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Exogear ExoMount Tablet S CD for 5.5" to 8" Devices - Black

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Product Reference: 42118

The ExoMount Tablet S CD means the end of messing with tools and unreliable suction cups as it utilizes an expanding wing that slides into any CD slot, expanding within so that it can be adjusted to mount your 5.5" to 8" device safely and securely.

  • "Fantastic Piece of Kit!!!"
  • "Really works"

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Sophie Mobbs
21st November 2014

ipad/ iPhone
I love it!! Perfect for what I needed, it can be placed in any direction as it spins around. This is perfect for me to place either my iPad or iPhone on it allowing me to use it as a sat nav and playing my music through.
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11th September 2014

Great product
Really great product. Works with my Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 and my Galaxy S4.
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30th August 2014

Ipad Mini
Fantastic Piece of Kit!!!
Was looking for an Ipad mini holder to make my car look Cool and techie... was surprise by the Quality and it was Sturdy. Ticks all the boxes... Really Happy with my purchased. Brilliant Customer Service.
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19th July 2014

Samsung Galaxy tab 3 8.0
Superbly made piece of kit
Exogear cd mount securely fits into cd slot to hold my Galaxy tab 3 8 inch. This is a properly engineered unit allowing my tablet to be used for navigation - alternatively can also hold my Galaxy s3 phone. Adjustable up/down or left/right, secure in the cd slot, tablet held secure, beautifully engineered, this is a great buy.
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28th April 2014

Google Nexus 7
Works well
Very pleased with this, it's well made, easy to fit and holds the device firmly. Fitting in the CD slot means I'm not obscuring a large part of the windscreen.
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12th April 2014

iPad mini retina
Really works
My car has a CD radio but to be honest, I can't remember the last time I bought a CD. I occasionally burn stuff to a CD but, it is such a hassle when my music is already there, ready and waiting on my iPad. Also, I have tended to use Waze as my sat nav / traffic congestion avoidance in place of my TomTom. You see the pattern here? Everything I want to do is on my iPad, but it hasn't been readily to hand. That all changed with this Exmount. It fits easily into the car's CD slot and a couple of turns of the screw locks it tightly into place with no fear of it falling out. Also it seems very non-invasive, if you know what I mean; this is not going to cause any damage to the equipment. The tablet is in one of Apple's leather cases with integral covers. The design of the mount allows for the case to stay in place without a problem. It grips the iPad firmly simply by pushing the base part up towards the top. Soft pads at the top and bottom stop any possible damage, or vibration or movement. I can touch the screen and work the tablet without fear of it moving about. My car is a VW Eos and the radio is in the same place as most of the VW family of cars, which is quite high up, but beneath some air vents. The design of the Exomount is such that I can slide it up or down relative to the CD locking bracket to get it just where I like it. Also, I can tilt it towards me, away from me, have it flat and in line with the dash, or indeed tilted up or down. In fact, this can be positioned in anyway you can imagine or possibly need. Finally, once adjusted, the thing stays in place, so no constant adjustments. As you might have guessed, I am extremely impressed with the performance of the Exomount and it has enabled me to get far more use out if my iPad on the move. I use this with an in-car charger, when necessary. As my iPad sits 'sideways' the charging point is to the right, but I see it has a 'hole' in the bottom part of the bracket for other devices. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this bracket. As Apple might say, 'it just works'.
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terry mcewen
30th March 2014

ipad mini
Took it out of the box, fitted it into the cd slot, placed ipad mini and and all seemed well, thought i would make the odd adjustment to position the ipad better and whilst tightening the plastic bolt to lock the ipad in place the bolt split leaving me unable to lock the unit in a any position..great! so in short, the tablet mount does the job very well but the quality of the parts is poor in terms of robustness, now i will have to look around for something to replace the bolt....;-(
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19th March 2014

Galaxy Note 3
Not a good fit for Note 3
While the mount does hold the Note 3 securely to do this it completely covers the power socket. To grip and power the phone at the same time you have to move the phone off centre leaving the hold much less secure and also blocking out either the sound outlet or the top and bottom microphones. For anything more than about four inches wide that you can mount gripping the sides rather than the top and bottom of the device this would be a great mount.
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2nd March 2014

Galaxy Tab
Nice item
It does what it says. It can hold in vertical any smart phone and horizontal any tablet up to 8" easily. No problem with vabriations and mounting on the cd slot. The only problem is that if your car has buttons near the cd slot, such as radio buttons or climate switches etc, you cannot reach them, cause it covers them. Maybe it would be better if it had a longer arm, but even this way is quite handy. Just for the thing with the buttons I give it a four star and not five. Another potential issue is that if the cd slot is at a lower position on your car's console it might block the movement of the gear stick, so whoever buys it must consider this issue also.
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Zurich, Switzerland
11th January 2014

iPad Mini
Easy to install and holds the iPad safe and steady. Just what I was looking for!
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23rd December 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 8"
Works well as a 5-8" tablet in-car mount
I have found the overall quality and design of this mount to be very good. It takes a concerning amount of force to push into the CD slot on my car and to remove again so it may be something which is better to fit once and keep in place to reduce the risk of damage to the CD slot. I have a built in Ford radio/CD and this I guess will differ depending on CD slot design. I don't use CDs and thus for me this is not a problem. With the clamp tightened and my Galaxy Note 8 fitted, the clamp for me has been very stable and I have done 500+ miles with no squeaks, rattles and very good security and stability with my Note 8" (no worries basically) - with Sygic installed this makes a quite brilliant Sat-Nav combo! You do end up not being able to see all the radio controls however on my car. Adjustment options are great, setting the height, angle and rotation with ease. All in all very pleased!!! Just make sure you are happy with putting something like this in your CD slot as the slot is not designed for the load this mount can impart with a tablet fitted and depending on the CD slot may or not work well or possibly cause damage in the long run? For me the benefits outweigh these risks.
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