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Exogear ExoMount Touch Universal Car Holder - Black

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The ExoMount Touch universal grip can mount any 3.5-inch to 5.8-inch screen (diagonally) smartphone with or without a case.

  • "Excellent Device"

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23rd May 2016

Fällt immer wieder runter
Für uns ist das Produkt unbrauchbar. Die Exogear Halterung hält nicht lange auf dem Armaturenbrett und fällt nach kurzer Zeit runter. Jeweils nach dem Anbringen hält die Halterung und sie klebt wirklich fest.... aber nach ein paar Kilometern fällt sie runter. Das mit dem Vakuum auf unebenem Untergrund funktioniert nicht... Schade fürs Geld und ab in die Tonne damit!

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Jeff Gorman
23rd May 2016

Samsung Galaxy s7 edge
Excellent Device
This is the first phone holder that has remained secured to my dashboard. it has now been on for a couple of weeks and is still as secure as the day I put it on. it is better quality than I imagined given some of the reviews that I have seen online and is excellent value. All that I can say is that it is brilliant and if you need a holder that sticks to the dashboard without coming off then this is the one for you.
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9th May 2016

Simple and effective
I bought my wife an Exomount after using one for a few years. It's simple and effective. The adhesive suction mount is amazing. It survived 2 or 3 Australian summers sitting on my dashboard without ever coming loose. When it got a bit dirty after using it in other cars, a quick wash with soapy water restored it to as-new. The only issue I have is that the adjustment knob on the back is very stiff. You only need to use this if you move the unit to another position or another car. Once set, you can forget it. But it can take a bit of trial and error to get it facing the right way.
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3rd May 2016

Handy phone holder
This seems so far to be a good mount. I use it in vans, trucks and my car. As others have said it can vibrate a little, but overall well worth the money.
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24th April 2016

Support voiture
C'est une tuerie ce support. Il tient autant sur le plastique que sur le pare-brise.

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21st April 2016

Should have bought the CD slot type of phone holder
As I have a dash mat fitted to the vehicle there isn't really a suitable place to fix this phone mount. It sticks very well but I don't have a functional spot on the dash to put it. I also tested out the wash and air dry properties and this appears to be the key feature along with the press to lock action. It is clearly a well thought out design and worth holding onto as I will be buying a new car for the wife in the near future and I expected it will get some use then.
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2nd April 2016

Note 4
Excellent. Does what it's supposed to!
I use this for holding my S Galaxy Note 4 (very large phone), with the protective case on, on the dashboard of my Mondeo. Three family members have since bought this same exogear product too - all very impressed. Great service from Mobilefun too. I highly recommend this product.
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Ewald König
27th March 2016

Saugnapf hält
Nach schlechten Erfahrungen mit Saugnäpfen generell ist der ExoMount Touch das erste Produkt das funktioniert! Soweit das Ergebnis nach ein paar Tagen.

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saint germain des pres
29th February 2016

enfin une vraie ventouse! j'en suis au 4eme acheté pour plusieurs voitures, ne s'est jamais décollé!!! Le clip au fond du support est super pratique et permet de serrer les deux machoires automatiquement: le top! Bref, je recommande, c'est de la vraie bonne qualité, et vraiment bien pensée! mais cela a un prix...

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23rd February 2016

Good product
Holds the phone well. Bit annoying when the clamps press on the volume button on the side of the phone, but this just means I have to adjust it to a different position in the holder. Phone holder holds well. Durable so far. With that said, I've only had it a week. I bought a clip holder which held well, but it snapped after 3 months. I bought this under recommendation from a friend. They have rated it highly. I like the feature which allows you to snap lock the phone into place. You have two springs buttons which you push in to open up the holder. Then you place the phone in the holder, and it locks it into place instantly. There is a star button behind where you place the phone, which releases the spring to lock the phone into place. Overall, I'm satisfied with the product so far. Thanks.
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26th January 2016

HTC One M8
Precies wat ik zocht
Simpel en handig! Heb er nog een gekocht.

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NSW Australia
26th January 2016

im surprised with quality
its really good in quality. its very strong in suction. The original packaging was really safe that even it came from UK to Australia but still I got in perfect condition. I would recommend to everyone mobile zap products and especially this one.
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15th January 2016

Sticks well but...
Stuck to textured surface very well, but nowhere near as vibration resistant as I was expecting from other reviewers unfortunately. Given how inflexible the position of the mount is I would have thought it would be more solid. Also material quality is less than anticipated given the price of the unit. Overall it is better than most though.
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Filip V.
5th November 2015

Samsung Galaxy S4
Handig in gebruik
Deze houder voor smartphone in de auto doet wat je ervan verwacht, al hapert de klem soms wel bij het ontgrendelen. Zeer goede zuignap, maar natuurlijk nog niet oud, dus afwachten wat de toekomst brengt.

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4th November 2015

Best phone holder ever
This phone holder is the best one I have ever had. I will be recommending it to my friends. Congratulations to the maker and supplier of this excellent product.
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Muffassar Ali
10th October 2015

iPhone 6s plus
Top product
This is the best car holder ever. Very sturdy. Whilst driving it does not move a inch. Loved that my iPhone 6s Plus fits perfectly. I would recommend this to anyone who is having difficulty finding a decent car phone holder. This is very easy to you and well worth the money
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2nd September 2015

Iphone 6 Plus
Trés bien
Bon produit conforme à mes attentes.

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20th July 2015

à conseiller
Conforme à mon attente. Ventouse très efficace, tient très bien, aucun soucis. Excellent produit. A conseiller

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28th June 2015

Blackberry Passport
Sticks like glue
The device clips with case in-situ and is easy to clip and unclip. I stuck it to the windscreen a few days ago and it has stayed there. Delivered very promptly.
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23rd June 2015

Good universal holder!
Easy to mount on the curved surface of my car dashboard. Easy to use, locks the phone the way I want it to, and swivels nicely.
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Pedro Diaz
19th June 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5
Soporte para coche
la sujeccion es firme

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Lai Lim
15th June 2015

Exogear ExoMount Touch Universal Car Holder - Black
Easy to install and use. Prompt delivery, good customer service.
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Wilson Lim
9th June 2015

It sticks
The Exomount device works perfectly on my car dashboard. It sticks and stay in place. Easy to use.
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28th May 2015

iPhone 5
It's incredible!
I've tried many Car phone mounts in the past and none work very well. I travel a lot for work and have always struggled with these things. The Exogear Exomount works incredibly well. It's currently attached with it's suction pad to a rough plastic draw lid in my car. It's even on a curved surface. Brilliant!
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abdullah almohammadi
saudi arabia
15th May 2015

samsung galaxy note 4
best price for best thing
Thanks for deal with me and your proudcts its orginal and good prices thank you
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David H
Cork, Ireland
27th April 2015

Exogear Exomount Touch Universal Car Holder
Exogear Exomount Touch Universal Car Holder got fantastic reviews online. It mounts very securely on my ford mondeo dashboard and holds my Galaxy Note 4 with spigen case on. It's just big enough for the phone with the case on. Brilliant product.
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Gary Anderson
22nd April 2015

Just what I needed
As with all of these car holders, I have yet to find one that makes me think 'this is really well made'. Yes it's only a car holder but I was hoping it would be a bit more solid from the reviews I have read. They all seem to be made of the same cheap hollow plastic and as most of them have some kind of spring mechanism, the noise it makes snapping back (a loud echoe-y twang) always makes me think that the manufacturer could have done better. It does the job and works fine just wish it was a bit nicer.
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25th February 2015

Correspond à mes attentes. Tient parfaitement sur le tableau de bord.

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20th December 2014

No comment, à tous points de vue irréprochable ! Seule incertitude, le vieillissement.

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16th December 2014

Solide, durchdachte Halterung
Die Halterung ist wirklich gut verarbeitet. Da knarzt und wackelt nichts wie bei vielen anderen Halterungen. Auch der Saugknopf ist wirklich ein Wunder...der hält sogar auf unebenen Material ganz gut. Das Konzept mit dem snap-button ist einfach genial. Endlich mit einer Hand und in Sekundenschnelle das Smartphone in die Halterung clippen. Das einzige was ich bei einem recht großen Smartphone wie dem G3 unpraktisch finde ist dass man an den Lösemechanismus nicht mehr gut herankommt. Man muss doch sehr weit hinter die Halterung greifen und auch erstmal ertasten wo die beiden Plastikbolzen sind die zusammengedrückt werden müssen. Ich denke bei kleineren Geräten könnte das Problem nicht auftreten. Mein G3 passt mit wirklich dickem Bumper auch noch in die Halterung rein. Ich bin voll zufrieden. Das einzige was ich nicht beurteilen kann ist die Langlebigkeit, da ich das Produkt erst seit kurzem besitze.

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20th November 2014

Great functionality let down slightly by one poor component
Had this a few months now, here's what I reckon... Good: * Sticky beyond belief, so that feature is fantastic. * Easily used one-handed. * Holds my phone very firmly. Bad: * The little black plastic ring at the back to tighten the moveable bit onto the base was inadequate. The first time I used it (away on holiday) it snapped in two, rendering the device useless for a while as the phone holder had no support and would just collapse. Bought a metal clip from a hardware shop to replace, which works properly, and is what the item needed in the first place.
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Vyron Karachatzis
16th November 2014

Htc One M8
amazing product...
Perfect fit to my car
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Tim Ebbeck
11th November 2014

excellent note 4 mount
Great mount for Note 4 and excellent suction.
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Scott paling
4th November 2014

Apple iPhone 6 plus
Does exactly what it says it does
I use this mount every day in my Mercedes sprinter, i'm a delivery driver so this mount gets a lot of use, my iPhone 6 Plus is constantly in and out of it all day long, I can't fault the mount at all it sticks to everything, the Dashboard in my van is quite dimply but the Mount has no problem sticking to it, it holds the iPhone 6 plus very firmly I have complete confidence in the mount Holding my device, I have also washed the mount under cold water to clean it and it's regained its full sticking power all over again, I would definitely buy this mount again and highly recommend it.
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Florin D
29th October 2014

Iphone 6 Plus
It is a "must have"
i just love it and the power that it has to stick to anything but be ware if you are a citroen DS3 owner it wont stick to the dash , the texture is sonwierd that it loses grip in a few minutes , but it stick to anything else , i stick it on the wall when i charge the phone its realy fun to use Enjoy it!
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25th October 2014

this Exomount is just great does what it says on the box, if your thinking of buying a car mount this is the one, very pleased with it.
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19th August 2014

Au top
Excellent produit, je recommande.

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15th August 2014

Bon matériel
Bon produit, il faut juste trouver la bonne position ! Très bonne adhérence et peu encombrant ! Tient parfaitement mon Galaxy grand 2.
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12th August 2014

samsung galaxy S5
Bon produit
Que dire ? Bon produit. On voit qu'il est de très bonne facture. Plastique épais et solide. Design sobre et classe. Réellement pratique avec la pince qui se referme automatiquement sur le téléphone. Pour l'enlever, il faut les 2 mains. Je l'ai mis sur tableau de bord sur une partie arrondie, cela tient très bien. Ça bouge pas. Le téléphone ne tremble pas. Il s'est juste décollé 2 fois en 2 semaines, mais il était en plein soleil. Il faisait très chaud dans la voiture. Je l'ai remis et voilà. Je le conseille et mon beau-frère en veut un !

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10th August 2014

oppo find 7
Ventouse efficace
C'est le premier support dont je suis très satisfait, il tient bien sur le tableau de bord dont la surface est très glissante. Ventouse efficace, le mobile se met en place d'une seule main en un clic et ne bouge pas, sans vibration. Je vous recommande éventuellement ce support.

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Paul Mantle
mid wales
4th August 2014

Not sure
I like the design and footprint of the phone holder but unsure of its stickiness in staying where you place it. Fitted it on a clean almost flat surface and it held my phone for the half hour going to the shops. When i came back it had fallen off and im guessing its due to the heat as it was a hot day. Because i like it i will try again, but inside of cars get hot it should withstand this.
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31st July 2014

Nokia lumia 620
Easy to use ,very strong suction with no add adhesive or pads, can accurately get right position.
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Alastair Arthur
9th July 2014

S3 Mini
Ok, I'm not into Facebook and Twitter and the social media scene, but recently, as they say. my lifestyle requirements changed. A long story and boring, but I had to ditch my venerable (my daughter would say 'vintage') and trusty mobile for a "smartphone". Not by choice, but people insisted on sending me emails and demanding answers when I was miles away from the environs of my PC (XP of course). Grandson gave me a crash course in Android after which I was none the wiser, but he seemed to assess my new toy as "cool", while I was still trying to puzzle out how to answer phone calls. This was bad enough, but then I was introduced to the world of the screen protector and an even cooler toy, viz, the protective case.. (very smart!) time to dust off the Mobile Fun account, thought I, and I was right, both articles whizzed through the watches of the night to my abode - perfect! So far, so good - but no - a new program (sorry "App") came my way to improve my navigating skills. Another long and boring saga again, which had the potential to transform my new, shiny, screen-protected smartphone into a state-of-the-art sat nav. A serious hitch when the Google signal suddenly vanishes behind a tunnel or some other obstruction clearly placed strategically to disrupt my carefully planned journey. Time to leave Google in the lurch and bless the Open Systems fraternity - now I was complete... or so I thought. But how was I to place my new, shiny, screen-protected smartphone in a position which offered me a clear and unfettered view of my planned path? Again, one enlisted the aid of the gurus of Mobile Fun. Could I obtain a gizmo which would hold my device solidy, without vibration or wobble, and remain firmly attached to my grained pvc dashboard? The runes were favourable, the technology existed, the device was available and simply awaited the application of my credit card details. Joy unconfined! Now, the only situation to address was in-car charging, preferably eliminating the regular arguments between daughter and grandson as to who had forgotten to charge the tablet and/or pack the charger. In this, too, Mobile Fun came up smiling - an in-car charger with usb outlets for both phone and tablet, together with a digital readout of car battery voltage. How cool is that? Last on the shopping list was the 1.5 metre charging lead for the smartphone. Now, technology complete and in-car peace and quiet, except for the intrusive woman in the sat nav App (yes, I'm learning). It's normal to read extravagant claims for items and devices, but after a few test journeys, I have established that in my case, the claims are correct. The in-car mounting is solid and superb, the charger perfect and the Mobile Fun service excellent. The customer, folks, is supremely satisfied and the defence rests... Grandad. PS: The shopping list: Leather style wallet (S3 mini) Screen protectors Exogear ExoMount Touch Universal Car Holder Capdase Dual USB Charger and Monitor Capdase Micro USB lead
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28th June 2014

Samsung GN 3 &!iphone 4s
Good holder
Good holder for the iPhone with cover - however a bit tight for Note 3 with a cover - but not an issue Good service throughout - thx again
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3rd May 2014

Poor quality for price
I have had 2 of these within a week. On both they suffered from the same fault. The screw ring at back that tightens and holds the clip in place snaps right through after 1-2 uses meaning that you can not use the holder as it flops towards floor. The suction part that I have on a curved dashboard was the best I have seen with excellent grip and just a shame the product is let down y poor build quality.
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31st March 2014

Xperia Z1
Un support qui fait très bien son boulot ! Robuste avec une très bonne tenue sur les plastiques. Mon xperia Z1 y tient bien même avec la coque même sur des routes cahoteuses ! Un très bon produit facile à mettre en place.
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West Yorkshire
20th March 2014

Best holder so far
I'm not a fan of windscreen mounts so I've been looking for a decent dashboard mount for a while now. My HTC One has an Otterbox case and I couldn't find a combination of mounts/holders which would holder the phone in the case and mount securely. I got the Exomount fitted to my car (Kia Pro Cee'd) on the curved surface about the centre console. No messing around, it stuck straight away and has been solid all day. Great piece of kit and holds the HTC One in the Otterbox perfectly. Just seen the Exomount CD now which looks an even better solution.
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20th February 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Sturdy product, holds phone well, range is surprisingly limited.
The two stars I give this device are due to how it does not stick on a BMW Z4 dash in any position, but mostly because it has a very poor range if you want to mount it vertically. The fitting for a Note 3 is good though. The suction mount will not stick to a curved pimpled dashboard (or wooden door when I tested it - it claims it will stick to a tree. I do have space for it on the vertical dash facing me as well on an existing vertical Brodit plate, but the ball joint range in one plane is VERY limited and makes it impossible to angle adequately. The ball on the joint is angled in such a way that yes, you can rotate it 360 if it's centred directly in front of you, but the tilt angle up and down / left and right doesn't move much at all, perhaps 20 degrees either way if you're lucky. I've tried every angle and surface I can find and the only option is the windscreen, which defeats the point for me. I would sum up by saying that it is ideal for a horizontal dash surface with some minor textures on it, or a windscreen.
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19th February 2014

Good mount so far
Bought for my HTC One which wears an Incipio case. Spring loaded grips makes mounting easy. It's not the most secure mount I've seen, but so far has handled everything I've driven over thus far. Stuck to my dashboard with no issue, and hasn't moved since. Un-mounting the device is a bit fiddly at first, but you eventually get used to it. Overall, it's a great mount and I look forward to using it for the foreseeable future.
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17th February 2014

Best Car Holder Ever
It sticks to the dash very well, I even tried pulling it with good amount of force just to prove my point and it didn’t came off. Amazing product from Exogear and Big thanks to mobilefun for getting my shipping sorted much appreciated
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Marnie Donaldson
6th January 2014

Sony Xperia
useful and sturdy
The Exomount is just a great product, there is little to review except that it sticks wherever you want it, it stays there, and it holds my phone, tr my ipod. Anyone looking to get one - do it :)
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