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Sorry, but Armourdillo Hybrid Protective Case for Google Nexus 5 - Blue has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Armourdillo Hybrid Protective Case for Google Nexus 5 - Blue

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Protect your Nexus 5 with this blue ArmourDillo Case, comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact resistant exoskeleton.

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29th August 2014

Google nexus 5
The only option I fond decent in red
This is a proper rough and tough cover and looks good as well. It has a stand which can be useful for ppl who watch clips or videos on their mobiles. One negative is the colour difference between my device and the cover. I would hv liked it to be brighter or even better if I cld get the same to same finish as my phone.
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1st July 2014

Nexus 5
Robust cover
Robust, trendy and practical cover for a Nexus 5 - good value
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28th May 2014

Sturdy case
Have been using this only for a short time but it seems like a good buy. Surface is non-slip with slots. The only downside is the tilt stand. It rattles when retracted even when I haven't used it at all. Seems that the locking meachanism is just not adequate. Some may think it's an annoyance and some not. The buttons are a bit stiff but that was expected and really a good thing so you can't accidentally push them. And this case looks great as well!
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Nick F
San Francisco, CA
13th May 2014

Pretty good
What I like: Excellent grip Good protection, especially on the corners Kickstand What I don't like: It does not "Fully support" wireless charging unless you take the outer case off which can be annoying. It works with the inner case though. (It doesn't fit right with the official Nexus charger, but it works) It gets dirty It's slightly bulky
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3rd May 2014

Robust thingy
I love the Armourdillo. High quality, nice fitting, and it sticks to the hand. Never shopped from MobileFun before and was a bit sceptic. But it worked like a charm. Fast delivery to Sweden. I recommend the product, and MobileFun.
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3rd May 2014

Solid case, hard to fault it to much.
This is a very robustly made and solid case, and it definitely does what it's designed to. It also looks great. The stand is very handy and doesn't feel flimsy or weak, so you don't feel like it'll snap off any time soon. However, one thing that I have found a bit problematic is the fact that some 3mm jack cables can't connect into the headphones jack because of the bulk of the casing around it. It's probably not a problem for most regular earphones/headphones cables as the plastic moulding around the jack pin will be narrow enough to fit inside the opening in the case around the socket, but I use an auxiliary cable to connect my phone to my car stereo and the plastic around the pin was too bulky to fit in. I solved the problem since by paring down the plastic around the pin so it fits. Also, I have to take the case off to fit my phone into my arm strap when I go running, and I find it a bit fiddly getting the case back on without having the softer inner case getting pinched on the corners.
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Murali Bala
19th March 2014

cool value for money
Really cool and sturdy. Provides a good grip which is very much required for Nexus 5. The stand at the back is quite handy. Overall a great buy.
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12th March 2014

nexus 5
exactly what I was looking for
I'm very happy with my lime green phone holder. It does the job and feels nice to hold. It arrived promptly too. Thanks
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8th December 2013

Decent Protection
I've had the Armourdillo on my Nexus 5 for a couple of weeks now. It adds a couple layers of protection which is great, but most of all adds "gripability" so that I'm less likely to drop it in the first place. I'm not sure if it's any better than some of the $5-$10 options out there that look the same, but either way, I'm happy with my purchase. MobileFun delivered exactly what I ordered and in the time frame they projected.
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28th November 2013

Nexus 5
great case, with one caveat
Fits perfectly for my Nexus 5, gives an assuring sturdy feeling. Stand works well. Only problem: can't seem to get it to work with my Zens Qi wireless charger. Guess the plastic is too thick
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18th November 2013

Nexus 5
Bit of a chunky monkey
I ordered this case as the Nexus 5 was released after having a look at several on offer including some see-through plastic affairs. It comprises of a soft rubber case with a hard plastic outer that also supports the corners and the long edges; built into the hard plastic is a stand. It's easy getting on but can prove tricky levering the outer plastic off but can't see that as a bad thing really. The case is rugged and has a bit of chunkyness to it which although means it's well protected it loses the feel of the phone and really does make it seem a lot bigger without especially with the added stand. I've added a screen protector and it has no issues going over this and hasn't interfered or pushed it up at the edges. The stand though lightweight does the job well and have used it a few times. I haven't tested this with wireless charging yet but have a QI charger on the way. I have since ordered a new more slimline case for day-to-day use and am hoping that will be closer to the original dimensions given the huge phones now but will keep this on hand for any excursions where I feel the extra protection this offers will come in handy. Overall it's a solid case but a bit on the big side.
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