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MFX Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 5S / 5C / 5

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This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.

  • "Best screen protector I've tried !"
  • "No bubbles!!!!!"

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Stephen Cash
Northern Ireland
5th April 2015

iphone 5c
Good Screen Proctector
Screen Protector was a very good fit, not as easy to fit as advertised but went on ok after second attempt. I haven't had any accidents with my phone yet but it seems to be of very good quality.
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5th April 2015

iPhone 5s
Great to apply, feels good, watch the case though
Bought this after receiving a promo email from MobileFun and looked good and a way to keep the screen from cracking in a fall. Really easy to apply, looks great and the screen is very clear when it's on the phone. The only downside is that with a case (I've got the INCASE one where the bottom detaches) the protector is that much thicker and is riding up at the edges due to this and causing bubbles. So not 100% (hence the 4/5) but if you don't use a case this is a great protector.
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Byron Moseley
3rd April 2015

iPhone 5s
Seems OK.....But.....
Seems ok, fits reasonbly well and installs easily, however I spent 5 minutes trying to remove the "Protective layer off the outside of the cover as per the instructions then realised that there wasn't one, also if you have an iPhone 5s don't use the button covers that they send as they stop the fingerprint recognition on the phone from working.
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Bill McMillan
3rd April 2015

I phone 5c
Best screen protector I've tried !
After trying several screen protectors and found them to be wanting, awkward to fit and all those bubbles ! I was pleasantly surprised by how easy this item was to fit and no bubbles, it's been on a week now and no scratches, I use phone for work, being in building trade it gets some rough treatment but seems fine so far. But pricey compared to some but it's true, sometimes you only get what you pay for.
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John Papadakis
Chania - Crete
1st April 2015

iPhone 5S
Excellent !
The glass screen protector is so much better than plastic one, it's much easier to fit with no bubbles and clearer and easier to clean. Brilliant.
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Derek Payne
Noth West
7th March 2015

iPhone 6 plus
Excellent value!
I bought this for my wife's 5c after I saw how well mine protected my 6+ after an impact with the kitchen floor (see review). Dead easy to fit with no air bubbles (watch out for dust - a steamy room is best e.g. kitchen near the kettle boiling!). The usual excellent service from Mobile Fun. Recommended.
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Carlton Evans
4th March 2015

iPhone 5c
A good product
With my new phone I thought I should invest in some real protection. I'd previously used thin plastic screen covers but wanted a bit more, so when I saw this I decided to try it. It was surprisingly easy to apply, unlike plastic protectors. Having lived with a couple of bubbles and bits of dust under my previous ones, I expected more of the same, but as soon as I put this on it seemed to have a life of its own, sticking to the underlying screen quickly and easily - you can see it happening before your eyes! Much easier than applying thinner products, and I'm sure it'll give better protection.
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25th November 2014

iPhone 5
Doing its job
Currently its doing it job. I have no touch sensitivity issues, seems very responsive. All I would say is take your time when applying it to make sure it lines up correctly as you only get one shot but once its on, its fine.
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Steven Nicholson
10th November 2014

iPhone 5 S
The glass screen protector is so much better than my previous plastic one, it's much easier to fit with no bubbles and clearer and easier to clean. Brilliant.
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Philip Bergman
30th October 2014

iPhone 5S
First class protection
This is certainly the easiest screen protector to apply. It adheres to the display with no air bubbles whatsoever. However you do need to be careful to accurately align the glass particularly on iPhone models with Touch ID because, unlike conventional plastic film protectors it does add .25 mm of thickness so it is important not to obstruct the touch sensor. It does seem slightly perverse to use tempered glass to protect Gorilla Glass but once in place it simply disappears. Highly recommended.
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Adrian Myer
30th October 2014

Blow bubbles a farewell kiss!
Blow bubbles a farewell kiss! This is a brilliant product, virtually fits itself and leaves your screen looking like the pristine original beneath. Not expensive. Does the job perfectly. Unless you are a West Ham fan (bubbles) (sorry) you should order one now.
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15th October 2014

iPhone 5c
Quality Product the only Screen Protector worth buying.
I purchased one of these recently for my iPhone 6 and was so happy I decided to purchase one for for my wife's iPhone 5c. Everything you need is within the packaging, installation is simple and the end result is faultless, there are no air pockets and you'd have to look hard to notice the screen protector. 5 stars without question would recommend highly.
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David Porter-Straw
7th October 2014

IPhone 5s
Brilliant Value
I'm very happy with this screen protector. The postage was very quick and it was professionally packaged. The screen protector came in a Perspex case with full instructions and cleaning materials. I have struggled in the past with normal screen protectors to get a decent finish with no bubbles but once this was lined up it literally sucked itself onto the screen with no bubbles or marks. The easiest screen protector I've ever used and judging by the stiffness of the glass the most protective as well. I have less fingerprints now, have still kept the screen sensitivity and it fits perfectly with my phone case (magpul). Couldn't ask for more!
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6th August 2014

iPhone 5S
Excellent product
I have tried many touch screen protective membranes on the market for my iPhone 5S and they are all very fiddly to install and not 100% effective until I tried MFX Tempered Glass Screen Protector. No Air bubbles, very easy to install and exact fit to the screen. The glass screen is so thin and one cannot notice that my iPhone screen has a protective screen. Very good product.
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5th August 2014

Screen protector was a good price and really easy to apply to the iphone. Zero air bubbles!
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3rd July 2014

iPhone 5c
At last, a screen protector that doesn't leave me frustrated. I usually end up feeling that it's not quite as perfect a job as it should be, but not this time. This one is so easy to fit and easy to get perfect first time. Seems to be robust and no problem with touch sensitivity. Highly recommended.
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Dr Edward Dodoo
Hemel Hempstead
30th June 2014

Glass Screen Protector
Glass Screen Protector For iPhone5
This is the ultimate smartphone screen protector.
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Naomi Muir
15th June 2014

iPhone 5s
No bubbles!!!!!
Yeeeeessss!!!!! At last a screen protector that doesn't bubble! The easiest one I've had to put on. Comes with a moisture screen wipe and drying cloth. Is honestly the easiest screen protector to fit. No temptation to peel it off which I'm usually always tempted to do!
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11th May 2014

iPhone 5s
Awesome product
Fantastic screen cover. Really easy to apply although you only get one chance to get it right. Excellent delivery service as usual from mobile fun, with great communication.
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Paul Wilby
22nd April 2014

Iphone 5S
Very impressed!
Having been an avid user of the power support crystal film sets on my previous iphone 4S I thought I would have a change on my new 5S. What can I say very easy to apply as it's rigid, looks and feels as if it isn't there at all! Very impressed so far after 2 weeks usage!
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Malcolm shaw
15th February 2014

Very light very clear,dead easy to fit easy to wipe clean,great bit of kit
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