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Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection

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Product Reference: 39834

Using liquid nanotechnology to protect your smartphone and tablet, the Crystalusion Liquid Glass provides a resistive layer that protects coated surfaces from dirt, oil, dust, abrasion and bacteria for up to 12 months.

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Kevin Banks
15th December 2014

Emperor's new clothes?
Not really sure if this is brilliant or not. Easy to apply, but not sure if it actually does anything. I cleaned the phone, as instructed and then spread the protection. Seemed to 'pool' and didn't appear to spread evenly. Left it to dry, but as it's invisible i don't know if it actually covered or not. Only time will tell, if it works it wil be great, if not - my screen is likely to suffer.
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3rd November 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
Hmm it's okay
I dont like screen protectors as I don't see the point getting a brand new phone then adding plastic to a perfect screen so for me this was something I had to try.I was sceptical about this and it doesn't quite work exactly as it says but there is a difference.There does seem to be less dust collection on the screen however the main thing was the finger prints for me which i didnt want.This is still visible but not as much.However with a couple wipes of the cloth the screen does look and feel brand new again where as previously u would need to do quite a lot of rubbing to get the finger prints off so all together I think it's worth a try if u don't like protectors.
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27th August 2014

Sony z1 compact, iPad 4
Got to be honest, I'm not sure this is a wonderful as the reviews say it is. I've applied it to two devices - an iPad 4 and my Sony Z1 Compact. The sachet covered both without a hint of it drying out and I think I could probably have covered another 3 devices without any issue. The problem is, it smears way too easily. Whether this is finger prints on the iPad or the dreaded face or ear grease that comes from having a hard day at work and having the phone pinned to your ear. With either, the level of smearing begins to build and there's no way of cleaning it properly without the use of either a spot of windowlene or special cleaning cloth that comes with the sachets. Still not sure what scratch protection it offers, but purely from the "smear test" I'm not convinced.
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John Nicholls
Hampshire/Dorset border
20th October 2013

HTC Sensation
Good but expensive
Certainly seems to seal off the phone but I do not like the idea of sealing the entire phone as when one needs to open it to update battery, insert new SD card etc, this breaks the seal and this is a one time only solution. For the price I expected a bottle of stuff that could be re-applied more than once or on more than one product. The one use impregnated cloth is very expensive at this price.
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Andrew Holloway
United Kingdom
24th July 2013

Sony Xperia T
A clean screen
THE biggest problem with all smart and android phones is keeping the screen clear of marks. This product goes some way to help. A stylus or gel cover which covers the whole device may be ideal.
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Milton Keynes
15th July 2013

iPhone 4S
Sounds like a miracle product......
Bought 2 of these as I have several devices that would benefit from the protection this product purports to provide. I cleaned and applied the product to my iPhone and a pair of Oakley sunglasses, as detailed in the instructions and left for over 12 hours to 'set', but I have seen no noticeable difference in the amount of finger marks on either item. So, on the face of it, not really worth the money, but I have a second pack which I will use and report back any additional findings.
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Shane Sanders
13th July 2013

iPhone 4S
Not bad
Once again fantastic service, ordered about 6pm on an evening and received the next day, extremely impressed. The screen protection does not really stop fingerprints as stated, but has kept my phone a lot cleaner than usual. Not sure if i used it right, but followed the instructions and left overnight for best results.
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