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Kenu Airframe Portable In-Car Mount & Stand for Smartphones - Black

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The world's most portable car mount for smartphones, attaching to any air vent and weighing only 23g makes The Kenu Airframe in black perfect for everyday use.

  • "Car Holders"
  • "Brilliant piece of kit"

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Juli Reed
20th May 2015

Kenu Smartphone In -Car Mount
Smart and Robust
Purchased a cheaper version elsewhere which snapped on first time of moving side arms to slot phone in. This one is far superior in every way. It holds well, affixes to the vent well and is very sturdy. The grip mechanism is actually so good I sometimes have trouble getting phone back out!
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11th May 2015

I phone 5
I bought this stand for my wife , she had one it falls all the time and does not rotate if cliped, I gave her the new Kenu Airframe Portable in-car mount & stand which is easily fitted in the aircon stripes , she also use it as stand in the office , she was very impressed and I say thanks MobileFun.
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David Martin
2nd April 2015

Nokia Lumia 530
Item as described on website. Jaws could be a bit deeper to better hold my phone which has curved sides. Vent holders also could do with more friction. It works reasonably well but does fall off of the vents if I don't position it carefully.
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Henry Price
25th February 2015

iPhone 6
Great product, but will not work with the 2014 Mini Cooper air vents so I could not use the product. Fortunately another family could in a different ca,r so it saved me having to return this. I think this fact should be made clear on your website for future prospective buyers to see.
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David Sorensen
25th February 2015

Kenu Car phone holder
This is a very simple and effective product. It is unobtrusive when attached to the vanes of the air vents. it's powerful spring clamps the phone solidly in place. At it lies close to the vent, you need to check that the smartphone will fit comfortably in the vent recess. My HTC one mini 2 just about fits in the space in my Peugeot 5008. You also have to place the spring holder so that it does not activate any buttons on the side of the phone.
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Arunraj NS
23rd February 2015

Expensive but worth
Simple and Awesome technology.i love dashboard look very nice takes less space as compared to other widgets.
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Arunraj NS
19th February 2015

Amazing and outstanding but too expensive over all its ok.
Searching for this product many of the online portal in my geo location and finally got that product from "mobilefun".This product is worth for me.
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Mahmun shamsher
22nd November 2014

Iphone 5
It's good take less space in your dashboard easy to stick in no movement while you driving.
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21st November 2014

Sony Z3 Compact
Works, but too expensive
Its well made, great packaging (if more than a little wasteful!) and feel solid. It works, no complaints there, just someone is making a lot of money! It is far too expensive for what it actually is. Which is a shame really, as I would happily recommend to people. I'm keeping it, but grudgingly!
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Sue Rushworth
6th October 2014

In car mount for smartphones
Great device
This is such a simple yet clever device. It is easy to attach and holds the phone very well. Happy to recommend this phone holder. Sue. Chelmsford
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Hayle Cornwall
23rd September 2014

Nokia Lumia 710
Seems to do the Job I wanted
Simple in application and appears robust in construction.
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8th August 2014

In car mount
Quite expensive for what it is but it does fit nicely in my Suzuki SX4. The iPhone is now securely fixed and well positioned, would recommend
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Mike Tyrrell
United Kingdom
4th August 2014

Sony Xperia Z1
Kenu Airframe Portable In-Car Mount & Stand for Smartphones
Very small and simple solution to a big screen. I have on,ly just started to use it but it seems very useful and adapts to all the vents in the car. So far very pleased.
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David Edwards
North Yorkshire
30th July 2014

Cools the Mobile Phone
It is strong enough to carry the phone in Portrait but better in Landscape due to the weight.
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14th May 2014

Would recommend for a friend.
This is such a great buy....My wife was not sure about it but now loves it and uses it every time she has the car. I would totally recommend for a friend. My only issue with the device is that it does move slightly when fixed to vent. The positive is that it holds the phone in place.
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14th May 2014

iPhone 4s
Form And Function - top!
Not that this item needs another positive review, but I felt the urge for respect where it's due. I've now tested this out with an iPhone 4s, using TomTom around the challenging terrain of North London. The speed humps round here are easily enough of a test for a phone clamp ;-) Even though I thought on first inspection and fitting, that the clasp design looked a little suspect, I had to eat my hat as it did not budge a millimetre once placed in position on the air vent fins of a Fiat Punto, positioned to the left of the steering wheel. It has a solid grip on the phone too. No "fall on the floor" insecurity there that I can see. Super small form factor, and a compact, solid construction. Spring loaded extender feels good. The only thing I can't say for sure is how long the actual air vent clip/clamp will retain it's "clampiness" for, in long term use. So - should I hold one star back for that?... I already had to eat my hat once though....
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26th March 2014

iPhone 4S
Neat little gadget
Small, unobtrusive smartphone holder. Holds the phone tightly and secure, well made, good design. My only concern is about the longevity of the device, ie: will the rubber grip harden up in time and therefore not grip the vents so securely? Only time will tell I guess. Also, the vents on my car (Mercedes A class), have a central grip which prevents the holder pushing in any further, but nevertheless, seems to hold securely enough.
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19th March 2014

Sony Xperia Z1
Small and unobtrusive
Perfroms exactly as advertised. I wanted a samll, discreet holder for my phone and this fills the role perfectly. Xperia Z1 owners need to be aware that the clip can cover the on / off button and volume controls so care needs to be taken when loading the phone into the holder. Otherwise it is just the job.
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16th February 2014

Great quality and fast and reliable service.
I need an iPhone holder for when I am driving around using maps to navigate to various place. Saves me from having to look down all the time. Great quality and fast and reliable service.
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13th January 2014

I phone 4s
Tidy holder
A good little product which takes up little space on the fascia. Despite its small size it is very robust.
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13th January 2014

iPhone 5s
Good buy
I like this product because it's simple and well made. I have a Mercedes C Class which has horizontal grills, the weight of the phone in its case does make the whole thing roll downwards but it still works well. I really didn't want an ungainly suction device so this suits me well.
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Chennai, India
10th January 2014

Perfect simple and small. The only problem is that when you remove the phone you have to hold the phone and pull the slider to release. If you just try removing the phone the entire holder comes off.
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30th December 2013

Strong little device!
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Tim Tipple
2nd December 2013

Nexus 5
I wish I invented it
So simple and inconspicuous but just as effective as much more expensive and ugly phone holders. Talking of price: I feel it is perhaps a little overpriced.
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24th October 2013

iPhone 5
Good Quality Item
I think this item is good quality and it does what it says on the tin. It holds the phone securely and could be used in all cars with vents. I do however think that it is a bit pricey.
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23rd October 2013

Useful in-car accessory
Small but useful accessory for holding an iPod etc. in the car. Can be mounted on either vertical or horizontal air vent grills and does not mark them. Grips the device well with an adjustable non slip clamp. Easy to remove and stow away out of sight with the device in the glove box. Possibly a little pricey for what it is.
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United Kingdom
5th October 2013

Google Nexus 4
Practical, minimal & elegant
This is the only car mount I have ever seen and liked. It's compact and minimal in design unlike most/all alternatives. It attaches easily to the vents with an attachment that looks like it will fit a wide range of different vent shapes & sizes, vertical & horizontal. It firmly holds a good range of phone sizes, I'm using it with a Nexus 4, sometimes with a bumper case. A minor issue with it is that the spring-loaded grip is quite firm usually requiring two hands to pull it & fit the phone, but the trade-off is that it holds the phone securely. It's expensive for what it is, but I would buy it again as it is both a practical and elegant design.
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19th September 2013

Samsung S3
Does the job
Having purchased the Airframe, I found it to be an easy and convenient product to use. The
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Roy Cushway
United Kingdom
17th September 2013

galaxy s2
Good Item
Just what it said in the Ad.
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31st August 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Top quality
One of the better quality Car mounts I have bought. Haven't used it extensively enough yet to say it's fact, but it certainly seems like it is well made and durable. Just beware that it will struggle with some of the bigger phones if you have a big/rugged case on them. Apart from that it is a very well designed piece of equipment.
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30th August 2013

iPhone 5
Great little product
This is great solution if you don't want a huge mount with a bendy wire. It will fit most vents and has an option for vents with very thin vanes. Just chuck it in the glove box when not needed and takes up so little space. My only gripe is that it is a bit overpriced!
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Lesley Wells
21st August 2013

Galaxy Note
This item looks wonderful - I just wish there was a larger version as it just doesn't quite fit the original Samsung Galaxy Note
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