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Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection

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Using liquid nanotechnology to protect your smartphone and tablet, the Crystalusion Liquid Glass provides a resistive layer that protects coated surfaces from dirt, oil, dust, abrasion and bacteria for up to 12 months.

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Frederick Portal
23rd April 2016

My son attempted to use it for my wife's phone and said that it was rubbish
When I purchased it in a hurry to replace a product that was out of stock, I did not appreciate that it was a liquid and not a glass screen protector. My son attempted to use it for my wife's phone and said that it was rubbish. He went to a supermarket and purchased a standard glass screen and fitted that instead and threw the liquid glass screen protector in the bin.
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Lambros Vasiliou
5th December 2015

Lumia 930
Bought this for my Lumia 930 about 1.5 years ago, screen looked brushed at the top after a month or so, now has a key scratch right in the middle. This thing is totally useless
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10th September 2015

S6 edge
Didn't work, my new s6 edge is now scratched due to believing this product would work
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David Greenway
4th August 2015

Ipad air 2
Worse than a waste of money, especially as I bought 2. Followed instructions implicitly and watched U Tube demonstration before applying to my brand new untouched Air 2. Looked doubtful when applying, after waiting 12 hours worse. Can hardly see screen for smears and fingerprints and you can't get rid of them, so much for the super retina display. Shame I have to give it any stars
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15th May 2015

iPhone 6+
Not useful
I adhered strictly to the instructions which incidentally involves getting the product over ones hands. In a nutshell - it doesn't work and in fact seems to retain finger oil even more than the untreated glass. Smudges take a lot of removing, certainly far more effort than before. So I'm now stuck with a phone that displays grease and dirt at least as badly as it did before. I've tried alcohol to remove the product but without success. Maybe the other reviewers have spotted something that I missed. Certainly not worth the money for a single sachet of product on a wet wipe. Promises much more than it delivers. Don't bother.
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11th March 2015

Iphone and IPad
Absolute Rubbish!
NO NOT BUY! Yes if something seems too good to be true then it probably is. Having followed instructions to the letter, I even watched the video on their website I am now left with an iPhone ans ipad covered in smears that I can't remove. Not sure what to do next but will be writing to the company that make it.
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Samuel Porter
6th December 2014

What harm could it do?
I never write product reviews but felt compelled to after experiencing this product. I bought this product along with a Muvit tempered glass screen protector. After applying the glass protector my fingers would glide over the surface and repel smudges just like a new gorilla glass 3 screen does. I then added this product thinking "What is the worst that can happen? If it does nothing, I still have the great protection of the glass protector. How very wrong could I be! After following the instructions carefully and waiting 12 hours. The screen is now horrible! My fingers no longer glide over the surface and instead grip and drag. Every touch leaves horrible smudges and when i place the phone down, dust becomes attracted to my device. Cleaning seems very difficult now not that there is any point to cleaning now that my device is a grime magnet. Don't waste your money and potentially ruin your phone and stick with screen protectors and/or oleophobic solutions for a happy experience instead.
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Paul K Jeffrey
3rd November 2014

Nokia Lumia 930
The Emperors New Clothes?
I can't help feeling I'm the little boy pointing out the Emperor is naked here. This stuff is easy to apply however even though I following the instructions to the letter it dried streaky forcing me to "buff it" up. I now can't tell if there is any left on the screen or not since there's a good chance I've removed it all when trying to get rid of the streaks. Overall I can't recommend since I just can't tell if its protecting the screen without attempting to scratch it - it doesn't appear any cleaner and I still have to clean the screen daily. I'll be frank - I'm confused :)
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Ronnie Herbert
Isle of Man
3rd November 2014

I am not one for writing reviews but I felt I had to on this occasion. After painstaking going without my mobile for 12 hours to allow the protection to be 100% affective, I was amazed that it was all in vain. Finger prints, smugers, you name were not stopped and in a way made the marks worse. I waste of my hard earned money but I should have known.
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Chris cruci
10th October 2014

iPhone 6
It don't do what it says it will do it suppose to stay clean for up to 12 months it didn't last for 12 mins I have to keep wiping the screen to clear finger marks so I wouldnt recommend this product
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20th August 2014

Sony Xperia Tablet Z2
Not sure what it did
Applied the cloths/compounds exactly as directed. Can't see anything, not sure what, if any, protection this has offered
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Rob - Yorkshire
United Kingdom
8th May 2014

Nokia Lumina 625
Don't believe the hype!
I recently bought a smart new Lumina for work that is in constant use and it quickly attracted lots of fingerprints and greasy deposits which, in some lights makes the screen difficult to read. Whilst looking for something else on the internet I stumbled across this product which claimed to keep such marks at bay whilst providing an antibacterial layer of protection. I was dubious about the claims made but was swayed by the positive reviews and so made my purchase. Whilst I cannot contradict the claim regarding the bacterial protection I can advise that this product does NOT keep unsightly fingerprints and swipe marks at bay at all. In fact it has made no visible difference to my new phone at all. My advice, listen to your gut instinct and don't waste your money!
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23rd April 2014

Xperia Z
Worst than expected
I followed the guide just like many others and the result is ...exactly the same smudges, dirt and fingerprints on my screen! I can't feel the oleophobic effect, not even close! Wasted my money and time..!
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31st March 2014

Galaxy S4 & Ipad
I may as well used water.Followed the instructions to the letter. I cannot see any difference at all and the screen(s) still require cleaning regularly. A lot of money for a very poor product.
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20th February 2014

Mobile phone samsung galaxy
Waste of money
Used this item on my phone. Followed instructions to the tee. No protection on my phone and might have well wiped it with a dry dishcloth. Did make it nice and shines until I touched the screen and left smears. Total waste of money
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Shuaib El-Hamdoon
United Kingdom
16th November 2013

Nexus 5
Not impressed
Over priced and did not see the benefits. Will not buy again!
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Chris Boden
25th October 2013

Sony Xperia Z1
Not Convinced.
Followed the instructions to the letter having cleaned the phone first with a brand new lens cloth recently purchased for my camera. During the cleaning process with the product I even wore disposable rubber gloves so as not to leave any handling marks. Refitted the phone back into my case and continued using as normal but, after only a few days usage, the screen is still showing fingerprint smudge/smearing marks. Don't intend to buy any more of this product.
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28th July 2013

Armani glasses
Waste of money bought two lots
Followed instructions to the letter made no difference to smearing of my glasses i guess inertia selling is is still the norm?
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eric horrod
brighton uk
27th July 2013

iphone 4s
product didnt live up to expectations
followed instructions to the letter but product just didn't work
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Jo Harris
25th July 2013

iPhone 5
Don't waste your money
I really wouldn't recommend this as it is a complete waste money. I followed the instruction to the later wiped the crystal glass on until the cloth was dry and after the 5 minutes min time you leave it for there were smears across the screen. You are better off with a good quality screen saver.
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23rd July 2013

HTC One X - Sony Xperia SP
Poor design
Applied this product to a HTC One X and a Sony Xperia SP with very different results on each. One X - The solution just beaded up on the surface and could not be applied. Xperia SP - Solution dried in a streaky mess and had to be removed straight away. Also applied the solution to a pair of glasses. When dried the glasses couldn't bee seen through properly. The idea behind the product is great, but unfortunately it just doesn't apply properly with a wipe. A redesign of the application method may make this product much more viable. But as it stands the product just isn't worth the money.
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Jack Edward
22nd July 2013

HTC Desire, and a Samsung Galaxy Ace
Not what was on the can!
I applied the product as per instructions, on the Desire, it looked streaky, on the Samsung it looked clear. But on both, after a few swipes, finger streaks were all over the screens, not at all as the hype made out! I certainly won't be recommending Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection to any of my friends.
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21st July 2013

Spectacles Sunglasses
Waste of time and money
Made no difference to my glasses just the same as before applied had high hopes for this item but uselesss.
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Stuart Potter
London UK
16th July 2013

Huawei P6
Waste of Momey
I followed the instructions to the letter applying this product to my new Huawei P6. There is no sign of any of the supposed benefits of this product, the screen still smears badly from my greasy fingers, there is no sign of any protective coating.
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13th July 2013

Motorola Droid 4
Very disappointing
First off, I have to admit, I didn't apply this directly to my screen, I applied it to a screen protector. They say that it can be used all over the device to offer protection, so I figured that it would work just fine on a traditional screen protector. I didn't like the idea that the protection can last for "up to 12 months". Once you have a scratch in your screen, it's there for good, so it's no good getting a scratch in month 10 and saying "I guess my protection has run out". I applied it to the screen protector hoping that it would provide some oleophobic protection against finger prints (and invisible microbes). The instructions say to apply the sachets until they run dry - this took a long while for me on a single phone, so I think you could use the sachets on either a much larger device, or maybe two or three phones. However, I have to admit that I could see absolutely NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER in the fingerprint resistance of my device after applying it, and so I cannot recommend it on that basis, and as I pointed out, the supposed protection does degrade over time, so even if that does work, it's not clear how you would know that it needs to be replenished, apart from getting a scratch. It's a great idea, but I suspect if it works, then it only works on glass, because it certainly didn't do anything to my plastic screen protector.
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