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Avantree High Power 3.1A Dual USB Universal In Car Charger

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Keep your tablet and phone charged at the same time while travelling with this 3.1 Amp, fast high power, dual USB car charger by Avantree.

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Shaun Smith
Waterlooville Hampshire
6th November 2016

I Phone 6S
An excellent product!
As quick as a mains charger, it's the third one I have purchased for other family members and they are just as impressed. Highly recommended!
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Neil Dunstan
9th October 2015

Samsung Galaxy S4
The simple solution to an irritating problem
Most smartphones consume a lot of power, but turn on the navigation app and it gets a whole lot worse. For a long time I couldn't work out why my phone ran down even when plugged into the USB charger in the cigarette lighter socket. (I really can't remember how I got that charger. A Bluetooth earpiece perhaps?) It turns out that the charger isn't up to the task and produces far less power than the phone was using to navigate. The Avantree high power charger completely solves that problem and even actually charges the phone while it's navigating - not quickly but it does. It's the simple solution to an irritating problem!
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Mr Richard Brewell
31st August 2015

Samsungg Galaxy Note 3
It works but....
Whilst the charger works, it doesn't provide any more charging current than my last one. I was hoping,with it having a higher rating that it might. Only seems to provide sufficient current to maintain the same battery charge level.....
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Richard Depends how powerful your previous car charger was I would imagine to compare. The phone will take as much charge as it can handle and with this one featuring 3.1A, you can easily charge two devices at the same time without affecting the charging rates too much. Hope this helps.
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Phil stapleton
6th July 2015

Abs tree high power 3.1a dual universal sub in car charger
Fantastic unit Does exactly what it says on the box Had a few u s b chargers but non of this quality Great product highly recommended
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Chris Cain
28th February 2015

Avantree 3.1A dual usb car charger
Best in car charger
At last a charger that will charge and power Galaxy S5 when navigating with Google Maps.
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David Corbett
11th September 2014

Nexus 5
Worth the Money
Definitely worth shelling out a bit extra for this, I've been through so many cheap car chargers that have failed within days or weeks. Works a treat.
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Michael Julian
1st July 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Forget the white charger!!!
Yes . . . forget the knight on a white charger. Because the Avantree High Power 3.1A Dual USB Universal In Car Charger is THE ONLY charger you need!! I have been recommended many others before and they come nowhere near the performance of this ,little beauty. I speak as I find. It is small and unobtrusive and has the beauty of allowing two devices to be charged at the same time and does so VERY quickly. I am very, very impressed by this charger and I'm sure you will be too. It was delivered within a few of days of ordering. Go on . . . you know you want to!! Now . . . . . . where's that horse bolted to . . . . . . .
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22nd June 2014

I Phone
all charged up
thank you for the Avantree car charger . so compact and versatile . I can now charge up on the go my Garmin and phone at the same time. Speedy delivery so soon in action. Thanks. Turnip
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17th June 2014

sony xperia z samsung galaxy 4
a god send
I did lots of research looking for a in car charger as the one we had was wired and could only charge one phone at a time. This charger is a god send, it lets my partner use his sat nav on his Samsung galaxy 4 and me listen to my music on my Sony xperia z This charger will charge up your phone super quick whilst being used,don't know how we ever managed without it
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7th June 2014

powerful charger
Keeps my sg4 perfectly charged and charges even when screen is on full brightness and gps in use. Most other car chargers don't do this for me.
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Roger Brown
30th May 2014

Samsung galaxy 10.1 and iphone 5s
High Power dual USB car charger
Second one I have bought, black suits upholstery of the car and blue lights are subtle enough not to distract Charges tablet well being 3.1A. Good Product I would buy again. 1st charger was lost on a boat in Greece, so works on yachts.
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29th April 2014

prodotto ottimo
Questo carica batteria universale e' molto veloce nel caricare il mio note 3 anche con il gps e navigatore attivato. Ottimo lo consiglio a tutti.
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31st December 2013

Tablet and smart phone
Works as it should
I've bought cheaper car chargers in the past and have often found the charger won't stay connected in the socket. The Avantree has been properly designed and made. It fits snugly and does not work loose when in use. The two output charging rates means any tablet or smart phone should charge from this device.
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Edward Turner
23rd December 2013

Very handy device
The ability to plug in two items at the same time is excellent, Normally I would only be able to plug in the satnav device.
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11th December 2013

Leggendo le recensioni ero in parte scettico, invece dopo un po' di problemi iniziali ho scoperto che è un prodotto fantastico! Va utilizzato con un cavo USB di buona qualità altrimenti non ricarica bene; una presa è più potente rispetto all'altra. Il Nexus 5 con navigatore si ricarica rapidamente! Ottimo prodotto, straconsigliato!!!
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David Leeman
United Kingdom
29th November 2013

iphone 5 and ipad 3
works great and charges both together without a problem
a great high output charger that works without having to mess about with moving my cables from one port to the other (u know what i mean!!) most other chargers are only 2A but i jumped at this one when i seen it and works great !!
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25th November 2013

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab.
Avantree High Power 3.1A Dual USB Universal Car Charger
Packaged well and delivered on time. Nice size and does exactly what it states. Charges the Galaxy Tab 10.1 while being powered on. The Tab recognises it as a Mains Charger and not USB that wont allow you to charge while powered on. Will happily charge my Motorola RAZRi and the TAB at the same time.
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Antoine Dalli
19th November 2013

Nexus 7 and Nexus 4
Greafor a small divec it has the power you need to charge your tablit and you phone together one down side they don't including any USB cable with the pack
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5th October 2013

Nexus 4 & 7. iPad 3, iPod 4th gen.
Space and life saver.
Now I can use my gps and charge another device simultaneously - no more problems on long journeys...
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Emsworth, Hampshire
27th August 2013

iPhone 5 & ipad 4
Solid piece of kit
The charge adapter is very well made and feels like its going to last. I did purchase a cheap adaptor from another online auction site but this proved to be a waste of money as it did not work with my iPhone even though it was sold as suitable, it was also very flimsy and broke within a few weeks, I'm so pleased with the adaptor supplied from mobilefun it's a much better product, just wish I'd found this site sooner. Thanks
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26th August 2013

iphone 4s
Avantree High Power 3.1A Dual USB Universal Car Charger
Very good product does the job and looks very neat.
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25th August 2013

neat and practical
At long last an uncluttered car! Just two short usb leads and the jobs done
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John Noble
United Kingdom
20th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 & Galaxy SIII
Great piece of kit
It does exactly what it says on the tin! This Avantree High Power 3.1A Dual USB Universal Car Charger has a very fast charge rate. Neat and compact - very useful piece of equipment. Highly recommended - as are Usual ultra-fast service!
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North of Scotland
14th August 2013

Huaweii Ascend G300 and Kindle
Great initially -but
This worked really well for 3 weeks but then stopped working for no apparent reason. I discovered that in fact it had blown a fuse which the garage replaced when the car was in for a service. I have not used the device since in case the same thing happens so I will never know whether the device itself was faulty or there was another problem. Anyone had similar experience
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31st July 2013

Just what was needed
A great little gadget. Charge when you are travelling, saves carrying a mains charger with you and for destinations which may not offer facility to charge up you phone or pad. Very reasonably priced and once more excellent service from MobileFun
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Adrian Lawrence
Christchurch, Doset
31st July 2013

iPhone 5, TomTom GO 825
Neat and Effective Solution
Some car adapters are bulky, others low powered and ineffective for more than one device. The Avantree provides sufficient power to charge two relatively high-draw devices and its low profile means that the car isn't a mass of trailing cables: they can be tucked neatly away. Highly recommended.
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Steve Jones
4th July 2013

HTC One X+
Powerful but...
Well made, fits snuggly and works nicely charging my phone at more than a trickle when I'm running the sat navigation app. Unfortunately though, as previously mentioned, it wipes out my radio reception in my 02 Renault Scenic and makes the radio unusable. Radio works fine when you unplug it. Shame as otherwise it's a great bit of kit.
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Mark West
Dorset UK
2nd July 2013

iphone,Galaxy Nexus phone & Nexus 7 tablet
Nice but Noisy!
The 2 high power chargers we bought are effective at charging our various devices while in the cars allowing full GPS use whilst still charging the phones. However we can no longer listen to any of our car radios whilst charging as the amount of electrical noise generated by them is simply staggering! I thought there had been regulations about RFI internationally agreed years ago but I've noticed the mobile phone business seems to live in a bubble of its own and many charging devices are both pricey and electrically noisy. So while we appreciate the power output of these units, they would be much easier to live with if they didn't demand we listen to them working instead of our ICE! My review would have been 5 stars if not for this apparent design fault. It can't just be one car's earth thats bad as it is the same on 3 cars we own including an E class Mercedes!
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Paul Bywater
30th June 2013

IPhone 5 and TomTom Via Live
Excellent product
This is the first car charger that I've been happy with. It fits into the lighter socket properly and doesn't spring out. It charges my phone quickly and has an unobtrusive light to keep me informed. As a bonus it allows me to charge my TomTom at the same time - excellent!
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John Tsipouras
Balsall Common
29th June 2013

Mobile Phone and SatNav
Just what I have been looking for
I have a TomTom SatNav, which means I need to plug it in to the Car power supply. But sometimes I also needed to recharge my mobile phone, or my Blue Tooth ear piece. This little gadget has solved my problem. Almost the same size as my previous Charger, but more powerful, and will power two devices at the same time. Thank you Mobile Fun
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Derek Ransom
Bath, UK
29th June 2013

iPad 3
Work's perfect with iPad
Just the job for charging my iPad 3 on the go and looks good too
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South West Lancashire
29th June 2013

iPhone, Nexus 7
A versatile and useful charger to carry in the glove box.
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