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AquaFonik Bluetooth Shower Speaker - Blue

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Enjoy listening to music while in the shower with the AquaFonik Bluetooth Shower Speaker in blue. With music playback controls and built-in microphone for those important phone calls that just can't wait.

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Norman Young
15th April 2014

Samsung S2, S4 & Iphone 4S
Not bad, but should have a volume control
The unit seems well made and is robust. Sticks to tiles quite well, but experience shows that when finished in the bath/shower, take it off the wall or it will fall off. Sound quality (spectrum)is adequate considering its size, BUT the main failing is that it isn't loud enough when the shower is on or filling the bath. It relies on the volume set by the phone and the level of the recording. The device really needs a volume control so that quieter tracks can still be heard, or at least a boost button to increase the gain. Bluetooth range is huge - much larger than expected. The phone could be two rooms away! Being able to jump tracks (forwards and backwards) is useful, and it works well when receiving calls. If listening to pop music (generally recorded at high levels) it is OK, and my children are happy to use it. If listening to speech radio or classical music, it is too quiet most of the time. At least it does mean that your mobile device will not be damaged by moisture. Not bad really, but if it had a means of boosting the volume output I'd give it 4 or 5 stars.
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H Savage
14th April 2014

Aquafonic Bluetooth shower speaker
Wasn't sure of the quality of this item as it was so cheap, however when it arrived we tested it and it's brilliant - so good that we're getting another for a friend.
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Dawn Baddeley
12th April 2014

Aquafonik Bluetooth Shower Speaker
Spot On
Clear sound and so convenient and easy to use. Wouldn't be without it now. Highly recommended.
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11th April 2014

IPhone 5s
Excellent product.
This product brings your bath to another dimension. I love it and it's very good. It sounds very loud and I didn't expected to be honest. If you will buy it you will live it!!!
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10th April 2014

iPhone 5S
Excelent Item
Very good value for money and great sound quality. Very easy to set up and use.
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1st April 2014

iPad 4 and Kindle Fire HD
Simple pleasure
I'm thrilled with this simple gadget that gives hours of pleasure in the bathroom at such a reasonable price. Bathing, showering, washing and applying make-up listening to your favourite music or radio station with quality sound. My bathroom is now my music centre: albums, playlists and favourite radio stations. In addition, you needn't miss a mobile call in the shower again. I loved it so much, I bought one for my daughter who thinks "it's brilliant".
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26th March 2014

Great Prodct!
Great communication, quick delivery and so far so good with the speakers working perfectly! :)
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11th February 2014

iphone 4s and samsung galaxy s2
Excellent product
This speaker did exactly what it says it will. Works perfectly with my devices and gives an excellent sound in the shower!
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6th February 2014

iPhone 5s
Cracking value for money
For the money this Is pretty impressive unit. It seems well made, gives out decent sound and still works well when the phone is on the other side of the house. I can't comment on battery life yet as I've yet to recharge it which given the usage it's had I guess is already a good thing. Well worth the money to get some early morning tunes in the shower.
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6th February 2014

iphone 4
it's great for those that love music, now I can enjoy in the bath!
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4th February 2014

iPhone4, iPad Air
Brilliant Piece of Kit
We are having our bathroom remodeled soon and I was anxious to replace the old analogue clock radio which is attached to the wall.The reception and range is excellent. The tone is great. I would agree with 'Anonymous' that the on/off button is a little flakey. Definitely a long press to switch on/off but it's still a superb piece of kit
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1st February 2014

Samsung galaxy note 3
Happy showering.
I like to listen to the radio when showering but the rest of the family are not as keen on full volume talksport. This is the solution. Downloaded radio app to phone, bluetooth to the speaker job done. No longer need full volume as it's next to my ear and the tone isn't too bad either. Still waiting for a call so I can answer it in the shower!
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30th January 2014

iPhone and Samsung galaxy s2
Good things come in small packages
As the title suggests this is a small but powerful little speaker, Bluetooth connects easily with both my iphone 5 and my husbands samsung galaxy s2. Real clarity of sound and good bass, did not expect much from the size and the price, but am really impressed. Will be buying another one for the kitchen. A little tip, when attaching to a tile, wet the sucker a little and it sticks straight away and stays put longer.
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west midlands
30th January 2014

samsung galaxy s3 mini and s4
shower time bliss
A great little gadget, just put bluetooth on phone and sync.I downloaded tune in radio app, now i have my favourite radio stations on in the shower. Even my techno phobe wife uses it. Simples...
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26th January 2014

iphone 4s
a complete triumph
fantastic bit of kit, only took 2 minutes to sync it up with my iphone and I was listening to my favourite tunes in the bath! gives plenty enough volume, and looks good as well. I bought another one 2 days later for a gift.
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United Kingdom
25th January 2014

Sony Xperia Z
Wet, wet, wet!
Love this device. Easy to pair and although the sound isn't the best it's more than adequate and allows me to sing along in the shower! Not taken a call on it yet but nice to know that facility is available. The suction disc is excellent and it's nice and lightweight. I definitely recommend the Aquafonik Bluetooth Shower Speaker.
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Roy Smith
Royal Wootton Bassett
25th January 2014

LG G2 Smartphone
Singing in the Rain
A great device for listening to music in the shower. Good sucker action on very flat tiles but can fall off on mottled tiles. Apart from that great sound, good Bluetooth connection; very quick and simple. This device is damage resistant and very waterproof. So even though it may fall into the bath or shower basin,it will not scratch easily or stop working. Overall a brilliant product!
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24th January 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
A small prayer answered
I am an avid audio book fan and I listen to audio books or music from my phone via Bluetooth headphones during the working day as I work alone and often in isolated situations. At the end of each day I like to luxuriate in a long hot shower and I often tried to continue to listen to recordings whilst showering via my phone through the built in speaker. This was not a very successful solution as the phone had to obviously be outside the cubicle and the noise of the shower coupled with the relatively low volume of the phone speaker made this an unsatisfactory experience most of the time, depending on the quality of the recorded material. Spotted the advert for the shower speaker, bought one, synced in one minute, shower bliss! Sticks to the shower wall or glass higher than the splash zone if desired, or lower if necessary as it is water resistant. Single push button to operate and more than enough volume for audio or music. So far a great purchase with no obvious down side having used it daily for a couple of weeks now. Not yet required recharge and a bonus in the fact that I can even answer the phone without galloping out of the shower and grabbing for a towel hoping to reach the phone before it goes to voice mail. Delighted with the product the price and the service.
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Newcastle upon Tyne
24th January 2014

Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and HTC Desire S
Much better than anticipated
I ordered this for my wife so she doesn't need to take her phone into the bathroom to listen to music in the shower. I was expecting the convenience of bluetooth but wasn't expecting the sound quality to be up to much. This speaker has a really nice tone to it over a wide range of music types (I like Metallica, she likes Westlife) and the volume ain't bad either. It sticks to the tiles exceptionally well, is easy to pair and is easy to control. VERY impressed for the money, so much so, I use it as well although I don't sing along to the music like my wife!
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south east
30th December 2013

iphone 5s
Works well
This connected easily and worked well but to start with I couldn't turn it off which meant that next time I came to use it there was no charge. It appears that you have to hold down the off button for quite a few seconds. I don't know whether this is a fault on mine or whether this is normal. I don't think the instructions are really very good.
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29th December 2013

samsung galaxy s3
great item
As described was bought for my son who likes listening to music on his phone whilst spending 40 minutes in the shower. I was always concerned about condensation damaging the phone so when I saw this I thought great I will give it a go. Setup was less than 5 minutes and the sound quality is superb. He can also answer the phone almost like handsfree brilliant item for anyone who likes taking their phone in the bathroom.
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Isle of Man
29th December 2013

iphone 5
A perfect gift for a youngster who likes to stay clean….
I bought this as a present for my son's girlfriend for Christmas. Delivery, as usual, was prompt, even to the Isle of Man. Within minutes she had set it up and went for a shower leaving her phone safely in the next room. Within minutes she was singing along to her favourite songs and taking calls from her friends. The price was perfect for a Christmas or birthday gift and the product is well built and functional. The technology is up to date and perfect when paired with an iPhone or similar.
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24th December 2013

iphone 4s and iphone 5
brilliant brilliant brilliant
more than pleased so much I want another two of these all I got when I played it- I want one, I want one, from my daughter and my husband. brilliant little item its loud clear and brilliant and pairs with your iphone straightaway. used it on iphone 5 and 5s and 4s brilliant infact everybody should have one who wants to listen to music in the bath or shower
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