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Kitsound Hive Bluetooth Wireless Portable Stereo Speaker - Black

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Product Reference: 39801

Listen to music or take calls with this sturdy, high-quality and rich-bass bluetooth speaker. Small, practical and effective this is a great speaker to keep with you on the move.

  • "What a great speaker"
  • "Wicked bass!"

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Alice Carr
Point Cook
2nd September 2015

For the price I was disappointed with the volume. My mobile phone is louder. Also it seems to need permanent connection to power source as it shows only a red light if under 25% charge, it gives very little clue about the level of change, only a red or green light. Very disappointed.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Alice When your phone is connected to the speaker, make sure the phone's volume is adjusted as well as the speakers. This may be causing the low volume issue. If you are still having issues, please contact our Customer Services team.
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Mark Packham
17th July 2015

Hive portable speaker
Hive speaker
Good quality speaker, nice product and the slind is OK on it. It has a classy look and I have enjoyed linking it to my ohone.
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John Q Public
City of Gotham
3rd January 2015

Big sound from smll package
Order arrived only a few days after placed. Quality of item is excellent. It is as described in various reviews on YouTube. It gets pretty loud for it's size, but don't expect it to sound as full and loud as your home high-if. It's perfectly portable for use with your phone or tablet.
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Robert Youngson
28th December 2014

Hive speaker
What a great speaker
If you want a good quality speaker for radio or other player ie Kindle Fire this is the only speaker you should buy , robust build , robust sound either base , . Mid range or treble this is the business ! Don't waste your money on anything else as it won't match this speaker
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William Sheppard
31st October 2014

Samsung galaxy note 4
Quality Speaker
A quality Speaker value for money a reasonable volume for a normal room size. This speaker does not blast out the sound. It does produce a very good sound when it comes to the verbal word or the playing of quality music. Listening to radio drama via a galaxy note 4 using blue tooth is a real pleasure.
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david nock
18th June 2014

Fantastic device,sound is great.
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Anas Patel
29th May 2014

HP DV6-6B6EA notebook, Cowon i10, Fiio e12, Albrecht AE2990 AFS transcever
Simply brilliant
This is simply the best speaker currently available for its size. It puts out a surprising amount of bass for such a tiny speaker and when hooked up through the Fiio E12 amp it really kicks at low to moderate volumes. The Hive only produces minor amounts of RF interference if you use your mp3 players FM radio or hook it upto other radio equipment. Unlike some of the older Hives the newer revisions produce a lot less of a constant hiss and whining from the bluetooth module which is a huge improvement. However when connecting to devices via the 3.5mm jack, the speakers seem to be wired the wrong way round so for stereo recordings the right and left channels are the wrong way round. Its possible to solve this by using bluetooth or by using a RCA cable terminated in a 3.5mm Jack socket and then simply connecting the RCA jacks white to red and red to white. This then produces the correct stereo image. The hive simply blows the competition into the water it is simply the best speaker currently available.
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2nd May 2014

I phone 5 and Nokia lumia
Spot on
This is perfect for what I need. Easy to Bluetooth, surprisingly light and great sound. If you want a speaker for a party, this is probably not it. If you want excellent and clear quality sound for outside use and mobile fun - this is spot on!
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los alamos, nm
26th December 2013

Kt Sound Hive
Wow. Amazing sound quality. Friends have another brand but the hive sound quality and bass is superior. Primarily use it when playing golf. Put it in the cart with iPhone and it just rocks for the entire round plus more. Highly recommend the hive if you are looking for a portable bluetooth speaker. And the place to buy it is Mobilefun.com. Great service and fast shipping
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F. MIlls
24th December 2013

The best BT speaker in and beyond price range
One of the best performing speakers I have previewed or owned. Sound clarity holds at all volume levels until you hit maximum volume, which can be mitigated using volume controls of both device and speaker. The BT button makes pairing the easiest I have encountered. There are two minor flaws; a short high pitch shriek when the speaker is turned on and connected and the thumping bass can be "too thumping". This is attributed to the placement of the bass (sub-woofer) reflector port facing down on the bottom of the speaker. I have found experimenting with different surfaces of different density can place that thumping back to a more pleasing bass sound. The speaker is solidly built, has a rubberized feel to the touch and is uniquely attractive in design and appearance.
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C Foster
9th December 2013

Total satisfaction. Friends are amazed at sound quality and price.
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11th November 2013

HTC One M7
This is very good speaker sound for any gadget . I like this speaker. Excellent sound
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Anas Patel
7th October 2013

HP DV6-6B00 notebook PC
Top quality product
The Kitsound Hive Bluetooth Wireless Portable Stereo Speaker - Black is a top quality product. I bought this to improve the volume of a couple of laptops and it does not disappoint. The speaker can go fairly loud without producing distorted audio. This also works well with an mp3 player, Intek H-520 and Albrecht AE2990 transceiver. I've tried a few amplified speakers in the past but they all caused severe interference to my MP3 player’s radio as well as wiping out other forms of radio but the Hive produces interference free audio. I have had a small issue with the Bluetooth function it works extremely well with a HP laptop but causes the speaker to clip the first part of the audio produced by screen reading software. I would definitely recommend the Hive if you have devices with produce quiet audio.
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jun Yan
Pittsburgh, pa
22nd September 2013

small but nice speaker
Very portable, nice sound. Highly recommend.
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16th September 2013

Htc One M7, ipad mini, blackberry porsche
This is very good speaker for my phone, i like this n very simple to connected. Great sound for small speaker
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7th August 2013

Really Good sound. for the price
Really simple to set up and the sound quality is well above average. Very portable but still has a solid quality feel. I'm very pleased with it.
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28th July 2013

Kitsound Hive Bluetooth Speaker
Good value for money
I tried the KJitsound Hive in direct comparison to the Boom Bar, also made by Kitsound. I wanted a speaker for holidays and outdoor use that is portable and good quality. I thought I would try both these and look at the new Bose Soundlink Mini as a high end alternative (approx £169.00). Having tried both Kitsound speakers I chose the Hive. It is definitely better quality in both build and sound reproduction. One drawback is bass distortion at very high sound levels but, as Kitsound advise, turn the speaker to full volume and lower the volume slightly on your device. This works well and, I feel that, unless you want to spend £100.00 plus this speaker is ideal.
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20th July 2013

Ive been abit of an audiophile for coming on 30 years now so I know a thing or two about good sound reproduction. This speaker has surpassed my expectations and punches well above its weight! It has a very nice solid and heavy feel about it that exudes quality. Get it, you wont regret it!
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Dave Ebbs
19th July 2013

samsung galaxy s3
WOW nice
waited a while to post review as wanted to try speaker in a few different places with different devices good speaker well built very easy to use
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Alexander B
Southampton UK
13th July 2013

This is one of the best purchases I've made. Sound quality is excellent and its very easy to set up and use. Battery life is outstanding. The price I paid to MobileFun was worth every penny. I would not hesitate to recommend the Kitsound Hive to anyone who needs a portable bluetoooth stereo speaker. Well done Kitsound.
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Ronald van Dyk
8th July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2
Small but nice sound
The description says: •Superior music reproduction and clarity. YES, it has nice clear sound. •Integrated passive radiator delivers thumping bass. NO. Thumping, not a chance. Come one it is a small speaker. Bass it has, thumping it does not. •Allows for conference calling on the go. YES •Rugged and stylish honeycomb design. YES •Universally compatible via Bluetooth and 3.5 connectivity. YES. It was very easy to connect to my phone and my laptop. If you are looking for a speak for traveling, with nice sound, then this is worth buying. It does have bass, enough to let you know your music has it, but by no means thumping. If you are looking for a BOOM! box, then don't waste your money, buy a BOSE or Damson Oyster.
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David Moles
3rd July 2013

iPad Mini and S4
Impressive Sutff
I've been looking for a mid priced Bluetooth speaker for a while. I originally ordered the smaller Jambox and even though the sound was very good I just couldn't justify spending £150 on it so I returned it. I ordered this off Mobilefun and it arrived the next day well packaged. I've been using it for a few days and I am very impressed with the sound, battery life and built quality. The mids and highs are well balanced and the bass is strong but not over powering. It doesn't sound as good as the jambox but it isn't far off and considering this is nearly a 3rd of the price it's a no brainier in my opinion
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Rich White
3rd July 2013

Nexus 4, iPhone 4S
Wicked bass!
I bought this to replace an old Gear4 iPod dock for something both Android and Apple handsets can use and it is AWESOME! It's small so you can put it anywhere; bedside table, windowsill, on the work counter when washing up. But what is best is the sound quality. It gets REALLY loud, without distortion. And the speaker bit at the bottom adds a helluva lot of bass. Really happy with this.
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