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CleanSeal Liquid Screen Cleaning and Protection - 50ml

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CleanSeal Liquid Screen Cleaner and Protector uses liquid nanotechnology to protect your smartphone and tablet. It provides a resistive layer that protects coated surfaces from dirt, fingerprints, smudges, abrasion and bacteria.

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30th May 2017

Good product
Product worked well. Applied to 2 phones and a tablet. Noticeable improvement on all devices.
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3rd March 2017

iPhone 6
Liquid screen protector
Only just received this but so far so good seems there are less marks on the screen at the end of the day
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Louise A Miller
Whitwick, Coalville
2nd February 2017

So easy to use!
I didn't realise the size of the bottle until it arrived. It will do many times as only a few drops are needed. I purchased it in a sale so well happy. Thankbyou
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Peter Makey
28th January 2017

Apple iPad
Super clean screen cleaner
A very easy to use product, just put a few drops on the screen and polish off with the supplied cloth. Screen feels really smooth and sealed and this helps to deter greasy fingerprints from forming. Seems a bit expensive but you only need a small amount each time so should last a long time.
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Agnes Johnstone
21st July 2016

Does what it says.
This product does what it says. It makes touchscreens really clean-squeaky clean. You cancel feeling your fingers squeak on the screen after you have used it.I would recommend it to anyone.
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Denise Stafford
14th July 2016

Huawei G7 mobile 'phone
Screen Protection
I decided to buy this liquid protector, after reading some excellent reviews. The little bottle arrived promptly and was blissfully absent of the dire bio-hazardous-type warnings that seem to take up most of the back label of most products, these days. I applied 5 drops of the liquid to my mobile screen and gently wiped the area with the microfibre cloth provided. The whole process was quick and pain-free; my screen looked as though it had been well and truly cleaned, i.e. was lovely and glossy and I was able to operate the 'phone without my fingers sticking a tad, as sometimes happens if say you have first eaten a chocolate biscuit. There are definitely fewer finger marks on the 'phone. My only not-even-criticism is that I don't know how often the product should be applied for maximum protection. Would I recommend this product to anyone else? Yes, certainly as there are few things more pleasurable in life than applying a few tiny drops of liquid to an item and admiring the result, after spending a couple of minutes, if that, using a wonderful, microfibre cloth, in a gentle, swirling motion.
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Stephen Scott
2nd October 2015

Sony Xperia SP
If good enough for military then it's good enough for me.
I actually like this cleaner I even use it on my glasses. If good enough for military then it's good enough for me.
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Barry wilson
DEREHAM norfok
30th September 2015

Samung s6 edge.
Solved my problem
I have a samsung gal s6 edge i had tried otherscreen savers most of them looked good but took the soft touch off the keypad so i needed something easy to apply and use and this fitted the bill have used it now for afee days and jave found it to work great item as it works for me
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25th September 2015

Worth the money
The product is advertised as protecting your device from fingerprints. Interesting statement. I used this product on my iPhone, iPad, wife iPad and all devices still get finger prints. However, I found that the screens are easier to wipe clean as a result of using this product. I thought I would try it on my Mac. Put the first drop on the screen then realised I needed to lay it down first, Dhorr, My Mac was covered in dust from static.. Since using this product, a week now, there is no dust on my screen and the finger prints around the edges wife off very easily. For me, a worthwhile product. If there were no finger prints, then I would have given it 5 stars.
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E Biggs
4th August 2015

its OK
Clans the screen OK but so do other things
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5th March 2015

So quick and simple
I will never go back to plastic screen protectors but the last liquid one I bought took several hours for the bonding process to complete. I love that this one only takes 5 minutes!!
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Carlton Evans
4th March 2015

iPhone 5c
Surprisingly good
I was a bit dubious about this, how could a liquid protect an expensive glass screen? But so far I'm impressed, I've used it in an iPhone and an iPad, and there's a definite reduction in the number of finger marks, and even if you do get some they rub off easily with a gentle stroke of a cloth. Strangely, finger marks are less visible the closer you are, so while using the device they're not noticeable.
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Steve Wright
28th February 2015

Sony Xperia
Cleans the screen well
Cleans the screen well but not noticed yet of it will stay clean for longer
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9th January 2015

Fine product
After this first use, I'm satisfied. Not like it's going to repair any scratches, but it wipes off all grease and fingerprints well.
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Seung-Wook Jung
16th April 2014

It's good so far....
It was wonderful at the first time. I used it to my TV, mobile phone, tablet and glasses. it was very clean and unscratched even a fingerprint was not remain on the screen, but after for a wile I need to clean a few times for finger print on the screen.. and I'm not sure about the protection. But except that it is good as described.
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13th March 2014

iPhone, iPad
Quite good
You know when you get one of Apple's magnetic covers on an iPad and it leaves two lines down your screen where the grooves are? I don't know why it does it, but with thus product.....they're still a problem. I've applied it to the iPad and it definitely reduces smudge fingerprints, but it doesn't get rid of those lines. Admittedly they're easier to wipe off now, but they can still be a pain. So I think this product is good...just not perfect. I'd still recommend it though, and there's is enough for many applications.
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Derek M
27th January 2014

Ipad Retina
As always with MobileFun, arrived on time. Product is very easy to use and creates a very smooth surface. Does not prevent fingermarks or other marks on device, just a smooth touch on screen and possibly easier to clean.
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Stuart McKever
22nd January 2014

iPad : MacBook Pro : Samsung Galaxy GT-S6500 phone
Crystal Clean Screens
This product does exactly what it purports to. It cleans computer, phone etc screens, leaving them crystal-clear and less likely to pick up more smearing. If it was slightly cheaper, I would have awarded 5 stars. A worthwhile buy which will last for many cleanings.
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Carl A
7th January 2014

iPad 3, Nexus 4, Nexus 7
It Really Works
Applied to Nexus 4 first, cleaned the screen well and dried quickly. Then applied to Nexus 7 and iPad. I was a little sup prised as the product really works !! It appears to work better on the Nexus products, really limiting the finger prints. On the iPad it still works OK but not quite as well at limiting finger prints. All in all a good product.
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Alex Sinclair
26th December 2013

iPad - HTC one - Galaxy S4 = Galaxy Tab
cleans and seals
does a good job cleaning the screen and makes it easy to wipe clean after applied
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Gordon D Peden
Glasgow, Scotland
2nd December 2013

Sony Xperia Z Tablet
Simple and Effective
Far easier to apply than film covers which, invariably, leave bubbles which are irritating and unsightly. So far, the product appears to do exactly what it says on the metaphorical tin. The proof of the claims will be seen in the longer term but, so far, it seems to offer all the advantages of more conventional screen protectors and none of the disadvantages!
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1st December 2013

CleanSeal Liquid Screen Cleaning and Protection - 50ml.
I find it hard to put the normal screen covers on (bubbles every were it looks like bubble wrap). So I decided to give this a try. Easy to apply screen stays clean no scratches. Just put a few drops onto the screen. Leave to dry for 3 mins and buff best of all no BUBBLES :).
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6th October 2013

Nexus 4, Asus tablet
Too soon to be sure
First impressions are very good. Don't know yet how long the protection will last
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London; United Kingdom
6th October 2013

Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 8, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, iPhone 5
Literally cleans so well you get carried away doing it!
Bought it originally for my Sony Xperia Ultra Z, with a massive screen it proved to be such painful task to put a normal screen protector. Delivery was fast as expected from mobilefun and so I used it immediately and I was skeptical at firsr but was impressed how clean my screen was. Then I decided to use it on my Note 8 and same result! Since then I had to swap my Z Ultra for a Note 3 and same result everytime. Would recommend but be warned that it works so well you get so hooked in cleaning your screen! Not sure how good it is protection wise but I still can't see any marks on my Note 3 using this as iis only screen protection.
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20th September 2013

iPad 3 & iPhone 5
I like it
I used this on and iPad and an iPhone. Cleans the screen really we'll and offers protection against finger marks. The instructions are very clear and you do have to re apply on a regular basis. The price is a little high when you include postage and packing. Would have been 5 stars if price was more competitive.
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19th September 2013

Does what it says
Does exactly what it says - it cleans the screen and protects them. Worth buying.
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15th September 2013

Fantastic cleaner but not a sealer.
CleanSeal does a fantastic job of cleaning the screen on phone or tablet but is not really a sealer. The fingerprints and grease marks soon reappear. However the amount you need to use (very little) means that it will last for ages!
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Mark Otway
6th September 2013

iPhone 5 & iPad mini
Good but oversold
It's a good cleaning fluid. The claim that it's an alternative to a screen protector is a bit overblown but I don't see the need for screen protectors on Apple products anyway.
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Keith Goldsworthy
4th September 2013

Ipad 4 and Iphone 4
Brilliant Cleaning
Easy to use liquid which cleans the screen brilliantly. Only just received the product so too early to tell how long the film protects the screen from finger marks but so far so good
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franco lucifora
Chiaramonte Gulfi Ragusa
2nd September 2013

meglio delle aspettative
Stanco di usare pellicole per il mio note 2 che solo al terzo tentativo riuscivo a montarne una in modo decente, ho letto la vs. pubblicità ho voluto provare e sono rimasto molto soddisfatto. Credo che non riuscirò più a farne a meno.
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Henrietta Knight
31st August 2013

iPad, HTC phone
Smooth finish
The screens on both the iPad and phone feel beautifully smooth and clean. Hope it lasts! Very happy with the ease of use and finish.
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31st August 2013

Nokia Lumia 720
Noticeable Effects
After aplying the product you immediatly see the difference, but you'll continue seeing fingerprints. Overal,it does what it's supposed to, but not as good as I would have expected.
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