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Sorry, but Spigen SGP Galaxy S4 GLAS.t NANO SLIM Tempered Glass Screen Protector has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Spigen SGP Galaxy S4 GLAS.t NANO SLIM Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Product Reference: 39859

Introducing the ultimate in slim screen protection for the Samsung Galaxy S4, the SGP GLAS.t NANO SLIM Series is made from 0.15 mm thick real glass with an oleophobic coating and anti-shatter film.

  • "Fantastic"
  • "Best protection for one of the most expensive "mistake""

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Chris Russell
20th October 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
My second time purchasing the best screen protector out there, after I dropped my phone and chipped the original I'd had for well over 6 months. This barely adds any thickness and is crystal clear, while still providing what I have proved to be brilliant protection to my screen. Really good for people who don't like screen protectors, as it's barely noticeable - people don't know until I tell them! 10 / 10
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6th August 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Look no further...
My S4 came with a screen protector already fitted which gave a flawless feel to the screen. However when it became scratched after a few months I replaced it with a fairly cheap unknown brand protector. The finish wasn't smooth and the screen looked blurred. Step in Spigen! Yes it is a higher price than other screen protectors out there but the quality far out-weights this. Application was the easiest I have see from any screen protector. It is perfectly smooth to touch and the display is as clear as with no protector fitted. A sticker is supplied to raise the button above the screen protectors depth but I have not felt the need to use this as the button can still be pressed with ease. One happy perfectionist.
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United Kingdom
18th July 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Standard Spigen product.
It's a standard Spigen product. Brilliant quality and a fairly high price. This is not my first screen protector from them. I had a normal Glas.tr from them and it lasted ages and withstood a good few drops. It started peeling off in a few places because of the drops and then it started to get scratched and then finally gave up on me. This one is even thinner than the last one and the buttons are smaller too. The screen protector went on in one go with no bubbles remaining after squeezing them out. So far no word on strength and I shouldn't have to hopefully. Delivery was super quick as usual with Mobile Fun and I'm so far happy with the product.
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Pietrarubbia PU
21st June 2014

L'invenzione dell anno
La nuova invenzione è perfetta per il mio Galaxy S4. Qquindi grazie a Spigen e grazie a Mobile Fun.
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Geoff M
Kensworth, Dunstable
2nd May 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
I now believe the write up
After numerous attempts at mobile phone screen saver with various results of it went on ok to oh! No look bubbles and take it of again to bin it. The spigen with it's write up was as advertised straight on and no bubbles. This is my choice from now on. Must mention Mobile Funs superb service and range of products.
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8th February 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Nice screen protector
The response of the touch screen is the same with or without it and is easy to clean. Is very slim you can only notice it from the space it have and not cover the speaker and the sensors. Very easy to use even if you make a mistake and put it on wrong site is only stick to your screen from the correct site just try to stick it with the first or second try to avoid any air bubbles. I'm very happy with this product.
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Paul S
18th January 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Perfect and Saved my S4
Have used Spigen cases for a little while, expensive but the quality is unsurpassed in my eyes. the cases I have had from MF fit perfectly and look awesome. This screen protector I bought and don't regret it. The day after fitting it I dropped my 3 week old S4, the corner chipped a little on the phone and the glass broke....but it was the screen protector that broke and not the glass screen of the phone. I do believe that if the Spigen glass protector had not been on the screen, the screen itself would have cracked. So I obviously bought another spigen protector. Lastly, they are SO easy to fit. Follow the instructions and NO bubbles at all - PERFECT.
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7th January 2014

Galaxsy S4
Money Well Spent.
In the pack you will receive the screen protector for the front and a thin film for the back panel, an alcohol type wipe to clean the screen prior to fitting and a microfibre cloth, a plastic squeegee which I only used for the back protector film plus 3 home buttons [black,white and orange]. There is also a Spigen SGP authentication card with a product serial number that you can check that the product is original, as their are so many copies out their today. At £25 for a screen protector, I took the plunge after all the positive reviews plus the video on the site. Basically I did my research before buying. It was easy enough to put on the only worry is, if you mess it up and get specks of dirt under the screen or have to lift re-apply it,then you just lost £25 quid, and that hurts. It went on perfect not a single speck of dirt and it such a good fit that you cannot tell that you have a screen protector fitted unless you look at the cut out that's around the ear piece/silver grill at the top. The look and feel is no different than when it was just the screen, I honestly cannot feel any sort of coating. The responsiveness of the screen is unaltered. The clarity is unreal and I would recommend this product 110 per cent. I really don't have anything else to say other than I've been blown away by the quality of this product and the ease of fitting as once it was lined up perfectly, I just let it drop and the rest happened automatically. Go ahead and buy it you wont be disappointed but you may be the envy of your friends.
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1st January 2014

Great Protection
Loved this! So easy to install, I looked up a tutorial video just to be on safe side, but it only took 60 seconds to install. Looks exactly like existing phone screen, so it is barely noticeable. Offers much more protection than any of the flimsy protectors that I had been looking at.
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3rd November 2013

Galaxy S 4
Best Buy
Just loved the thing. It feels similar to the real screens glass, doesn't affect functionality at all and ensures a bubble free installation. Absolute keeper despite the high pricing.
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Vikram Basu
Kolkata, India
30th September 2013

Absolute delight to use
I bought the Spigen Glas.t Nano Slim after reading a lot of reviews about tempered glass protectors and I am so glad to have chosen this one over all the rest. It is so thin its almost like the screen is naked and yet suddenly I am filled with a lot more confidence about using the Galaxy S4 in all conditions. There have been recent studies which have shown that the S4 is much more fragile when compared to the IPhone 5 or the Moto X and there is no way I am using my Galaxy S4 without the Glas.t Nano Slim. After using a plastic protector, the feel of the Nano Slim is to be felt to believed. Touch sensitivity has skyrocketed and I just love the responsive of the screen now. I haven't had to test the protectiveness of the screen yet but it feels sturdy enough. Installation was pretty simple as long as you follow the quick start guide or just see a few videos on Youtube. All in all I am quite pleased with the Spigen Glas.t Nano Slim. Gets two thumbs up from me!
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George Eduard Zmau
11th September 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Best protection for one of the most expensive "mistake"
This is one of the best screen protection products on the market. I had smashed the screen of 4 phones until now (HTC Desire, HTC DesireHD, HTC OneX, Samsung S3) using cheap plastic protectors. After I smashed the screen of the Samsung S3 (while I was jogging) I bought a new S4 and I was decided to buy the best protection for it. After 3 hours of online searching (Forums discussions) I have found that the best screen protection on the market is made by Spigen company. It is expensive but BEST QUALITY on the market. Very impressive packaging (better than most phones packaging) and very easy the install (3- 5 min). The package includes all that you need to do a perfect job. After 1 week of usage I manage to drop my S4 while I was exiting my car. When I picked the phone up and I looked at it all the screen was shattered and my heart just stopped ! Then I remember I have a protection and I started to peal it off. AMAZING the screen was intact !!! Now I have bought another one a slimier version. THanks allot Mobilefun.co.uk and Spigen . A very good product which worths every penny.
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22nd August 2013

Amazing product/Poor Delivery
Good: 1. Amazing product. 2. Easy to install. 3. Genuine Product 4. Good packaging Bad: 1. Poor Delivery mechanism. They simply left my package worth Rs 3500/- hanging on my gate. No calls, no doorbell, nothing! I was lucky to get it. Careful guys. 2. 4 stars just coz of point 1 otherwise full 5 stars
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