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Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 Stylus Pen - Silver

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Product Reference: 41890

The Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 stylus pen is the ultimate accessory for tablet and smartphone users - with a ball point pen, stylus tip, ruler, spirit level and two screwdriver heads all built into it!

  • "A very useful pen plus"
  • "HexStyli - multi purpose pen"

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18th August 2016

Very happy with the product.
The product does everything it claims to do. I am not quite sure where to get the refills for the pen
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Gerard They are product ID 42628 - Triple Pack Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 Pen Refills - Black Hope this helps.
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Chris O'Donoghue
New Zealand
21st July 2016

Nexus 6P
Build quality feels nice
Solid pen and stylus, the screwdrivers and levels are less important to me, but they seem to work. Build quality feels nice.
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Michael smith
18th July 2016

Samsung galaxy
Multiple use pen.
Nice item. Useful gadget. Multiple uses as described.will continue to buy from this site .regards michael.
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santo Domingo,Santo Domingo
12th May 2016

olixar 6/1
practical tool
i work on a services company on hospitally industry. usually i have contact with several types of technicians and this tool can help they on your dayly labor. is a practical tool.
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12th August 2015

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
Quality product
The Good: it's a quality, solid, well made product. With replaceable rubber tips, a retractable pen and a couple of screwdriver bits concealed in the top plus an inbuilt spirit level. The Bad: the ruler markings on the barrel are simply paint transfers and within a week or so started to peel away in normal use making the item look shabby. I used a little Cif and a non-abrasive pad to carefully remove the remainder of the markings: it's no detriment and the pen looked better for it. The manufacturer should either not bother with such cheap markings or have them properly 'scribed' permanently into the metal. Overall: 4 stars. And 5 stars for MobileFun for replacing a previous cheaper pen that did not function well with this one at no extra charge.
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William F R Evans
Cannock, Staffs
20th June 2015

Olixar HexStyli 6 in 1 Stylus pen
Clever tool
Amazed at what things the unit lets you do from writing to a spirit level [albeit a small one]. Purchased as 1 item, with others to save on posting, I am pleased I chose this natty tool.
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Si (Freddie) Hatfield
Warwickshire, UK
8th April 2015

Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 Stylus Pen
Although it's a bit of a gimic gift it is something that we all wish we had on us at certain points in our life. Apart from it's use as a pen and touch-screen stylus it actually works as a spirit level, simple screwdriver set and small ruler. All of which, at some juncture, I have needed but not had on my person. It isn't however a James Bond gizmo so please don't expect it to fire a poison dart, cut through metal, act as a homing beacon or as a compact explosive .. If you are expecting this you will be a little disappointed Other than that, it does what it says on the tin
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Filipe Leite
28th March 2015

Good to have around
A nice tool to have around. The screwdriver is very useful and handy. As a stylus there is no danger of damaging the screen as the rubber is pretty soft. A little bulkier than expected though.
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Brian J Ives
16th December 2014

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini
Does the job, with four extra items as bonus
I wanted to have a pen and stylus in the same unit, so as to be sure that I could make notes on both a "dead tree" notebook, as well as in the Memo App on the phone. Didn't want to carry two separate items around, especially as I lost another stylus within 48 hours of first having the phone. I suspect it might be a while before I have the need for a ruler, bubble level or duo-screwdriver set, but you never know.
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Stephen Slemmings
30th November 2014

Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 Stylus Pen
A great space and time saver
This offer caught my eye as a useful multi-tool for when I'm doing DIY; I'm always fumbling around for a small spirit level or ruler so now these things are immediately to hand. Good quality packaging and quick delivery was a bonus. I've ordered two more; one for my daughter and one for my DIY mad father-in-law.
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Dan Chippendale
28th November 2014

Before I bought this pen I was wondering if it would make me more of a man. And I can confirm, I do feel more manly. I feel more confident. I feel at ease with my technology.
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Chris Johnson
28th November 2014

A very useful and fun product
A very useful and fun product. If you like DIY or you are the kind of person who likes to keep themself busy around the house then this is a perfect tool to augment your tool box.
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Justin Staveley
17th November 2014

It's Like A Legal Pocket Knife!
This product has fantastic features. I bought it just for the stylus, but I have used all the other features more regularly than I expected to. Everything is easy to use and simple and it's nice to hold. The pen is smooth to write with that it can be used for an everyday pen and it's great if you're doing something using both pen and the stylus as it's easy to switch between the two. The reason I've given this only 4 out of 5 stars is simply because the stylus is a little fat that it's hard to pin point the screen where I want to and that dragging along the screen with it isn't as smooth as I'd like it to be. But for it's money with all the fantastic features, it's a great nifty portable gadget. I hope this has helped :)
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S Irvine
19th October 2014

At sixes
If you want to fix it,sketch it,tap it, measure it, level it, or screw it then this is for you. It is a practical little item great for you pocket.
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18th August 2014

Neat little product
Great little product, well balanced and easy to handle. A lot of stylus available aren't designed for multiple functions well. This is excellent
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13th May 2014

Galaxy note 3
Nifty gadget
Another item bought to please my hard to buy for partner for his birthday! He was very impressed with it, although after a couple of days I asked if he'd used the spirit level or screwdriver on it, and got the response - it's got screwdriver heads aswell!? Nice present for a stocking filler, or secret Santa etc.
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13th May 2014

Excellent for office
Always in my computer bag.
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13th May 2014

Very useful stylus pen - but...
Very well built device; quality item and the multi-various features are useful in my day to day as a design professional. Simply put a very comfortable to hold, well engineered, handy tool to have on my desk. Now here's the but - the actual pen cartridge is poor quality. Sure it writes - but it blots and smudges. A better quality refill unit e.g. Sheaffer would make this buy even better. Recommended all the same.
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13th May 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3
The stylus is great but . . .
The stylus is well-made and does the job. However I have now asked MobileFun twice for instructions - particularly how to change the refills. Still waiting.
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12th May 2014

Nexus 7
I fell for a Mobile Fun email advert. They convinced me my life would not be complete without one of these pens. Now I have one, my life is still incomplete but I can now at least measure how level my desk is, how long my fingers are (as long as they do not exceed 3") and, if necessary unscrew something. Oh, of course I can also use the stylus to effectively use the swype keyboard without smearing greasy fingers all over my tablet. I can even write with an actual pen. Magnificent! In all semi a seriousness, it's quite handy as long as I remember to carry it around with me. I can't help feeling I could have lived my life without one, but hey! Nothing ventured...
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30th April 2014

This pen is everything promised. Writes brilliantly and is a great talking point with friends and colleagues.
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Kevin Mitchell
24th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Pretty Useful
It has lots of little features. I don't know when I'll use all of them. Great pen though and when using the other end with my phone it stops me from making as many mistakes. I've not found a use for the screw driver, spirit level and ruler as yet. Who knows maybe I'll need to measure something that needs screwing to something which needs to be straight on something. If I do I'll send you a photo via my phone with a message typed with the something that's on the end of the pen which is called something.
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19th March 2014

really good, thank you.
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18th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3
Ideal for clumsy fingers
A good, lightweight pen and the little rubber tip is ideal for inputting passwords which all too often fail due to an incorrect letter or number. Using the rubber tip is so much more accurate. The only downside is remembering to take it along with the 'phone. If you always carry a pen - no problem
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17th March 2014

Versatile tool
A very suitable pen when out and about, useful for little jobs that you usually find you haven't got the tool for.. Something everyone should have.
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Denis Daniels
United Kingdom
16th March 2014

Nokia Lumia
Very handy
I have only had the pen for a few days yet it has proved invaluable on those jobs where a small screw driver is necessary. The pen's stylus also speeds up, and make more accurate up my texting when using the small keyboard on my phone.
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15th March 2014

Samsung Note 10
Multipurpose pen/stylus
Pleasantly surprised when I received this pen. It is a metric and imperial ruler, spirit level, biro and soft and gentle tablet stylus. Very handy pocket-sized gadjet
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North Sea
15th February 2014

Tesco Hudle and Paper
Six of the best
Working offshore I have limited space when travelling. I love items that can be used for more than one purpose and all six items have been used. The availability of refills cemented my decision to buy, twice!
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27th December 2013

Pen review
This pen is one of those things that you just are thankfull for when a task pops up when you have nothing in way of tools available, it is cleverly designed.
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sam angus
United Kingdom
27th December 2013

top class item.
a very usefull tool,TY TY. Sam.
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14th December 2013

Great value
Got two of these on a bogof deal for table gifts at Christmas.superb for £5 each.
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13th December 2013

I have always been attracted to pens even in this age of computers so this pen that I can convince myself will help with operating my iPad is just fine with me. The design and build does not disappoint (at this price) but please tell us where we can obtain pen refills!
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4th December 2013

Asus transformer
great gadget
Really well designed and made, feels great to use. Love the stylus feature, no more messy finger marks. So versatile
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Bobby Sahota
2nd December 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Love it!
I love this pen! I take this pen with me everywhere now due to it's versatility. Apart from pen and the stylus tips, I mainly use the screwdriver feature to tighten my glasses, and the printed ruler has come in handy a few times.
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