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Sorry, but Qi Wireless Charging Dock for Google Nexus 7 2013 has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Qi Wireless Charging Dock for Google Nexus 7 2013

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Charge your Google Nexus 7 2013 wirelessly with this Qi Wireless Charging Dock. No Connector, no hassle, no compromise.

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26th September 2015

Happy user
I'm another frustrated Nexus 7 user. The charging port on the device no longer accepts the conventional charger. I needed to find something else and after considerable research decided to try the Qi wireless charging dock. The only frustration I experience is having to remove the device from its cover in order to fit it into the dock. I haven't used the charger many times yet but so far am very satisfied with the product. Simple to use, can still use the tablet in landscape whilst charging and it doesn't appear to get too hot as some people have suggested it might. Ideally suited to my Nexus 7 second generation tablet. Obviously not as transportable as the original charger, but, nevertheless, it does the job. I'm happy and that's important to me.
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Dan King
Greater London
23rd June 2015

Google Nexus (I think7) 2nd Gen
Good product, not quite big enough to charge in a case and it would've been nice if they made it a touch longer so it could charge portrait. All round it does what you need it to do quickly and easily
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Leonard H. Cizewski
Madison, Wisconsin
9th April 2015

Would have been perfect except for a minor mistake
The charger is perfect as was price and shipping. Mobile Fun USA included an AC adapter with UK rather than US prongs. I have other AC adapters to use with it but the original has a higher wattage which would speed up charging.
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Vancouver, WA
12th January 2015

I bought this charger to place my Nexus 7 on my night table. It works great to charge the tablet and make the tablet easy to access. I use it as my high tech clock radio by night, tablet by day. Note this charger does not work with the after market tablet cover I purchased, but it is easy to pop it out so not a big deal.
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Aaron Traffas
21st November 2014

Doesn't charge in portrait orientation
For some reason, I thought I had seen that this KiDiGi charger would charge the Nexus 7 in portrait orientation. It does not. It works great in landscape mode, but I was really wanting something that would hold the tablet upright on my desk.
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Bangalore, India
22nd September 2014

Convenient dock
Kidigi's device adds a whole lot of class to the otherwise boring task of charging the tablet. Especially, when I'm going to bed, plugging in a charger can be somewhat irritating. Nexus 7 also has an inverted micro USB port, so it is even more irritating... LoL! I love the angle of the dock and the dual modes - portrait and landscape that are on offer. I also think it will be a great way to cast my screen or use my bluetooth keyboard with. Too bad it is not usable with Nexus 5.
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D Horner
New Jersey
27th June 2014

It's exactly what you think it is.
The product works just as you'd probably anticipate. If you dock the Nexus 7 in landscape mode, it charges seemingly as fast as if plugged in. It makes for a nice little dock on a bedside table for sure. I feel like I got my money's worth. I have two small grips about this product. First, I never could get it to charge right while leaving it in portrait mode (the product pictures suggest this works). This is not a huge deal to me. Second, that blinking notification light is way, way too bright. I've since covered it up, but it's quite annoying. Overall, I recommend this product, and wouldn't trade it for any other Nexus dock that I've seen yet.
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21st May 2014

Qi charger
Good for my needs
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20th May 2014

Nexus 7 v2 2013
Just the job
Awesome charger. Pros: -Simple qi dock, just plug in the cable, then pop your nexus 7 on it and away it charges. Light blinks when charging and then goes solid when it's fully charged. -Sits comfortably in the stand, easy to put in without much fiddling about. -Looks simple, compact and stylish. Cons: -Only real downside is that this does not work or fit with any cases on (KIDIGI do sell a model which works with the official android case but this isn't offered here). Extra note: I haven't had the issue which other reviewers have complained about saying that it constantly beeped when fully charged, for me the light has just gone solid.
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Adam Bennett
9th February 2014

Nexus 7 (2013)
Works well but with a few oversights
They're well made and work brilliantly if you're using the tablet in landscape, and whilst wireless charging is a lot slower than charging via USB, it's about as convenient as it gets. It's great to have my N7 charged up and easily accessible whilst I'm working. The packaging is quite nice which adds something to it. There are a couple of oversights though. The first one is a minor annoyance, which is that the power light blinks whilst the device is charging. This is irritating, and I don't really need an indicator that the Nexus is charging - it'll make a loud noise when it docks anyway. The second one is that whilst I can understand why the dock won't charge the tablet in portrait, it doesn't actually sit straight unless it's upside down. The USB port at the bottom gets in the way, and the tablet can rock from side to side as it's not quite flush enough to sit in the groove. This could easily be solved with a small cutout for the USB port, and would make a bit more sense. It's just a bit silly to have to turn the tablet upside down to dock in portrait. Still, the Kidigi dock is the best option for wireless charging if you want to save some desk space or have the N7 at a readable angle whilst charging. I'd definitely recommend it.
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22nd January 2014

Asus nexus 7 2013
Does the job
The QI dock fits the nexus 7 2013 edition perfectly. Good for using daydream and an ideal position for watching movies in bed whilst its on the bedside table. The downside is the annoying light in the middle of the dock that flashes when charging - I've had to place a piece of tape over it. Also,it appears well made but the dock feels cheap and hollow to the touch.
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5th December 2013

Great Product!
This is a great product i only have a few problems with it. 1st it came with a European Plug-in. lucky i had an extra usa plug-in laying around for it. 2nd the beep that the dock makes is a bit loud but not as loud as some described. its nothing that would make your ears hurt as some reviewers have stated, its a very nice level of sound but a bit less or a switch on the back to turn it off would be great!
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29th November 2013

Google nexus 7
the answer to my woes
Got a nexus 7? Check. Loving it and can't live without it? Check. Spending hours bending the usb lead into weird shapes so that it'll take a charge? Check. This gadget takes away that pain. Plonk it on top and it starts charging away merrily. Also a nice stand for watching films/TV. Makes an annoying beep when it starts charging - at least it does to my sleeping girlfriend. To me, it just means all is going to be well with my current "must have" gadget come the start of the next day. Also, mobile fun got it to me next day, no probs. Thx guys!
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Brad Schwab
28th November 2013

nexus wireless charger
Great device. Would recommend to anyone. Will by another for other areas. Wish I could turn the sound and led off.
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David Chamings
25th November 2013

Nexus 7 2013
Qi Wireless Charging Dock for Google Nexus 7 2013.
I have had the charging dock for my Nexus 7 for a couple of weeks now and am very pleased with it. The dock is also very useful as a stand when listening to music or watching a TV clip. The only slight quibble I have is the beep it emits, intermittemtly, when charging. If it was totally silent, when charging, I would have given it 5 stars
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