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iDuo Multi-Ink Stylus Pen - Silver

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Combining an omnidirectional stylus tip compatible with 'all capacitive touchscreens' and a multi-coloured ballpoint pen, this is the iDuo Multi-Ink Stylus Pen.

  • "A very useful and surprisingly cheap lightweight 3-colour stylus pen"
  • "Great Versatile pen Ideal for Trainers!"

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19th May 2017

iDuo Multi-Ink Stylus Pen - silver
Two niggles
Blue looks too like black. No Green.
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Anthony Cook
8th May 2017

Microsoft Lumia 950XL
A very useful and surprisingly cheap lightweight 3-colour stylus pen
A very useful and surprisingly cheap lightweight 3-colour stylus pen that is particularly useful for use with the capacitive rather than the resistive touchscreens found on most smartphone devices, especially in situations where gloves are being worn.
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john knight
26th September 2016

silver multi I I stylus pen
Stylish light weight & functional
Stylish light weight & functional. Can you get refills?
MobileFun Reply:
Hi John Please contact our Customer Services team and we will see if we can find you refills.
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Camille Niepes
22nd June 2016

I just want to say thank you this pen is good
I just want to say thank you this pen is good.
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Tom Lander
14th November 2015

iDuo Multi-Ink stylus Pen - Silver
More than adequate, a bit flimsy
The pen does what it should do and works fine. It looks and feels a bit lightweight and plastic, it lacks 'heft'. I can enjoy using it and it is handy to have 3 colours of pen and a stylus all in one device.
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Linda MacDonald
Hayling Island
26th October 2014

iDuo multi-ink stylus pen
Pens at the ready
So far so good but will be interesting to see how long the stylus rubber end lasts.
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27th May 2014

iPhone 5s
Very nice and good pen for my iPhone 5
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6th April 2014

prodotto conforme, ottimo
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5th March 2014

nice pen
Great pen. Writes well padded finger grip also I though it was metalish so I could use it for work it's not metal just plastic but pretty sturdy
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george widnall
15th February 2014

nokia 520
best thing i have ever brought
it is the best thing I have ever brought because I can use for my phone and write with it when I want to carry one thing instead of two
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James Collett
United Kingdom
4th February 2014

Pen with Stylus or Stylus with Pen?
I regard this device as a multi-colour pen with the advantage of having a handy stylus for use with a touch-screen tablet. Maybe that is my problem because when the blue ink ran out after what I considered to be quite modest use, I was disappointed. I had a look at replacing the ink cartridge and unscrewed the barrel. I was shocked to find that this pen is not really designed with opening it up in mind - certainly not easy opening, as bits fall out and you need to remember what goes where and which way round - specifically the spring and a wee retaining guide collar. I got the thing back together after not actually managing to remove the ink cartridge. I have put this task on hold as I have a job to do and a life to lead and more complications are unwelcome. If I'd wanted a Stylus with a Pen and Hardly Any Ink or just a Stylus, I would have bought something else. I got two of these pens (ahem) - I mean styluses - I can't complain much. But it is what it is.
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United Kingdom
30th December 2013

Cheap and plasticky
Disappointing really. Feels cheap, lightweight and plasticky; poor value.
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Dennis Okeefe
United Kingdom
29th December 2013

four in one
this was ideal for the wife as she was always looking for a pen, now she has one in her hand whilst surfing the internet.
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neil freeman
14th December 2013

Cheap and nasty
This is a very poorly made item. Made from lightweight plastic, stylus is very soft and flimsy - doubt it will last long. Certainly not worth £9.99 plus postage.
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Sunny Suffolk
14th November 2013

iDuo Multi-Ink Stylus Pen - Silver.
Red,Blue,Black and bouncy
Its years since I have had a 3 colours in one pen. When my first one died, I tried to find another suitable but failed. You can get 'Yucky' ones but nothing stylish. Talking of which, there is a stylish stylus too. The non slip holding area is comfortable in the hand which ever way up you are using it. Very handy having the 3 colours at hand all in one pen. I like it.
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8th November 2013

iDuo Multi-Ink Stylus Pen - Silver.
the pen was just what we wanted having too long trying to write with fingers on my smartphone.
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7th November 2013

Cheap and nasty
For 6.99 this is the nasties and cheap pen ever the quality is very poor and it is made of cheap plastic 99p would be a more appropriate price
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Andrew Taylor
Oldham UK
5th November 2013

iPad, paper (!)
Light but useful
The pens are quite light - feeling flimsy but not - and all four colours work well. The capacitative tip for drawing and writing on an iPhone / iPad or similar is the same soft squishy black vinyl end found on all the others I have seen to date, but works well and can be quite accurate if used carefully in drawing programs.
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4th November 2013

Really Useful
There are lots of occasions when two or three colours are useful for highlighting notes. These pens really fulfil that situation.
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4th November 2013

iPhone & iPad
Good Idea
It would be a great little bit of kit if the quality was better. Had 2 for the price of 1, so it was a very cheap deal. The idea of a Sylus with a Black, Blue and Red ink pen was just what I wanted for carrying around with my iPad to meetings etc. However on the first use the clip on the first stylus broke off. If it was made of metal rather than plastic it would be great.
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4th November 2013

iduo multi-ink / stylus pen
iduo multi-ink / stylus pen
Good buy on a two for one basis, would have been overpriced for one off buy.
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3rd November 2013

Toshiba Touchscreen PC & iPhone 4
Handy & Helpful.
You may ask what is the point of such an item. Well it's whatever you need. A red, black or blue pen to jot down notes. But also a touchscreen stylus to help you navigate with ease. I've used it on our home touchscreen PC and found it a big help, but it was the most help when I was jotting down info one handed from my iPhone. Its Fab and an even better deal on the 2-4-1 offer.
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3rd November 2013

IPhone 4s and iPad3
So handy
Great item. Works well as a stylus with the added benefit of a three coloured ink pen. Works well for me. Hope there will be ink refils available
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Mrs Doreen Robson
3rd November 2013

samsung galaxy tab 2
Ideal for my husband
I Got this for my husband for his tab 2 as his fingers are too fat and couldn't tap on it properly,had another type previously but was cheap & didnt last long,(not from here) and this is great with pen other end as he is always looking for one, now got an all in one item.He has been much happier with this item,and doing the job it is intended for.The infomation helped me decide to buy this.I would recommend this to my family and friends.
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John Worley
3rd November 2013

Multi Use Pen
This is a great little invention everything you need at your desk in your pocket out and about. Three ink pen plus you can use the other end on your ipad or other tablet. I like the three colours black blue and red easy to change to the one you want. all this in one easy little pen that can sit on your desk or in your pocket.
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2nd November 2013

Samsung Note 7000
Handy multi-tool
3 ink colours & a stylus covers all the work aspects. Writes well & stylus works well on the phone. Looks rater smarter than alot of other pens.
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25th October 2013

IPhone 4s and iPad 3
Works for me
Great product. Makes iPhone and iPad control easier and means you can also make pen notes as required. Having multi colours is an added asset, hope you can get ink refils,
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Nigel Johnston
East Grinstead
11th October 2013

Multi ink stylus pen
Not bad for the money, the stylus is a bit flimsy, but other than that it's a good piece of kit.
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Hugh Ferguson
United Kingdom
24th September 2013

Samsung S4, Samsung Tab 2 10.8
Just what I needed pend and stylis combined
I got the device and immediately was delighted with it from the time I opened the packaging. Within a short space of time I needed a pen to sign some documents and remembered I had it.. With the 3 pen colours I was able to sign documents in seconds without having to search for a black ink pen. Great on the devices, smooth operation and pops in pocket when done. Job done !
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Brian Smith
23rd September 2013

iPad S3 Iphonr
Great Versatile pen Ideal for Trainers!
I deliver a lot of training and have to mark exams so the benefit of multi-colour refills is great. Using the tip with the iPad also means selecting a cell and inputting the results without changing pens is great time saver too! Candidates use different colors to write their exam answers so having a choice of 4 colors means just a click I can have a different colour to write the review and score without trying to find a pen I put down somewhere just a short time ago. Lightweight and refills available this is a great product that I use a lot . Great universal versatile pen!!
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