paul Cleland
4th October 2014

Samsung Note 3
Good Protection
This is the second one of these I have bought and they aren't cheap. The hinge on the first one broke after 6 months which is frustrating BUT I've dropped the phone onto concrete a couple of times and the case protected it. I can't find anything else like it hence buying another - I guess that means I like it!
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27th August 2014

hinge broke
Loved the design and look of this case, but the hinge broke on its first drop. Sure the phone was saved, but not sure I can warrant paying this top price for another one, if it can't withstand a short drop (onto a hard surface)
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28th July 2014

Exactly what I was looking for!
The Spigen SlimArmor View Case for the Note 3 offers great protection and usability and looks good at the same time! The flip cover stays in place when it is closed and it is good to be able to answer my calls with the window, without having to open the case. Very happy with my purchase.
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Brutal Landmass
9th July 2014

Galaxy Note 3
Not worth the money!
Yes it looks a nice case, and it allows the S Cover function. But wears out quickly, hinges points are weak and will stress fracture over time, mine showed signs after 1 month of use, other down side is the case has a smooth finish so it does slip from your hand every now and then.
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11th June 2014

Stupenda custodia
Questa custodia è veramente magnifica e funzionante ripara totalmente il telefono inoltre è bellissima e composta da ottimi materiali la più bella di sicuro che si possa trovare sul mercato un consiglio per tutti per far funzionare la finestra s view note 3 bisogna rimuovere il chip della custodia originale Samsung e inserirlo in questa Spigen dopodiché è tutto perfettamente funzionante questo perché Samsung con l'ultimo aggiornamento android ha voluto l'esclusiva dei suoi prodotti Cosa incredibile: spedizione arrivata il giorno dopo l'acquisto in Italia complimenti operatori telefonici gentili e disponibili veramente grazie mille
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10th June 2014

Brilliant, and Tough
Great addition to a great phone, its only slightly bulkier than a normal case but offers unparalleled protection and the s-view makes it very functional. Highly recommended if you want solid protection with a great added feature of s-view
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8th June 2014

Galaxy Note 3
Bulky and Sview doesnt work properly
Sturdy enough but very bulky and given the sview only works at random not worth the premium price. Fits well and good materials but when its whole purpose is to allow use of Sview and that doesnt work (regardless of whose fault it is between Spigen and Samsung) its just a big bulky case.
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Steve Parry
10th May 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Best case I've bought
What can I say just brilliant..
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David Drew
10th April 2014

Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Smooth White
Not very slim and doesn't seem to be very sturdy. Makes a very sleek phone into a plastic box. Thought it was promising from the description but is now in a bottom drawer at work. Just the risk you take sometimes with online shopping. I don't hold MobileZap at all responsible. :)
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29th March 2014

Galaxy Note 3
"Pure Protection"
I love this case, perfect protection and a solid build with a superb fit. i ordered this case as I had used one previously with my S4. The case turned up and was easy to fit and worked perfectly, however after 3 days the S-View function of the case packed up. I have KitKat and in addition the patch to fix 3rd party issues with certain accessories. I contacted MF who sent me a replacement via courier next day. Case worked again perfectly and then failed. Now I would like to explain where the issue lies, it is NOT the case the issue is if you restart your Note 3 the S-View gets confused. This is to do with the hardware of the phone. i read that a work around was to remove the case and then put it back on.. NO! This is how you resolve it, simply power off your phone, remove the battery for approx 1 min put the case back on close cover and power up your device..simple!!! There is nothing wrong with this case it works superbly. Buy this case!! 5 stars to MF for excellent service.
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22nd March 2014

Samsung galaxy note 3
The case is awesome, and the software bug is also fixed now :-)
I love this case! I wanted something that would protect my phone from knocks but also had a front cover so I can shove it in a bag with keys and everything else and not worry about it. This is the only case I could find that does that. It's not too bulky, and yes, it kind of makes the phone look like an armoured storm trooper, but that's sort of cool :-) And for those worried about the new operating system Android 4.4.2 breaking the 'smart' aspect of the case - it started working again this week and displays the S View properly again when the cover is closed.
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John S
Sydney, Oz
19th March 2014

Feeling protected.
I didn't want to use my Note 3 until I found a sufficiently protective cover for this wonderful device. In this case have I found it. I'm don't feel a niggling worry in the back of my mind that I'll hit it on something at work or drop it because this case is a sturdy as they come. It's functional as well, with a half-screen sized 's-view' window when I close the cover. Appearances are not a let down either. It looks sleek in its matte finish and doesn't add a gianormous bulk to it.
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16th March 2014

acquisto azzeccato
Merce perfetta e funzionale. Comunicazione tempestiva ed esauriente . Spedizione velocissima. Venditore affidabilissimo.
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Grand Prairie, TX
2nd March 2014

Spigen S View flip case-Note 3
Best case for the Note 3 on the market. Two for one functionality and awesome protection. IT IS SIMPLY A MUST HAVE CASE FOR YOUR INVESTMENT!
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15th February 2014

note 3
Great protection and good value
This case is exactly what I wanted it has the S view window who's is a really good feature. Also the flip cover is removable. Over all the case offers amazing protection it is slim and light at an affordable price
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7th February 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Stylish functional all-round protection.
Having already dropped the phone once I needed something to protect it from dinks. The Slim Armour View provides excellent protection when I am out and about. Front flap powers the phone down when closed. The window is touch sensitive and when the cover is closed the screen is re-formatted to allow selected controls. Requires removal of back cover before fitting. No wireless charging.
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Ben larmour
23rd January 2014

note 3
Great case but sleep function has issues since I updated to the latest kit kat update.returned for refund to spigen
MobileFun Reply:
Samsung have said they will fix this issue very shortly. "We have now identified an incompatibility with some third-party accessories Galaxy Note 3 following the last day of Google's operating system. A fix will be available shortly. We are committed to providing a diverse and reliable for all customers mobile experience, providing ongoing support and solutions to any problems that arise with updates to products from Samsung and their compatibility with third-party accessories. "
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