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Sorry, but Capdase Dual USB In Car T2 Charger and Monitor has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Capdase Dual USB In Car T2 Charger and Monitor

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Product Reference: 42036

Capdase Dual USB Car Charger and Monitor T2 with Advance Car Battery Monitoring System, keeping track on the condition of the car battery.

  • "Great Product"
  • "Brilliant and unique piece of kit!!"

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25th June 2015

Works well upto now
The unit took a long time to arrive Looks good in car because my 12Volt socket I only live with ignition on I leave it in all the time Display could be brighter can't see the display in daylight Do like the voltage readout
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Robert Dyer
12th April 2015

Great Product
The capdase dual USB in car charger is a superb product and highly recommended. 10 out of 10.
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9th March 2015

Capdase Dual USB In Car T2 Charger and Monitor
Great product
Fast and reliable service from Mobile Fun as expected! The charger has two seperate USB ports, one for your tablet & one for your mobile phone device. This is a quirky and better charger than others on the market, and why ... because it gives a digital reading of the strength or weakness of your car battery ... Genius!
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Rick Bacon
12th October 2014

Iphone 5
Nice charger works well no complaints
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rinaldo rinaldi
18th September 2014

Caricabatterie auto dual USB e Monitor batteria
Il prodotto è arrivato in pochi giorni e funziona perfettamente. È comodo tenere sotto controllo la batteria della macchina mentre si ricarica il cellulare .
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Mark Adams
29th August 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S4
Potent High Quality Charger
Easily copes with two fairly power-hungry devices, even when one of them is being used for Satnav. These Samsung Galaxy devices need good cables to achieve the full charging rate, so use either the original Samsung cable or something like Item 42473 Belkin Sync Charge USB - Micro USB Cable 2M - Red from MobileFun. A nasty cheapo cable will limit the devices to around 0.5 Amps. Charger is well made, and the voltage display is a useful addition that is actually very accurate when checked against a laboratory Volt meter.
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16th August 2014

carica batteria. auto
Eccellente prodotto. Consegnato subito.
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6th August 2014

Caricabatterie auto dual USB e Monitor batteria T2 Capdase
Eccellente prodotto e venditore super veloce.
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Mark Cheater
Bass hill NSW
1st August 2014

In car duel T2 USB charger and monitor
This item is excellent as we live in a caravan traveling with a circus and this item lets us know the statis of our battery and also allows us to charge our iPads and mobiles with ease Great item to have.
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Paul Dawe
18th July 2014

Sony Z2 and Samsung S5
Brilliant and unique piece of kit!!
Bought this as we are going away to France for a few weeks and driving around so we wanted to charge our phones. After seeing this little gem for a great price I bought one and have been testing it out on two of my phones to see how well it charges them. Well the charging rate is great and the phones hold their charge afterwards unlike some cheaper other brands' the LED battery charge rate is brilliant for me in two ways 1) I can test my Alternator with this with out forking out garage fees everytime there is a problem and 2) I can see if I need to charge the battery off my car or replace it. The LEDs are bright but not distracting. I honestly cannot recommend a better twin USB charger than this and i've had a few. Oh and i've also charged a Samsung tablet off of this thing and had the sat nav on whilst it was charging. Incredibly superior and worth the money!!
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18th July 2014

HTC One M7 & Samsung S3
Solid, reliable & does exactly what it says
A perfect charger that works exactly as it says. A well build sturdy device which has a rotating head that can be angled to help with pointing the usb slots up or down or to each side. The dual outlets power up all our phones and devices quickly. The battery information shown on the face is also a handy feature. So good we ended up buying another for the wifes car! Would have been even better if a usb cable was supplied but works best if you purchase a quality thick usb cable seperatly. All in all this charger is exactly what you need if you have a newer smartphone, tablet device or dash cam as it charges faster than all other chargers we have tried.
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29th June 2014

HTC One M8
Useful bit of kit
I am delighted with my Capdase USB In Car T2 Charger and monitor. One side for my mobile the other for my tablet. Great to see battery in car in healthy condition too. Looks great as well!
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20th June 2014

Samsung S3
Seems good so far
Not had it long and only used it once, plugged my S3 into the tablet charger point to fast charge it and it did well. The device is a bit long all in all and gets in the way of the gear stick as my cigarette lighter point is down there. Otherwise its great though.
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Simon Jeffery
19th June 2014

It doesn't.
I purchased the Capdase Dual USB In Car T2 Charger and Monitor to use with a dashboard mounted iPad when using the Tom Tom Sat Nav app. I had read the reviews saying how good it was at charging iPads and iPhones at the same time. What wasn’t obvious, is the fact that you cannot "USE" the iPad with Sat Nav running and expect it to charge, or even maintain charge, because it won't. It loses about 20% battery charge per hour, so fine for short journeys only. It also caused significant interference with some fm radio channels.
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Cava Dei Tirreni
18th June 2014

Ben fatto riesco a tenere sotto controllo anche la batteria dell'auto. Lo consiglio.
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10th June 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3
Brilliant Charger
This car charger is really good. It provides great power which enables the phone to charge whilst being used for sat nav. I have the official Samsung car charger which struggles to charge the phone when it is being used for sat nav, but this charger has no problems with its high power output and charges the phone quickly even when it is being used with full screen brightness. The battery indicator is extremely useful to check if your car battery is low and is a ingenious addition. It's a wonder why other manufacturers haven't included it in their products. Having the option to have 2 devices charging at the same time is great. I have had my phone and my partners phone charging at the same time with no problems. Overall, this is a brilliant car charger at a reasonable price and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
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Daren Pegg
22nd May 2014

HTC one X +, ASUS T300, Kindle Fire HD2
Great in car charger
I have tried several in car dual chargers over the last couple of years but I need not try anymore. The added bonus of monitoring the vehicles charge is useful but the real value of the Capdase Dual T2, is the fact it actually deliver enough current to properly charge my daughter Kindle fire HD2 and my HTC at the same time. It even charges my ASUS T300tf tablet, which no other dual car charger seems to be able to provide enough voltage for. With a high power cable this I am able to plug the HTC in to the Ipad USB socket and it provides enough charge to actually charge my HTC whilst I am running sat nav on the phone. The other chargers I have tried only slow the depletion of charge. On the voltage meter. This function is actually quite handy. My Wife had mentioned her car had sounded wrong when starting. When I tried, the car cranked very slowly. Using the capdase T2, I was able to see that the battery was low and upon starting that the alternator was working fine. After fully charging the battery it was easy to see that the battery also was ok and the likely cause is the lack of journeys over two miles. Our battery charger is a bog standard model with no way of ascertaining voltage, so with out the Capdase I would have likely spent over £50 on a new battery. I just wish I had found the Capdase T2 before purchasing the other dual car chargers that are now relegated to a box, unlikely to ever be used again.
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13th May 2014

Ottimo prodotto, utilissimo anche per l'indicazione batteria auto.
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22nd January 2014

Fa quel che promette
Fa quel che promette, un po' labile la visibilità dell'indicatore LED di voltaggio. Occorrerebbe un interruttore perchè se lasciato inserito nella presa consuma la batteria
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Walsall. West Mids.
15th January 2014

iPhone 4S, ipad and other mobiles.
Very useful tool.
Many of todays vehicles have no way of showing the battery state or the rate of charge after starting. To know this can save breakdowns and expensive maintenance. An all round useful charger
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Peter Chatfield
12th January 2014

iPhone, nexus 7
A must have
If you're going to buy an in car charger you won't do much better than this. Not only does it charge phones and tablets simultaneously and quickly but it also gives you a read out of your batterys condition and charging rate - essential during these dark cold evenings when wipers,heater headlights etc. Warns you if battery not charging enough. VERY pleased with this purchase.
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United Kingdom
9th January 2014

iPhone 4S
As useful tool
More than an in car charger. Its a battery voltage monitor. Voltage before starting, when charging after and and fully charged.
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Johhn Main
18th December 2013

my car !
Split Personality
This unit cleverly combines the benefits of a dual usb charger with a car battery voltage readout, either function of which would be worth having as a standalone gadget. Not many gadgets can do three things at once!
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18th December 2013

iPhone 5S and iPad Air
Tablet charging and battery status
Cars cannot charge tablets on their own unless you have a device like this plus you can charge your phone at the same time and also know your battery's charge status. That's a win-win-win in my book. The device also looks cool just plugged into the car even if you don't have anything plugged into it because of the LED read out of the battery charge which is very helpful particularly in winter months.
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18th December 2013

motor vehicles
both a usb charger and a battery level checker
what a great piece of gear plug in and go simplicity itself
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Milton Keynes
18th December 2013

In my car
Really helpful
This is just what I needed, I aged it when I got in my car and the battery is flat! I hope this will let me know it needs charging before that happens.
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gordon thorp
17th December 2013

such a good idea
spotted while looking through tour goods on offer
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Arthur Grewer
9th December 2013

home pc
Capdase duel charger
You sent me an email this morning to say you had dispatched my order today and an hour later the postman delivered it now that is fast for you and the Royal Mail, fantastic service as usual thanks
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