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Sorry, but Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Extra Battery Kit has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Extra Battery Kit

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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Battery and Battery Charger - Make sure your spare battery for the Note 3 is always fully charged.

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David Rose
13th November 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Life saver!
Just a couple of days before leaving on a 3 month trip abroad I managed to damage my Note 3. Worked fine but could not charge it. What to do? The obvious answer was to find an external battery charger. This arrived next day and has proved an ideal substitute. It came with a battery so I always have a fully charged spare available to put in when the other runs out. Delivery and packaging were excellent. Thank you!
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29th July 2015

like much
My phone is broke, dont charge so thats item so nice to me... like much... :)
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David Knapp
St Albans
27th April 2015

samsung galaxy note 3
Most handy.......
Wish I'd bought this sooner so most handy to have a fully charged battery when I've been out for the day would recommend this to anyone who is thinking of getting one do it
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Harshad Panchal
13th April 2015

Best & trustful online shopping website.
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Richard Edwards
Mid Wales
3rd January 2015

Samsung Galaxy
Noteworthy kit!
A really useful bit of kit while out and about. An extra battery is a must with all a Note can do and the charging/carrying case is a really helpful addition to the battery itself. The case easily plugs into the existing charger for the phone and is sturdy enough to confidently carry the spare in while travelling.
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12th December 2014

Peace of Mind...
My travel time to and from work is 2 hours each way, and I was forever fretting about whether I'd make it home in time before my battery ran out - sometimes I didn't make it. This nifty (and classy-looking) gadget has given me peace of mind because I know I have a spare charged battery tucked away whenever I need it, in a sturdy and protective case. It's compact and not too heavy, and the price from MobileZap was the best on the web...
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Ashley Frost
17th October 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Really useful
This is a really useful product. A portable charger is all well and good but is liable to become disconnected and therefore not work while out and about. Carrying a fully charged battery is a much better solution. Being able to charge the battery out of the phone means you always have a fully charged battery in case of emergency; Those a few and far between with the Note 3 but I am travelling around New Zealand for a month so thought it would be a good idea to have something just in case.
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S J Oliver
7th October 2014

Life saver
Great spare battery for those times when you run out. Compact, easily recharged and great to have for a backup.
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18th July 2014

just perfect
the item is great and the shipping time was unbelievably fast
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26th June 2014

Galaxy Note 3 Mobile Phone.
I trust Mobile Fun for original products
Just got my new Galaxy Note 3 mobile. I have used smart phones for a long time and always buy an original extra battery kit. It is more expensive, but you get what you pay for. As usual it was top quality. I always have a charged battery waiting for the one in the phone to be substituted. I can thoroughly recommend it and it definately does what it says on the tin. 10 out of 10.
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4th April 2014

I'll keep this brief and simple, it does what it's meant to do and does it perfectly and in style.
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25th January 2014

The case is great quality and the external charger works perfectly and is super usefull. I havent had to charge my phone in 2 weeks. Would recomend it to anyone. would like to have known that it didnt include another charging cable. :)
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Peter Hughes
18th January 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Get One!
If you've got the Galaxy Note 3 then you really have to get this kit. Your phone will never be chained to the charging socket ever again. The kit, which comprises of the charger unit and spare battery is well made. It doesn't come with a cable but you simply plug your original charger into the back of the unit. To change charge a battery up from 5% to fully charged takes about 2.5 hours. During charging the unit displays a red light but this changes to green, one the battery is fully charged. The battery can either be left in the charger (even with the power cable still plugged in) until ready or you can remove the battery and place it in included battery case and take it with you on the go. So you'll never have to worry about running out of battery power ever again. This kit is well worth the money and along with MobileFun's faultless service, you really can't go wrong. Just buy it! :-)
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Ajit Pudussery
Delhi India
30th December 2013

Samsung battery & charger
Excellent quality. Very useful for the Galaxy Note 3
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27th December 2013

great product from a great site
works great---- no issues
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22nd December 2013

Note 3
Perfect service!!!
Perfect service!!!
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Brisbane QLD
18th December 2013

Hi I have ordered several items for my Galaxy Note 3 as soon as it was released. While not all were in stock, I was kept updated regularly and as soon as available goods were delivered quickly. Thanks for the fantastic customer service... really beyond normal.. Fred
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18th December 2013

galaxy note 3
invaluable to me
Having had the original galaxy note and having the extra battery and charger I knew how invaluable this item is. So when the new note 3 came out this was a must for me. The new note 3 battery is amazing, much better lasting than any other phones I have had in the past. But I use my phone for everything, literally! I a not always able to plug my phone in to charge so this little bit of kit takes all the worry away and I always have a fully charged battery to back me up.
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Brian King
17th October 2013

Samsung Note 3
small and beautifully formed
I thought I'd write a small review Of how handy to always have with you The Samsung extra battery kit So that's why I wrote this NOTE of it.
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Trevor Wilson
Northern Ireland
11th October 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Spare Battery & Charger Kit
Had this item for my Galaxy Note 2 and really loved it - made battery worries a thing of the past! Pre ordered the Note 3 version as soon as I saw it on Mobile fun having bought the Note 3 last week. Used it today for the first time and, as expected, it works perfectly. Could have used the Note 3 cable to charge with, but bought a 2 metre usb 3 lead on ebay for £6 as I'm using the original lead as a car charger. Very satisfied with my purchase.
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