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Olixar Laserlight Stylus Pen

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The Olixar Laserlight stylus pen is the ultimate 4-in-1 accessory for tablet and smartphone users, with a ballpoint pen, stylus tip, laser pointer and LED mini torch all built into it!

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19th May 2017

Olixar Laserlight Stylus Pen
Desperately Fiddly
The instruction said remove plastic insert. The batteries just came out when i tried to do this, and I tried to put them all back right way up quite a number of times without success, and eventually, one of the batteries fell to the floor and rolled away without trace. I've no doubt that its functions as pen and stylus are fine, but for that the hexstylus is a much better buy.
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Brisbane, Qld
4th July 2016

Laser does not work
The pen and the rest of the thing works, but the laser pointer flashes on, most times, then stops working. Am I able to get a replacement?
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Martin Arnold
Aberdeen Scotland
1st September 2015

Two clear design issues
Firstly the positive, the pen is a really nice writer. However the grip between the Stylus "shell" and the pen head is very poor so within an hour of usage the Stylus shell was falling off the body. Also the buttons for torch light and laser rattle all the time when the item is used. Very poor quality......
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Carol norwood
2nd June 2015

iPhone 5s
Not impressed
The stylus part is fine and so is the pen but the lazerlight does not work
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Carol Sorry to hear you are having problems, please contact us for a replacement.
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Rod D
8th March 2015

Olixar Laserlight Stylus Pen
Not good
The pen cap when removed doesn't fit the 'other end' so this makes for a rather short pen for writing, and impossible to use the stylus. As for the stylus beware that when used for constant scrolling on a website the rubber tip is likely to become unscrewed and if you miss it going you could end up putting a nice scratch across the screen of your device. Not recommended, even at half price.
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piero moreschi
santa maria nuova
13th August 2014

penna laser etc.
Prodotto di qualità non eccelsa, ma adatto allo scopo per cui e' stato costruito.
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Keith Everitt
24th January 2014

Nexus 7
Would not buy another.
What it actualy does is ok, however the product quality is not good. I previously purchased the all metal pen like this one, it was a bit smaller, but had to put a ring of selotape around the body to stop the lid part comming off. This one is just as bad, you pull the pen out of your pocket and just the lid comes, leaving the pen in your pocket (if its a narrow pen pocket, its hard to retrieve the pen. Looks like a redesign is need once again.
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United Kingdom
9th December 2013

Not so good..
Device looks like it#s made of metal - it's chromed plastic. The laser pointer on both of mine has some focus artifacts (like a glow around the red dot) which isn't good when pointing at things on a board. It seems very flimsy, and the barrel is not comfy to hold because its so wide. Certainly not worth £9.99 but because I got 2 for that price, I won't return it - I'll just use them until they break and throw them away.
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