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3M Scotch Film Lite Galaxy S3 Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Utilising Scotch's superior adhesive technology, the 3M Scotch Film Lite Galaxy S3 Screen Protector is easy to apply and provides superior protection for your S3.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35704

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 3.6 stars from 7 customers

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The worst screen protector I have ever bought. The image became pixelated once this was installed (having followed the instructions to the letter). I persevered with it as I'd invested time in searching for it and installing it, but after a few weeks it was covered in scratches after normal use, not having been dropped or abused. Now returned, with a suggestion to MobileFun discontinue it and report it to 3M.
Who has written the instruction?!?!!
The illustration for the instruction is absolutely rubbish!!! Whoever designed this should not have written the instruction. On the other hand, was it because it was so badly designed that no proper instruction can be written for it. If you follow the instruction, the chance for the film fit well, i.e. not covering the Home button is 40%! After all these, the film works fine. By the way, make sure you put the film on in a clean environment, away from dust or fluffy things, even tissue. So, do it at home with window closed and hand washed.
Easy to apply but....
Very easy to apply & you hardly see that a screen protector's been put on but it leaves loads of finger marks, the screen always looks dirty. Wouldnt buy again.
excellent - crystal clear, barely noticeable
Film is soft, yet appears to be durable. You get a practice film so you can do some test runs, so the application is pretty easy afterwards. Once applied, the film is clear and barely noticeable, and I'm also leaving less fingerprints than without the film. Had a matte-finish film before this, so i'm extremely satisfied now. A squeegee or bit of plastic would have been nice to deal with the inevitable air bubble, but hey, what else is a credit card good for, right? So who needs screen protection on Gorilla glass 2, you might ask? Hey, I'm old fashioned... besides, I now sleep better, thank you very much :)

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