PowerCard Slim Power Bank Lightning Charger for Apple Devices - 400mAh

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400mAh and credit card sized, the PowerCard ultra-slim emergency power bank will provide power on the go for your Lightning Apple device. It also includes a built-in LED torch.

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12th June 2014

Samsung S3 mini
Briliant idea
Really easy to use, and very handy to have in case of emergency. I have decided to keep mine in my bag rather than purse as it is a tad thicker than I thought...but then my purse is full and not very big...so overall thik this product is brilliant and well worth the money.
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2nd April 2014

Very handy
Unobtrusive and compact, fits into wallet easily.
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18th March 2014

iPhone 5S
Almost perfect!
I bought this battery/sync/led torch/credit card for those emergency low battery moments at the end of the day. It works a treat. Once charged from the computer will give about 20% battery from empty on the iphone which is more than enough to keep me going all night! It works well as a sync cable without any iOS7 issues. I have alwaysa been dubious about non-apple branded lightning devices as I have has a fair few that just havent worked - but no issues with this. Lots of jealous friends too when their phones are dying and they arent near a computer and forgot their cables!! Only one reason for not getting 5 stars...the lighting adaptor is not narrow (it is the same width as the 30pin) meaning if you have a csae on the phone with cutouts only big enough for a standard charger then you will need to remove the case in order to attach the battery. Should have been made new for the lightning and only have a narrow bit that the lightning pin comes from - I didnt think of this but you can see it from the photos.
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6th December 2013

iPhone 5
Ideal for emergencies
This is a very slim, easy to carry, light, credit card sized charger. It is really useful to carry when away from home and gives a good partial charge. I think it is primarily useful for emergency use for short periods as it is so easy to fit into a purse or wallet.
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4th December 2013

I-phone 4S
Feels good
Fit to my phone and it feels good. Nice and solid. It dies what it says, charges the phone but I am a little disappointed that it takes so long to recharge and only charges the phone once. The instructions did not mention the clip on the back which has to be raised to open the top of the case. One other bad point is that it says to remove the phone before charging the battery pack, which is a bit if a pain. Otherwise it is nice to look at, nice to have when the battery on the phone is flat and feels quality.
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Dave Watts
10th October 2013

Samsung galaxy s4
15 per cent emergency charge
This little beauty of a gadget slips straight into your wallet in the card section and you hardly notice it's there. It's got strong build quality, and adds 15 per cent of charge to my Sammy s4. Doesn't sound much, but that's at least an extra couple of hours. One weakness is that it takes a while to actually transmit that charge to the phone, but you can of course still use the phone while it's charging. The torch is a bit unnecessary, but who knows maybe I'll need it one day. Great gadget!
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S A Khan
21st September 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Gadget for Gadgetears
This is emergency power for smart phone is perfect for those unfortunate times when your no so smart phone battery is empty and your boss or wife wants to know what you are doing. Perfect discreet fit in wallet, hardly takes up any noticeable room, and makes wallet feel healthier. Only slight drawback not enough power storage.
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Northern Ireland
12th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note
Exceeded expectations
It is rare to find that something that you bought on a whim online exceeds your expectations but this is one little device that did. I have a power hungry Note, and frquently get to the point where I will run out of power before I can get to a charger. So I bought this as an emergency battery.Firstly though be aware that at 400mah this is not going to fully charge your phone, unless you have a tiny battery. It will give me an extra 16%, but it is the size of 2 credit cards put together and fits nicely in my wallet. The bits i like best though are that 1) it has a torch (I'm a bloke I like torches)which actually works while in my wallet, and 2) it charges from USB, and wlill charge both itself and the phone at the same time, and finally 3) it works as a data cable so it does three things at once when I expected one. So overall, great little gadget that isn't overly expensive, and does lots of things including turning my wallet ito a torch.
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5th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy Ace
Power Card Charger
Purchased this charger for just in case moments, very small and convenient to carry around, Smart Phones always seem to want a charge! and if away from home and you find the phone down, usually happens at most inconvenient time! However this item obviously requires charging itself, silly question but what kind of charger does it require? not made obvious at the time of purchase, maybe in future this could be a "together purchase"?
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