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Sorry, but StuckBuddy Universal Suction Cup Stand - White has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

StuckBuddy Universal Suction Cup Stand - White

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The StuckBuddy Suction Cup stand in white is the perfect, easy to carry, desk stand for virtually any device and more.


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24th January 2017

Effective, compact, portable
A handy, tiny gadget that gives a big result with no effort. And so easily carried.
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5th March 2015

Not quite as great as it looks!
Purchased two of these in the hope they would prop up a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (a mini pad device). Sadly they loose suction within a couple of minutes. They work better on smaller devices but I think a lot depends on the surface you are fixing them to.
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Coastal SC
7th January 2014

iPhone holder
Stick up buddy doesn't hold so well but ok for what it cost
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Crossville, TN
11th September 2013

These practical and inexpensive stick buddies are great. Very handy for my kindle. It is great when I am trying to read in bed. It gives you a nice grip.
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7th March 2013

iPhone 4
Properly cost 20p to make
Its just a rubber sucker worth about 50p I’ve had better gifts in Christmas cracker, turns out I’m the sucker for paying £3.99 for it
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17th December 2012

StuckBuddy Universal Suction Cup Stand
I Purchased StuckBuddy Universal Suction Cup Stand from Mobilefun and you guys are amazing. I opted only for a low cost overseas delivery and got this product delivered in 8-10 days.
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19th November 2012

Replacement stuckbuddy
I managed to lose my last Stuckbuddy on the train - it fell onto the floor and much as I loved it I wasn't keen to rummage under the seats! Ordered 3 with one as gift and one as a spare. Work really well to keep phone propped up on train when watching films.
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Russ Hill
22nd August 2012

HTC one X
Good, but not infallible
Clever idea, & works very well for a while. It's downfall is that it doesn't seem to hold for longer than an hour or so when using it to rest your smartphone on whilst watching videos etc. If the manufacturers could improve the suction cup adhesion I would give this 5 stars.
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19th July 2011

Non Stick Stuckbuddy
Good idea but it doesn't stick!
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25th May 2011

Very good product
For me this does one job and does it well. The universal nature of it is very much appreciated and the fact I can type quite happily on my phone whilst it's at a decent angle is great. The suction cup works well for a short time but will "unstick" if left on for a long time, something that is mentioned in the description. That's the only problem I have with what is a very good little "gadget".
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21st May 2011

Cracking little product
Sticks to the back of an iphone 4 great and doesn't slide off either. Small enough to carry in your pocket too.
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19th May 2011

Odd name, great little product. A little wobbly when using the screen energetically, but actually very good at its job. So good that I bought one in addition to the freebie offer. Since it's a suction cup, it might struggle with some less than smooth surfaces, but has worked with all my kit - even a Galaxy Tab with gel cover (this was much better in landscape with two StuckBuddies)!
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big marc
18th May 2011

free gift
Handy wee gadget wouldn't pay for it though. Nice freeby!!!!
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12th May 2011

Got my stuck buddy as a free gift, haven't really stopped using it. I have it on the back of my nexus s whenever I'm using it for more than 1 minute. It just makes it so much easier to hold. Fantastic product.
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North East
10th May 2011

It's Okay
Cute little thing, smaller than I expected. Does pretty well but there were some surfaces it struggled to stick to. Wasn't too good with my light raincoat but probably would need a couple to hold it maybe.
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Sunny, Sunny Dover!
7th May 2011

"Great freebee"
What a simple but great little gadget & for free!
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6th May 2011

Needs a smooth clean surface
A fun device but needs a shiny smooth surface to work. On the rubberised surface of my Sony W995 case it lasted about 30secs before losing grip. On the smooth back of a W902 it lasted about one minute. On the back of my Sovos ebook reader it stayed put for about 45 secs. On the smooth surface of a whiteboard at work it lasted a few hours, falling off sometime during the night. Great fun as a stress toy but don't use it to hold anything you wouldn't want to fall over.
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29th April 2011

Stuck On You My Stuck Buddy
What a neat little idea this is. I often let my son watch videos on my phone if he's sitting about waiting for me while we are in coffee shops etc, before getting this I found it very hard to position the phone on a table so he could see it easily without having to hold the phone which I don't always want him to do, especially if he's just eaten a sticky cake or something. This little bit of genius means I can now place the phone on a table at a good angle for him to see it without having to touch it. Simple but genius idea.
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Jmmy J
28th April 2011

Lol Aweomse
This thingy is cool, lol it's funny to look at but is really useful love it.
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Dan Richards
28th April 2011

AMAZING service!
Stuckbuddy is a brilliant product. If you're hanging anything with a lot of weight (like a coat with pockets full of money!) then it might be wise to get two depending on the surface you're 'stucking' to but for most things one will suffice. Equally, if you're using it to prop up an iPad or iPhone and you want to type on it then 2 would offer a more stable platform. It really is one of those little things that does something genius!
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27th April 2011

I have 2 - one I use to hang up my keys (now I never lose them) and one as a phone stand. Great fast delivery too thanks.
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