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Magnetic Charging Cable Sony Xperia Z3 / Z3 Compact / Z2 - White

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Part No: MUSDC003800

Product Reference: 41524

Keep your Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, Z2 and Z3 Compact tablet fully charged with this simple magnetic charging cable in white.


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15th September 2014

Sony xperia Z2
fantastic item
I find this item really good because you don't have to keep opening the side flap for the original charger. Simply connect to the phone with the magnetic connection. Excellent item.
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13th September 2014

Sony Xperia Z2 Phone
Magnetic Charging Cable Sony Xperia Z2
I will keep this short and sweet. This has got be the best charging cable I have ever bought . . . Enough said
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Nigel Fearn
4th September 2014

Xperia Z2
A leading lead
Excellent service and product. An ideal accessory which saves wear and tear on the cover. Works perfectly.
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Mrs Kate Richardson
West Sussex
23rd August 2014

Sony Xperia Z2 phone
Magnetic Charging Cable. Sony Xperia Z2 /Z1 compact/Z1
I am delighted with the charging cable,it charges my Sony Z2 really fast much quicker than the cable that comes with the phone, I would recommend anyone who has a Sony Xperia Z2 phone to buy one of these cables from mobile fun the best online supplier of everything to do with mobile phones and tablets.
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17th August 2014

Eine gute Ladelösung
Dieses Ladekabel ist für einen zusätzlichen Ladeanschluss am Xperia Z1 bestimmt, wo es das Smartphone lädt, ohne dass man den Mikro-USB-Anschluss verwenden muss. Eine praktische Lösung, die aber etwas fester sitzen könnte. Der Stecker wird per Magnet am Smartphone-Anschluss gehalten, und das etwas steife Kabel löst bei leichten Bewegungen den Stecker schnell vom Gerät. Ansonsten keine Probleme.

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chirila bogdan
8th August 2014

sony xperia z2
The cable itself is good quality but charging the phone is a bit odd.sometimes it works just fine but sometimes disconnects after few seconds and reconects charging.it dose the job in strange ways sometimes but I guess is beter like this then opening the water proof port.not 100% satisfied with it but glad that it works.
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Daniel Silva
19th July 2014

Sony Xperia Z2
Funciona sin problemas. Ideal para usar con carcasas que no entran en el soporte original, sin la necesidad de "tocar" las tapas y perjudicar el hermetismo.

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9th July 2014

Sony z2 telephone
Aimant assez puissant et accessoire très pratique.
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Stephen Godfrey
9th July 2014

Does What It Says It Does!
Simple. Easy to use. Value for money. Does What It Says It Does! Damn good product.
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23rd June 2014

Z1 compact
Câble hyper pratique. Il se fixe sur le téléphone, plus besoin d'ouvrir le cache... Le téléphone garde son étanchéité. Seul bémol, il y a un sens et si vous le mettez à l'envers, le téléphone n'a pas l'air d'apprécier et se rallume.
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15th June 2014

Simple charging without removing from case
Most cases don't allow use of the docking station but this gets around that problem, allowing the simplicity of using the magnetic charging strip, rather than removing the waterproof flap and plugging in the usb cable for every charge.
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Andres Rivas
Cerdido La Barquera Piñón Nº3
14th June 2014

Cable carga magnetica Sony Xperia Z1
Es lo queyo necesitaba
Estoy muy satisfecho por parte de ustedes, de la atencion que mean prestado,y la seriedad de buestra parte,muchas gracias de verdad.

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12th June 2014

This magnetic charge cable for XPERIAZ2 and Z1 compact is AWESOME! No more fumbling around picking the little flap off the micro USB charge input.... Love it!
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30th May 2014

this cable is a life saver, no more fiddling with the tiny flap on my Z1. No more be over cautious so as not to break it. my phone can now charge safely.
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29th May 2014

works great
Does what it claims and works well, I wouldnt say the magnet is super strong but way better than fumbling around every night to access the charge port.
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26th May 2014

Sony z1
Très bien
J'ai acheté. Utile !

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14th May 2014

Sony Xperia Z2
A godsend
This cable is a godsend. No more fiddling about in the dark with the covered charging port on the side of the phone. A reassuring click when the connector makes contact and you know you're good to go. And no more being yanked back when walking off with your phone while it's still plugged into the wall socket. Highly recommended.
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25th April 2014

Xperia Z1 Compact
This is not the best item - I thought it would snap on well like in the picture. It does not and is a bit loose so if i move my phone it either snaps off or loses connection. Charges ok once it is connected. Not entirely satisfied with this.
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19th April 2014

Sony Z1 compact
Not Recommended
This product is not very good, it tends to fall off the charging points on the phone if you knock it when it is connected. If the magnets were stronger it would probably be OK.
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Gary C
17th April 2014

Sony Xperia Ultra
Works as intended
Charges the phone noticeably more quickly than using the micro USB cable so will only need to use that now for file transfer. The magnet isn't as strong as I had hoped so once docked you need to leave the phone alone or it will fall off although it does seem to find 'home' very easily with no fiddling. Overall very pleased.
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Chennai, India
16th April 2014

Great Product
I was a bit sceptical at first but I wasn't able to find the official dock for the Xperia Z1 Compact in stock. This prodcut works just fine not only with the Z1 Compact but even with my Z1. Great product.
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South Africa
14th April 2014

Works-Poor Quality.
The cable itself works. Very poor quality thou. Pulled it out of the USB point - the casing disjoined. Poor quality glue. Some strands of the wire are not soldered on properly either
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Jose Maria Castro
11th April 2014

sony xperia z1 connector
Lo que necesitaba

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9th April 2014

Must have for Z1 compact
I recently bought a Z1 compact and have been impressed with it. The magnetic charging cable I purchased from MobileZap to accompany my phone has allowed me to keep my phone in it's wallet case while charging. This means my phone can remain protected while charging and the micro USB port cover won't loosen over time from constant access to charge. This should help maintain my phone's water resistance longer as the ports are rarely accessed. I think that the cable could be longer and sometimes the connections can be fiddly to position right but other than that I have been happy.
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Jose Maria Castro
7th April 2014

xperia z1 compact
conector magnetico
Muy bien
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A G Ewing
7th April 2014

Works Well
Good Product needs to be fitted carefully to work
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27th March 2014

Très bien
Produit super pratique qui évite le declipsage du petit volet pour la charge. Je m'en sers en moto et c'est TOP. Bravo et merci
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mike Williams
14th March 2014

sony xpirea z1 compact
excellent product
This charging lead is excellent just line it up with the charging point on the magnet its snaps into place thats it no messing about plugging it in or opening any covers on your phone.
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6th March 2014

Z1 compact
Bad quality product, but works
Please be informed, this is not original product and will not fit so good as shown on product photo. Magnetic end will not fit to phone side really good, it looks odd, loses contact easily, but still works and gives power to Z1 compact.
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saint laurent du var
6th March 2014

sony xperia z1 compact
Chargeur aimanté
Produit répondant à mes attentes. Merci

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Michael Tasse-Vezina
5th March 2014

Sony Z1
Weak magnet and charging...
I was so hoping it would work properly but sadly if the phone gets to weak or powers off it will never charge it? and some time it charges then shuts down like if it made the phone crash ... i am a backpacker and was really hoping for this to work easily ... it feels like maybe Sony put a chip in the phone(charger) to stop other company to copy there charger, i have the real Sony product and its so fast and great but not compact since its a docking system ... hope this helps !!!
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4th March 2014

Hou je Z1 compact water en stof bestendig!
Ben je het beu iedere keer het klepje open en dicht te doen en het risico te lopen dat je telefoon niet langer optimaal afsluit voor water en stof dan is dit een handige oplossing, het werkt gewoon simpel en goed. Het laden gaat gewoon even snel. Enkel het aansluiten gaat sneller dankzij het magneetje.
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Ken Simpson
Scottish Borders
21st February 2014

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Good piece of kit
Bought this for my wife's phone (I'm jealous now) It is just the right length to reach from power point to phone holder, clicks on after a little wiggle, I thought the magnets would pull it straight into correct alignment but its close so only need move slightly to feel it jump together. Connection good enough to survive speed bumps & potholes! Bit pricey.
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Nadir Khan
21st December 2013

Sony Xperia Z1
Perfect Magnetic Charger
This is made with good quality and works perfectly. Just plug in and hook it up to the phone. If you don't want to open the charging cover all the time this is the best solution.
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2nd December 2013

Cargador Xperia z 1
Permite cargar con funda
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27th November 2013

Very low charging current
i have had this cable now for a few days and and not happy with it. I have an Xperia Z1and for some reason it charges very slowly regardless of the charger that it is plugged into and that includes the sony charger. it takes roughly 3 times longer to fully charge the phone compared with the standard micro usb cable. i also have a genuine sony charging dock that uses the same charger connection and it charges at 1200ma or more compared with 250-350ma that this cable can achieve. maybe it has a false or maybe it is designed to work with the older Z. build quality is ok, it has a nice rubberized cable router and the magnet seems strong enough. the phone end of the cable though does not work with 2 of my cases as the opening in the case is not large enough to accommodate the plug, but that's probably a fault with the cases self i would say.
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23rd November 2013

Magnetic Charging Cable for Sony Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra
Cable is a great option if you do not want to use the USB port.Once connected, you have the same options available as when you connect the sony dock station.Definitely easier and faster to charge the phone using the magnetic cable and delivery is on time great job mobilefun.
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