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Sorry, but Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4 - Infinity White has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4 - Infinity White

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Product Reference: 39848

Check the time and screen incoming calls all without opening the case, the Spigen Slim Armor Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is an elegant solution for previewing 'at a glance' information.

  • "Phone case"
  • "Thorough protection"

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Barrie Trevena
21st August 2014

Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4 - Soul Black
Attractive and protective case
This is a lovely looking case and protects the phone really well. I had a problem with the closure catch breaking but that was no big deal - meant I could then open with one hand! But then the hinge broke, which was more of a problem so I contacted customer services and was offered an immediate replacement which has now arrived. Let's see how long it lasts.....!
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13th August 2014

Samsung s4
Best case
I was specifically looking for a robust case for my s4 but the only ones I could initially find made the phone look like a brick......until I discovered this spigen slim armor view case. It looks stylish and ensures the phone remains slim and above all protected. The case can remain shut when answering calls which is an excellent idea. The only downsize is the material it's made from tends to mark easily but you can't have everything. Overall though well worth the money.
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8th July 2014

Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4 - Soul Black
Great cover, only fault is the flip cover mechanism, its not that easy to open in a hurry, you have to use two hands, at least I do as its a little combersome.
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alan miller
19th June 2014

Samsung Galaxy s4
Secure good looking case
Bought this case after reading the rest of the reviews. Excellent good looking case. Fingerprints show up and the home button doesn't work on kitkat but still one of the most robust cases I've seen without being cumbersome. Good points more than make up for the bad
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30th May 2014

Sturdy Protection
Very happy with the cover/case. Clasp really bites and it can be fiddely getting used to opening it, but if it didn't bite, it would be a downside. So the upshot is that it is a really good and secure case.
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Pat Buoncristiani
Victoria, Australia
24th April 2014

Amazed by the speed with which this arrived- Ordered on Wednesday, arrived on following Monday. Came halfway around the world. It's a nice, protective, good looking cover. The "view" feature is great because I can answer without opening the cover and check if I have any message notifications.. I am not worried about dropping the phone any more. Initially the catch on the side was a problem. The case popped open. lt has loosened up a bit with use the catch is behaving better. The only weakness is the way the camera tense is partially obscured when the Cover is folded back. A flapping cover is always a pain when taking photos. This cover folds away so nicely it seems a very careless design oversight to fail to deal with this obstruction, This is the only thing that prevents me giving it 5 stars.
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4th April 2014

Galaxy S4
Great Case But.............
Bought this case for my new Galaxy S4 a few weeks ago. The case is excellent and the phone fits into it perfectly. Only complaint which has just surfaced is that with the latest software upgrade from Samsung (4.4.2), the home key no longer works with the case shut. This is very annoying as you now have to open the case to answer calls.
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Barrie Trevena
2nd April 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Classy case
Very good looking and high quality case. Really pleased with it so far in every respect.
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West Yorkshire
30th March 2014

Galaxy S4 White
Knight In Shining Armor
I needed something to encase my Galaxy S4 as my S3 crashed to the floor and died wearing the Flip Cover which doesn't click Shut like this Spigen Slim Armor. It's a fantastic all round guard for my phone which hasn't been dropped yet but hopefully looking at this Spigen it will live up to the Armor like protection. NEGATIVE: Should be all just 1 colour
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8th February 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Very good case
This case is one of the best for me. 1)Easy clip to lock and unlock (is not unlocking accidentally) 2)Great design this white/black bind very good with my white s4. 3)Easy to put or take out your s4 from the case 4)Nice inside rubber for keeping your phone safe and the case is not heavy or look massive at all. My only downside is the buttons you need to try a little bit more to make them work but you get used to it. Overall is a vary good product.
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3rd February 2014

a case to trust
I have tried a few different cases for my S4 and most offer minimal protection against dropping. The Spigen slim armor case looks like it will give full protection to the screen if it was dropped. Its lightweight and can also be folded back if you want full screen access. For answering calls you just swipe the top screen without having to open the case. We use three of these cases at work and everyone seems happy with them.
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6th January 2014

Great S4 case
Love this case, fits very well, hinge works like a dream, good and sturdy. Being able to answer calls without having to open it is a real bonus. I have two minor gripes though. 1. There is no hole in the cover to view the notification LED. 2. The earphone jack hole is way too small for most headphone jacks, I had to cut mine and it was not an easy task as its a rubberised material. Other than that I would have no hesitation in recommending this excellent quality case.
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1st December 2013

Great case but needs improvement!
From the moment you get the case you can see that it is made from good quality materials. It is durable and fits the phone perfectly. There are a couple of things that needs to be changed though. The first thing is the front "screen". It should designed in that way that will allow you to take photos! Right now it covers 20% of the camera when it is folded back, the only way to take a photo is to hold the front cover on the side which is very annoying! The second thing that needs to be improved are the buttons ( volume and power ). They are hard to press, they need to be a little bit softer on touch. Besides these two things the case is top notch quality wise and appearance!
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8th November 2013

Samsung Galaxy s4
Almost perfect...
A brilliant, stylish, slick case which offers full protection with the active view feature. Makes the phone feel sturdy with adding too much bulk. So why almost perfect? In my opinion the following two would've perfected it 1. A small cut out for the notification light 2. A magnetic closing mechanism which enables opening the case holding it in one hand by a little push of the thumb.
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6th November 2013

samsung S4
Very well made but !l
Excellent case and do not think anything could protect it better. But in my area on Vodafone it reduces signal by one bar and if in a poor area its worse.
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Ben McEniery
Virginia Qld 4014
15th October 2013

I have found the case to be functional and easy . It is strong and works. I think it is very stylish as well
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8th October 2013

great case
Perfect just what I was looking for... a couple of minor niggles...make sure your headphone jack is narrowas the hole is small.
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8th October 2013

Good Case
I think this is a very good case, and I would recommend to anyone. The only down side is the price. I think it is a bit over priced I would be more happy with the range of £20-25 but the quality of the product is great and it is not the cheap ebay Chinese fake.
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27th September 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Top Notch
An excellent case for the S4. Very well made out of good quality materials. Offers all round protection whilst still allowing for S-view functions. Does not add much bulk to the phone. Only drawback is when opoened and folded back the S-view window slightly obstructs the camera lens. Overall a very good premium product. Recommend
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23rd August 2013

"Clever Protection"
This case really protects. It's hard to see how your s4 could get damaged in here. It's grips and good to hold too. The ability to detach the front panel leaving you a more traditional open case gives you some flexibility for days you don't need all out protection also. Only two points that I think you should be aware of, you can answer a call with the case shut but not make one (voice dial doesn't activate when closed) and there is no stand option despite the mechanics of this case being 90% there. That aside it will make you feel safe about your S4
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Mark Lewthwaite
Northern Ireland
1st January 1970

Samsung galaxy s4
Slim armour
The spigen slim armour view put simply is the best case for s4 I have seen or owned. Firstly it is very stylish with its matte black design and subtle styling it looks very professional. Also the case as the name suggests is slim and doesn't bulk the phone. In a cover I like to have all round protection the slim armour view gives me that and more, it's got a secure 'clip' to keep the front covered (a criticism I had of the official Samsung view case). The phone also fires perfect in the case everything lines up perfect and with enough room to fit plus etc in to charger and headphones. A nice touch with the car is the package screen protector and cleaning cloth. I would have no hesitation in recommending this case to a fellow s4 owner.
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