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Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection

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Product Reference: 39834

Using liquid nanotechnology to protect your smartphone and tablet, the Crystalusion Liquid Glass provides a resistive layer that protects coated surfaces from dirt, oil, dust, abrasion and bacteria for up to 12 months.

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25th April 2017

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017
A clearly good product
I have purchased this product twice before and found it to be good, I bought this product because I had used it previously on my mobile phone and having upgraded my phone for a new one it was not a difficult choice to make, the product is easy to apply, straightforward no nonsense (follow the simple instructions)and hey presto, no longer do I need to clean my phone everytime I use it, it now only requires a quick wipe to remove the fingerprints and dirt from screen, occasionally.
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Gavin Thirkell
13th April 2017

Xperia XZ
This was easy to use and has left the phone feeling like it's supposed to, unlike a screen protector. You can definitely feel the difference under the fingers, and it wipes clean easy. I've not intentionally scratched it to test the toughness, but the water repelling nature of it is beautiful to watch.
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Alan Morritt
2nd March 2017

Nokia Lumia
Early signs are good
Product is easy to apply with good instructions. Puts your phone out of action for quite a few hours , but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Once its dry, the screen has a very smooth feel to it and having had on for a month or so, it's still unmarked as if I had applied it yesterday. Only reason it gets four instead of five stars is because its only been on for a month.
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New Malden
5th December 2016

I applied the liquid easily to my smartphone screen using the cloth provided and it dried quickly. After polishing with the second cloth, it has left a shiny glass finish which hasn't diminished over the past 6 weeks since application. Fingerprints no longer show which is helpful when using the pattern lock as there is no tell-tale sign of repeated swiping. I haven't dropped it yet, so cannot comment on the breakage protection promise. I like it a lot!
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13th November 2016

Nokia Lumina 640
Screen now nice & shiny
I have only given this product 4 stars, only applied this product to the screen about a week ago, so far so good, I had the choice of yet another stick on glass screen protector, or go for this product, so far so good, before with the glass protectors, removing dirt/finger marks daily, only once did the screen need a quick wipe having applied this product. only time will tell if this continues to work, cautionery note suggest you wear gloves, when applying product, as you should with any cleaning product, it was easy to apply, simple straight forward instructions
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Chris Davis
Isle of Wight
18th December 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6
Time will tell !
If it lives up to the description, then this will be an amazing product. However, it's impossible to judge until it's been in use for several months. It's certainly easier to apply than any of the elternative screen protectors I've used previously. I used the one sachet on three devices, my new S6 and Tab4, plus giving my old Galaxy Tab a quick once over. How many devices can one sachet cover? It isn't clear in the instructions, although it does imply that it's a single use product as it states to use the cloth until dry. I think multipack deals would be very helpful.
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5th October 2015

Easy solution!
Product is easy to apply (as long as you've twelve hours you can leave your phone down for it to dry), looks good and feels great! Lets hope it does the job now!
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29th September 2015

very good
I got the product delivered late but and totally satisfied with it. thank you for availability in Indian market
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Queensland Australia
15th August 2015

I am impressed
I am impressed with the simplicity of use and application of this product.
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John Pringle
24th June 2015

Crystalusion Phone Screen Protector
This does what it is supposed to, being easy to apply smoothly, and giving an excellent, protective surface to the screen which is then easy to wipe clean.
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John Ainsworth
Bognor Regis
20th June 2015

"Crystal" or "Ill" usion?
On the face of it this seems expensive for two small pieces of tissue, one soaked in a cleaner (carbon tetrachloride?) and the other in 'liquid glass' but first impressions suggest it is effective. I had enough to treat an iPhone 6+, a laptop, and a pair of spectacles. Whether it will last a year remains to be seen.
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Paul Burden
22nd January 2015

Sony Xperia Z3
Stop looking for the best screen protector ...
you have found it! This stuff is magic. It is easy to apply and it lasts. OK I have only had it for a couple of weeks, but I have been really impressed. not only is it protecting the screen, but somehow it is cleaning it as well. Just the act of putting my phone in my pocket seems to be enough to remove all the grubby fingerprints. I don't know if it will last for 12 month (research elsewhere suggests 3-4 month) but I will be buying again and recommending it to friends. Update This only works well if you don't have a case that covers the screen. It seems to rely on your pocket wiping the screen when you pull it out, but that works well. So not too good in a covered case.
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Matt Revitt
28th November 2014

Lumia 930
excellent protection
Excellent product. Would have liked to know how much and how long to wipe the phone screen for for adequate protection and if wiping over the front camera would affect the picture or sensor. The same thought is for the earpiece and microphone. Excellent finish on the screen and thoroughly satisfied
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John Hawkins
2nd November 2014

Samsung Galaxy 5
Crystalusion screen protection
Does what it says .However does not stop fingerprints.
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24th October 2014

It is not a bad glass protection but
It is very good glass protection for laptop. But the blotchiness remained on the glass of my smart phone after this protection applicaion. On the other hand the screen of my laptop is clean and excellent.
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23rd September 2014

does the job
I bought a packet (3) of screen protectors for my tablet and found them very difficult to put on due to bubbles,while I was browsing online came across Crystalusion-Liquid Glass so gave it a go found it easy to apply and best of all no bubbles while some people might find it annoying to wait 12 Hours to set if you do it before going to bed it should not be a problem also found visual instructions online a lot handier to follow,so in conclusion very happy with purchase.
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John Clark
United Kingdom
16th September 2014

lenovo tablet
not quite what it says
Generally does what it says in the advertising but still fingermarks a bit. Not a bad product.
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5th September 2014

does what it says on the pack
Pleasantly surprised
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Kelvin Potter
5th September 2014

BlackBerry Z10
not quite as i expected, but not too bad
I was under the impression the liquid glass would stop all fingerprints. However trying out an identical phone I was surprised how smooth the screen felt with the liquid glass on.
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27th August 2014

Ottimo prodotto. Sicuramente rende il telefonino più facile da pulire, le impronte vengono via con facilità. Mi sembra anche più resistente ai graffi. Cmq mi ci sono trovato talmente bene che l'ho riacquistato anche per un altro telefonino. Da fare attenzione, invece, al liquido con cui sono imbevute le salviette. All'inizio, finchè non si asciuga un pò, è molto abbondante e non so se questo possa rischiare di danneggiare il telefono.
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Baij Patel
11th July 2014

LG G3, Sony Vaio Pro Laptop, iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 Pro
So simple to use that a baby could do it!
I was a little sceptical of this product since it's not like that nanotechnology water-proofing stuff you pays a lot of money for and have to send your device off to have treated. At this price however, I thought I had little to lose and there were several positive reviews on here. Applying the coating is as easy as wiping down your device with an alcohol pad, letting it dry and then wiping down with a second pad and leaving it for 24 hours or overnight. I found that the 2 cloths were so wet I could easily cover both a mobile phone and a tablet with one set. Since I bought 2 sets I managed to cover my wife's kit too so added brownie points there! While this does not replace a screen protector or case, I have found that fingerprints are less apparent and the screen feels very smooth. Of course I haven't tested it for abrasions etc but after a week of use it's looking pretty good and I haven't cleaned my device once in that time (perhaps having it in my pocket from time to time is keeping it clean due to friction?!) If you're one of those bold types that doesn't like to have a case on their phone so you can show off how nice it looks, I recommend using this stuff for a little bit of extra, cost-effective protection.
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26th April 2014

Nexus 7 (2013)
Presently surprised!
I've bought many screen protectors for various devices and I must say prior to purchasing this one I was sceptical but I've been pleasantly surprised. Applying the protector was quick and easy following the simple instructions provided and my device was ready to use the following day. My Nexus has no case and after a month of use carrying it around in my coat pocket and at times in my work bag, the device has remained as good as new and is scratch free. Cleaning the screen is effortless and knowing it remains germ free gives me great piece of mind especially when I consider my two sons play on it regularly, and its not uncommon for them to have sticky, dirty hands. My only gripe is the pack only contains enough solution to coat one medium sized device, this should be made clear in the advert. Definitely give this protector a try and I'm sure you'll be pleased too.
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Bruce Battams
Milton Keynes
17th April 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Very Impressive
Initially I was sceptical that two small wipes would be beneficial or affective. But after following the instructions carefully I am really impressed by the end result. Fingerprints are hugely reduced. I remain a bit sceptical as to the hardness an longevity (12 months on the blurb) of the finish but time will tell!
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8th April 2014

Easy to use
Easy to apply - lets wait and see how long it lasts!
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25th March 2014

Mobile Fun ottimo sito
Ottimo prodotto, ricevuto velocemente. Lo consiglio.
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24th March 2014

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection
Simple application process. Also managed to protect my samsung tablet at the same time. It's hard to believe something so thin and invisible to the eye can offer such protection
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Anthony Lanceman
10th January 2014

iPhone 5s & Sony Experia Z
Just what I needed
Both screens were getting a bit grubby, This product did what it says, cleaned both items and seems to be protecting from further smears.
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20th December 2013

lg g2
good product
Again purchased from mobile fun excellent service and delivery applied as directed the screen is easier to clean dont know if it stops the scratches yet but time will tell all the other products i have purchased from mobile fun do exactly what they say they do so ive every confidence
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30th November 2013

Google Nexus 4, Goggle Nexus 7 2013
This product enables removing of fingerprints and smudges easily, it does not prevent them.
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1st November 2013

When I first put this on the phone, I was very sceptical. But for the price thought it worth a try. After waiting the full 14 hours it really does seem to make a difference smudges are very easy to remove if noticeable. And screen seems harder somehow. Would I scratch test it.....No, but look forward to seeing how it performs over the next several months!
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Glenn Harger
Hughenden Valley
20th October 2013

samsung note
Unknown result
Seems to be very good at the moment, but this sort of product needs time to be sure of what the product is supposed to do.
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13th October 2013

half and half
worked on phone not on tablet
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28th September 2013

S4 Zoom
Nice product Indeed
I recently acquired a Samsung S4 Zoom. I needed to protect the screen AND the camera. At first I used screen protector cut in custom size to protect the camera but the quality of photo dropped under some lighting conditions. After I applied this liquid glass thing not only I got rid off the bad effects of a screen protector but it kept my screen and camera perfectly clean all the time! Dirt does NOT stick on the lens anymore and even if it does a simple wipe is more than enough! I will give it 4 stars just because it does not convince me that it will protect the phone from scratches as good as a typical screen protector would. I am buying 2 more now to apply to my glasses and PC monitor!
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14th August 2013

Sony Xperia SP
Does what it says on the box!
I bought this stuff because I messed up my plastic, horrible, sticky screen protector thing! It definitely does resist fingerprints better than the phones screen does and its easier to wipe off any grease that does stick. 4 Stars as I am not convinced this is going to protect my screen against scuffs or scratches but for me that doesn't matter so much as I am careful with my devices so they rarely pick up battle scars! If you have a bit of a fingerprints on the screen are bad OCD type disorder like me where you are constantly wiping the screen then get this stuff!
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1st August 2013

Nokia 97 mini
Just what I thought I needed
The screen protection arrived on the Tuesday after ordering late on Sunday night to claim my discount from the website. I was hoping the 'nano technology' would fill one deep scratch on the touch screen -not. After several applications, it said on the box it would keep finger marks and small scratches way without effecting any performance, in fact it had enhanced the screen with lower friction and so improved the screen response (apart from my deep scratch) A reasonable cost if I had a newer unscratched screen to start with. Recommended.
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29th July 2013

I Phon 5, I Pad, Mac Book Pro and my Reading Glasses
Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection
This item is what I needed to keep all the sticker finger marks off the screens and it worked fine, the only thing is using it in the HOT WEATHER we have been having it didn't go far before the tissues dried out, then that was it, no use after that.
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Brian T
Middlesbrough UK
29th July 2013

HTC Desire S
Great Alternative to Plastic!
Having struggled to perfect the fitting of plastic screen protectors I decided to try this liquid alternative (fitting screen protectors was driving me to other liquid alternatives for calming the nerves). So far, I am impressed - the instructions and application are straightforward, and the resultant smooth, reduced friction screen seems to be easy to keep clear. Time will tell of course, and unlike the younger generation of users I do not have my mobile 'phone permanently grafted to my hand every minute of the day (I'm 70 - people might expect me to have a large bakelite 'phone with a dial?). Would certainly recommend this product based on my experience of it so far.
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Kevin Bethell
23rd July 2013

ipad 2 & iPhone 4S
Better than the screen films
Better than those screen films that just don't stick - easy to apply and seems to be doing the job as advertised - screens seem easier to keep clean
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Reading UK
22nd July 2013

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S
A bit dubious at first
At first I was a bit dubious about the claims, but it was easy to apply, and does make the screen appear brighter. It is still to early to confirm if it will last 12 months, but at this price you can afford to use it twice a year. If as it states it will protect from scratches it is a bargain, but hasn't been on long enough to confirm this.
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