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Kit: High Power 15000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger

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Product Reference: 41606

Small, portable and featuring a massive 15,000 mAh capacity this high-powered portable charger with dual USB output charges almost any USB compliant device including iPads and Smartphones.

  • "Superpowered power brick!"
  • "Brilliant Powerful Battery"
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Andy Ward
28th September 2014

Samsung Note II, Samsung Note 10.1, Blackberry Curve, Nikon Coolpix S8100
Superpowered power brick!
Great little gadget, about the same size as a Samsung S5, a bit thicker though. Charges from a mini USB and once fully charged is great for giving power to gadgets on the go. Recently used mine to keep my phone and work phone topped up whilst working in London. No need to carry plug-in chargers and try and find mains outlets. Just plugged the normal cable for charging into the phone and the usb end into the power block and switch it on. Continues to charge until the phone etc reaches 100%. I fully recharged the samsung phone, then a blackberry and this only used about 25% of the block's capacity (based on the lights on the block to indicate its power level!) I then used it to recharge again the BB device after it sustained heavy work use in the afternoon, whilst walking to the tube (plugged together in the bottom of my work bag!) By the time I got on the train home, the BB was again charged and I dealt with all the work emails without any power outages and the block had still got over 50% power by this stage. In terms of weight it is probably no different to the weight of a portable HDD unit and gives plenty of juice for a days work even when travelling without access to mains power. Get one, they are worth the money (especially if you go through UK airports!)
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Ken H
14th September 2014

Samsung galaxy note 3
Very satisfied product.
Hi there I am writing this review to explain my views and opinions of this product. I would like to say it is kinda pocket size. but a big pocket if you carry a bag of some kind it will fit nicely in there. I have used this now a few times and realising I will use it a lot more. I ride a motorcycle and travel around a bit and it's become useful for the fact of my phone dying I can just connect my phone up and it's charging as I continue. . or my tablet that I use as well and now also using it for my hd camera that is mounted to my bike. Once I arrive where I'm going I can charge it back up. Also since having this device I have only charged it once and done all this which is great. even though it's not much to the eye. its a good product so far. It has a micro usb on the back for charging the battery. and 2 normal usb on the front for your devices. and 4 led blue lights and a button on top to turn it on.. After all my use and only 1 charge my lights have now gone to 3 so it still has a lot of power in it..
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Jose Machado
13th September 2014

ipad 3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia Lumia 930
Very Good
It has a huge 20.800 mAh battery and has 2 USB ports of 1x1A and 1x2.1A suitable for tablets and allows a rapid recharge and since has a good battery it could recharge full my ipad3 with a 11.600mAh battery. I'm happy with it. It's a pretty big but fits well in a pocket and comes with adapters for Apple 30 pin, microusb and mini usb.
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gadgets lover
15th August 2014

Samsung S3 mini / tablet
just what I needed!
The delivery was great very fast, within24 hrs! There were no instructions with the charger which didn't help to understand the gadget as much I would've like. But it didn't take long to work it out! Took over 8 / 9 hrs to charge it fully, and it charge my mobile for 4 days and still have half of battery power left! While I was away camping with no power!!
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11th August 2014

great phone charger
this is fantastic. its fully charged when I got it, and has lasted 3 full charges for my z1 and still more juice, its come in handy not only for me but friends, I keep it in my car ready to go and it charges quicker then the car, I never leave without it now and its power cord, you never know
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Anas Patel
10th August 2014

Fiio e12, Varta micro usb battery charger
Simply outstanding
Fantastic battery. I own the kit: 15000 Mah battery and this provides way more power for those tricky situations. This charges very efficiently from most newer laptops just as fast as a decent USB mains charger. Its a bit on the large side but thats to be expected for such a huge amount of power its just about pocket sized. Also this can be charged at full speed using a 15W solar pannel during moderate sunny conditions so perfect to keep portable gadgets topped up for days at a time. The battery came three-quarters charged up with 3 leds being lit and it still hasnt ran out after a month of intermittent use. This doesnt lose its charge as quickly as much as the 15000 Mah version so perfect for immergency situations when your devices need a quick top up. Works flawlessly with all of my USB devices including a Fiio E12, Ipad 2 and 2 AA micro usb battery chargers. Deffinatly grab one of these before stocks run out.
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Mark Williams
22nd July 2014

Amazing bit of kit
Bought this unit because we were going to a 5 day festival and needed to keep my phone charged. Not only did I charge my phone every night but I also charged my sons phone twice my partners phone twice and a friends phone twice, and it only used half the battery charge. I highly recommend this product for anyone who needs to charge devices and doesn't have access to mains power.
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North Ayrshire
9th July 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab2/3 & Nokia Lumia 800 & Kindle
Great invention, investment, travel made easy
Excellent service, superfast delivery. USB charger will be great for long haul connecting flights when device charge runs low. Will also be using at home when my tablet runs low, now dont need to get out the 6ft ext to connect the charger to the mains. :)
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Gary Orriss
United Kingdom
16th May 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note
Great product.
Have not had to charge it yet as comes ready charged. Charges phone quickly. Easy to use. Great service from Mobile fun.
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29th April 2014

iPad Air, iPhone 4S
Fantastic Piece Of Kit
This is simply exceptional. I've only had it a few days and already I know I couldn't now be without it. It took about a day and a half to charge it (but this is to be expected given the huge amount of power it stores) and is well made, solid and nice and "weighty". You can tell it's built to last. It's exactly the same size as a Nintendo DS so a DS case is ideal to keep it safe and together with it's adapters. Effortlessly recharges phones and iPad and is great value. Would highly recommend this product. Delivered in two days too. Simply superb.
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JIM midgley
United Kingdom
12th April 2014

samsung galaxy ace
emergency battery charger
superb piece of kit !! Well, simple, works realy well , what more could you ask for , has taken all the worry of not being able to charge my phone on holiday , at the T,T, , Hotel burnt down, so going " GLAMPING !!
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9th April 2014

Samsung S4
Peace of mind
I got this charger not long ago. Still working on the first time charge. I placed the charger in my car and am using it instead of the built-in lighter-and-cable solution which keeps failing. After having my mobile device, which I use as a GPS, shutdown just when I need it - this charger gives me a peace of mind. No more worries that the battery will run out in the middle of the road. I purchased 2 more for family members.
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14th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy S2
Excellent Product
This unit is proving to be extremely useful. I do not drive so unable to charge my phone away from electricity supply. So far I have charged my phone 7 times (from approx. 20% battery life left on phone) and there still seems to be plenty of life left in the charging unit without having to recharge the unit itself. The illustration seems to show many adaptors but mine only came with 3! Highly recommended. Delivery was excellent as usual.
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Clare Rush
5th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy Ace
Just the job
I bought this for my son at Christmas to use with his iphone. Shortly after my phone charger got broken in my luggage travelling on holiday. No way to charge my phone now except in the car so borrowed this. Absolutley brilliant. Had the correct adapter to fit my phone and did the job brilliantly. Have to get myself one now too!
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Dr Sami Ahmed
United Kingdom
3rd March 2014

iphone 4 and iPad 2
Great Device
I bought a number of "power boosters) before. Each was god in its own way but not really had the WOW factor. High Power 15000mAh Dual USB Emergency Charger is the top of its range. Powerful, easy to use, looks good and very good value for money.This is my second unit, the first was given as a gift to a very good friend. The only unavoidable shortfall is the weight and sizeof the device, however I am quite happy to take it with me wherever I go.
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Gussie Spinkbottle
23rd February 2014

HTC One X, iPad 3, Nexus 7 (2013)
A very useful little brick!
This does exactly what it says on the tin: it's a high capacity battery with enough oomph to charge a phone several times, or a tablet at least twice. Usual fantastic service from MobileFun meant it arrived the next day. There is no charger, and just a short cable which has three interchangeable adapters: iPad/iPhone, Micro USB and Mini USB. The high capacity means it takes a long time to charge fully, but the 2.1A discharge port allows it to charge devices rapidly. The vulnerable point of devices like this is often the on-off switch, but this one feels reasonably robust (although obviously I haven't had it for long enough to comment about longevity). All in all I am very satisfied with this purchase and see this becoming my default emergency charger. Weight excluding cables is 337g.
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16th December 2013

Galaxy S3
Brilliant Powerful Battery
I bought this as I wanted some form of portable battery to keep my S3 topped up when out and about on a long day. The s3 drains quite nicely sometimes! After reading a couple of other reviews saying it was heavy, which didnt really bother me, I was expecting it to be heavy. Okay, its not light, but its not that bad given the amount of power it boasts. As mentioned before, it does take a long time to charge this from dead empty, but its got a lot to take in. Ive charged it once since getting it and have given my phone 3 charges and a bit to my ipad and it still has more to give. Really recommend!
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28th November 2013

Galaxy SII, Note II and nikon coolpix camera
Stonking backup for those Big Hit world cup rugby matches
Got It for the rugby league world cup double header at Wembley in case two games of rugby league with the All Blacks wallabies England and Fiji prooved to be a phone killer. Charged three phones and a nikon camera of it and it still had more energy left than England or Fiji at the end of the games!! It's a beast worth having in your corner on those long days out
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Anas Patel
26th November 2013

Fiio E12, Cowon I10, Sony Walkman NWZ464, Kitsound Hive, Varta AA battery charger x2, 7W solar charger, Ipad2, Samsung galaxy note 2
Absolutely fantastic!
This is a fantastic USB power bank. I ordered this to keep a number of power hungry devices charged up when on the move. The power bank came with around 50% charge which was handy and it works as advertised. The inclusion of a micro USB, mini USB and Apple 30 pin connector ensures you can power nearly any USB device instantly. The power bank is well made and is fairly pocket friendly. Charging from a nearly flat battery takes upwards of 8 hours if connected to a PC but this pack can also be trickle charged from USB solar pannels even in cloudy conditions. Already I've used this to keep my gadgets charged up when out on a couple of day trips so this power bank is handy for those situations if you are away from mains power for extended periods of time.
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Paul Owen
12th November 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2
Awesome on the hoof charging
If you are on the move,try this out. It does exactly what the blurb says 15000 mAH = several charges of most bits of kit.Good product!!Good price!!
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12th November 2013

Galaxy nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy phone
No more excuses
The man of the house likes to go motorcycling with the boys, anything up to a week away, and he doesn't like reporting in, phone runs out of power after 20 seconds use apparently. So this is just the job, it will keep his phone charged and I can keep him up to date with the important stuff, like the washing machine breaking down-again.
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Charles Stewart
United Kingdom
11th November 2013

BlackBerry 9720 phone and Hudl Android Tablet
Kit Supercharger
I shall be taking this with me on holiday as it is the perfect one to lend my sister and mother. Arrived very speedily. Nice work Mobile Fun.
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Anna from Croydon
11th November 2013

iPad mini, iPhone 4S
A very powerful superhero
This battery is a superhero, it fully restored (charged) my iPad mini from certain power (battery) death at the last minute before it effortlessly did the same for my iPhone 4S. If that wasn't enough it still had power to spare. The battery didn't come with the the correct connection for my iPad mini so I used the phones own lead and it solved the problem. It does take a number of hours to fully recharge the battery so I recommend that you do it overnight. The only downside to this superhero is that it is a bit on the heavy side. If you want a superhero on your side I would fully recommend buying this battery.
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