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Fonerange Rugged 128 Tough SIM Free - Unlocked Mobile Phone

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Product Reference: 41109

Built to withstand harsh conditions, the Fonerange Rugged 128 phone is dust, shock and waterproof (IP67 rating).

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Martin blaker
17th May 2017

Foneranger Rugged 128 Tough Sim Free
Amazing Phone
I brought this phone to use at work, I work for an emergency service dealing with water rescue and flood rescue incidents and this phone has given me the ability to stay in contact even when operating in some of the most challenging environments, whilst saving life's.
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8th January 2017

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tim wood
24th October 2016

fonerange rugged 128
very good
easy to use, a relyiable phone which is tough and robust. only down side is it has to be manually hooked upto blue tooth each time you turn on the car engine. my last pohone did this automatically. there is a delay of around five seconds when answering a call in blue tooth mode, before the receiving caller can be herd through the blue tooth speakers in the car. A good basic phone, but not for those who do a lot of driving.
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Joe Bennett
31st March 2016

Fonerange Rugged 128 Tough
Best phone i've ever had!
As a sailing instructor, i'm in and out of the water a lot and i've accidentally given several expensive phones an unscheduled wash so I was after something that might last a little longer. I've had the phone now for 15 months and I feel qualified to give my opinion. + points: the phone is waterproof - it's been under water (salt and fresh) several times with no problems. the phone is tough - i'm quite uncaring with it, building site, workshop, 2 yearly boy who likes throwing things - no problem. dual sim! - great feature, you can have either on or off or both on - very handy. the phone is yellow - i've never lost it or confused it with someone else's. no-one else has got one - it's nice to be different. it's very loud - on outdoor setting i can hear it ring even at a heavy metal concert! it's antisocial proof - all that it does well is phone calls and texts - no staring at it waiting for your friends to like your photo of puppies playing in the snow. the battery lasts - the amount i use it i charge it once a week. Still as good after a year as when it was new. - points: camera - not very good (although it does men that you won't reach for your phone every time you see something cool) headphone socket - you can't plug other headphones than those that come with it. That's about the size of it. I think it's great and for the money for a phone to last over a year what's not to like!
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chris ruff
13th February 2016

dual sim free rugged 128 tough unlocked mobile phone
a brilliant work phone
I ordered this on line at 4.00pm on a Friday it was delivered to my front door 9.00am ( Saturday ) the following morning. The phone is just what is described in the sales literature. A tough robust work phone ideal for people who are working outside in harsh conditions. It`s just brilliant with an unbelievable long battery life from charge to recharge.
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Philip O'Flaherty
5th October 2015

SIM Free Fonerange Rugged 128 Mobile Phone
Excellent Phone
Wanted to know it was a good sturdy phone, & a good loud ring so I can hear my phone ring over any noise on the building site.It has exceed expectations.
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Gordon Millar
27th June 2015

fonerange 128 mobile phone
Rugged phone
I needed a phone with a clear display, good ring tone and one that could last the course as, previously, I have found that mobile phones can be very sensitive beasts! This phone has all the right attributes and I look forward to a long lasting relationship with it.
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20th April 2015

Excellent service and an excellent product
I bought this item to replace one for my wife, who needs a sturdy phone, spending a lot of time at the local stables. It was easy to order, arrived on the day it said it would, and was easy to set up. Excellent service and an excellent product if you want a simple sturdy mobile phone. I would definitely recommend Mobile Fun to anyone. Thanks!
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16th April 2015

fine range rugged
Amazing phone
Hi there guys I had been looking an all purpose phone for my work that would have duel sim and I was amazed to fine one in the uk from a great provider with excellent service throughout the buying process. From I seen it on there site from getting my phone was so easy. If you just read this and buy any phone from these guys I will have achieved my goal .
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David eardley
Stoke on trent
20th February 2015

Rugged 128
Just the job for a wheelchair user.Drop it/run over it/It is very very strong and a good phone to use.Very good battery life.
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29th April 2014

Fonerange Rugged 128 Tough Mobile Phone
Just what I needed
TELEPHONE was looking exactly the shock-resistant for a long time about a week BATTERY GOOD WORKING PHONE
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8th February 2014

Samsung Galaxy S2
It's BASIC!!!!!!!!!!
This phone is very basic. Would be better if it had predictive text all better ring and text alarms. I'm used to setting my own for these so that's why it annoy's me! My father-in-law has the JCB tough phone that looks this this model and I really wish I had just gone for that model now but have open the box so it's too late for me now. It is a second work phone for me so it will do for people to ring me.
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2nd January 2014

Excellent value for money
Easy to use, solid phone which also looks good. Decent camera and useful torch facility. Bought as a present for my brother who needed a tough work phone - he too is impressed. Excellent service - arrived the next day
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Paul Taylor
27th December 2013

Fonerange Rugged 128 Tough Mobile Phone
Perfect Starter Phone
I bought this phone for my 10 year old who was desperate for a phone and wanted something tough. This is a basic phone compared with many on the market and if that makes it less attractive to theft then all the better. Saying that; it has plenty of features that are really useful such as an LED light, colour screen, radio, long battery life, water proof and shock proof. The fact that it is so different in appearance means that it has actually more of a wow factor than the hi tech £400+ phones and since we have got it then many other parents have wanted to get hold of one.
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General Builder London
6th December 2013

Rugged and very clear/loud. Worth every pence.
JCB is known for making rugged mobile phones and they cost £99+. This little rugged guy cost only half that (£59) and not only is it doing the same job as the JCB, but it's tougher in our opinion. Have had it for two weeks and it's amazing. We even ordered a second one in case this one goes (but not anytime soon we know!).
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21st November 2013

Rugged o yes!!!
I have been through several phones in my job/lifestyle.Constuction and running a small holding this phone will last dropped it several times already its been fine it has that solid feel about it and like a golf when you close the door its a solid thud!!!Ring on the outdoor mode is very loud made me and the wife jump out of bed one night and it was in the kitchin!!! Down sides to this phone are the loud speaker on hands free is a tad muffled and am finding lot of people can not hear me also in this mode. Tx ing is a nightmare NO predictive tx this is going to take abit of getting used to if you are a big tx message fan this phone is not for you!!!If you just want this phone for making calls and taking calls it will be great best one I have found for years its just going to take a few months to get used to would be good phone for contractors in building trade this phone is going to take abit of killing I think!!!!!
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Chris Traxon
12th November 2013

Fonerange mobile phone
This is a great cheap rugged phone that is easy to use even without reading the instruction manual. I went out walking on Sunday and have dropped it already and there is no damage. i would recommend this phone to anyone who is a bit clumsy.
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18th October 2013

Just what I needed
I spend a lot of time outdoors in all weathers and needed something rugged and waterproof, this fits the bill perfectly and I can confirm it's waterproof as my son insisted on sticking it in the bath and taking pictures underwater! Added bonus is dual sim as I'm often in the wilds and two options of networks is great, a lifesaver if you need to contact the emergency services. Battery life is good, it's definitely waterproof and tough enough to take the knocks - if you want tough this is it!
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14th October 2013

tough as old boots
ruined and broken lots of mobiles over the years, even put 1 on a 90 degree cycle, but this bad boy suits me to a tee,it might not be the best looker on the block, but will last me for years, as stated, its the rugged phone.
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East Sussex
11th October 2013

Great but not for bluetooth hands free in the car!
This a great simple and robust phone. We haven't actually tested it in water yet but I'm sure it will get dropped in a water trough soon enough! This is the reason for purchasing it and hope it lives up to it's good name. Hands free in the truck however is not good, for the person phoning... they can hear themselves over the speakers in the truck after about a 3 second delay so the phone user talks over the next thing they try to say, is very disconcerting. Have emailed and messaged customer support over the 3 days and are waiting for a response, maybe it is just a faulty phone...
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10th October 2013

Tough n Rugged Phone
The phone is rugged at it says, it passed the drop test today when I accidentally dropped it on a flagged driveway. The battery life is excellent and the flexibility of two sims, for enhanced network coverage on different networks is a bonus when in not so good reception areas. Any tradesman or extreme sports individual who needs a rugged tough phone that is really quite cheap for what you get, this really is an excellent buy.
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2nd October 2013

Advice ... for new my toy please
have just taken delivery of my new Mob. it seems as tho' it will be just perfect for my crumbly old hands to manage. HOWEVER, I don't seem to be able to unlock it . The sim is in & the battery is charged but still can't use it yet ... :-( HELP!!
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1st October 2013

Tough Mobile
Hiking on the Moors is often wet, and, if things go wrong, can turn hazardous. An ordinary mobile could easily get broken in a fall, or have rain damage. This brightly coloured, waterproof and toughly constructed, chunky piece of kit brings peace of mind - though let's hope it's never needed in emergency. It does have two sim-card slots so coverage should be optimal.
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Kev H
30th September 2013

Just what I've always wanted
Been looking for quad band, dual sim phone for ages. As an added bonus this is water proofish too, which is good working in the water industry. So far so good the menu system is intuitive and it does everything it says on the box. Battery life seems better than Nokia dual sim phones I use a Giffgaff and Orange sim. Aftermarket chargers need a little modification to the plug to clear the case as the micro USB charging socket is a little close to the case, but this is not a major problem if you trim the plugs. All in all this ticks all the boxes. I had never heard of Fonerange but will have no hesitation in buying another.
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Anthony Storey
30th September 2013

Business and Personal
Fantastic, everything in one device
when you have either two businesses, a business and personal phone, this is for you, you can have two sim's in one phone and use both at the same time without re-started the phone to select the other sim, as some others do, its rugged, waterproof etc., just right for the holidays as well in case your round the pool and the unfortunate happens, as they do. Going to recommend and buy another
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Keith Hurren
29th September 2013

Great Phone.
This is a great phone with two SIM capacity. It very easy to use and set up. The only dissapointment is the difficulty finding accessories that fit the phone the phone. I have tried two in-car chargers, but neither fit. I have tried 3 cases, again none fit. Not even Fonerange, a phone accessory company, make items that fit.
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