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RoadCharge Micro USB Car Holder and Charger

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Product Reference: 39176

Hold and charge virtually any Samsung or LG smartphone with a Micro USB connection. Secure and convenient, the RoadCharge Car Holder includes an integrated secondary USB charging port.

  • "Great Product, Great Service."

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Tony Balzan
20th October 2015

Roadcharge Micor USB Car Holder and Charger 39176
Great Product, Great Service.
Fantastic product - holds my phone very securely and charges it quickly. Great service from Mobile Fun as the original order was lost in the post and didn't arrive. Another one was sent straight away with no argument or hassle.
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Steve F
12th October 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5
Broken after a few months
I was really happy with this product until this morning when the connector that goes into the cigarette lighter broke off and a piece of the plastic mould was stuck in my lighter
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Roger Tyerman
30th July 2015

road charge micro usb car holder and charger
This item was just what I was looking for and has not disappointed me, after ordering the item was with me by the next day .
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Alastair Rayment
29th July 2015

Nexus 4 and Sony Xperia Z3 compact
Very easy to use and holds phone brilliantly
Really impressed with this product its hold the phone very sturdily in our v w Passat cigarette socket. Charges the phone very well and has additional socket for another phone to be charged. Have used it a number of times so far and really can't fault it.
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24th July 2015

RoadCharge Micro USB Car Holder and Charger
Great unit for my Galaxy S4. This is my second purchase as I gave my wife the first one.
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zbigniew kapler
20th July 2015

galaxy s6
ace product
Handy piece of kit. Value for money
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20th May 2015

Totally unstable !!
I bought this item for my Note 3 and unfortunately the cigar lighter fit is very poor. Despite being fully inserted the grip provided by the adapter was very poor and the phone would tilt on cornering and fall out of the socket. very disappointing! Maybe someone should event and adapter plug that you can tighten in the socket with a thumb wheel or some such mechanism. If the grip had worked this would have been a 5-Star product!!
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Juha Koho
22nd April 2015

RoadCharge Micro USB Car Holder and Charger
RoadCharge Micro USB Car Holder and Charger - Samsung Galaxy S4
Holder and charger is pretty good. If there is something to make better thats adjustable jaws to insert phone and release it. Also gooseneck would be better if it is 100 mm.
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Paulo Da Silva
8th April 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3, 4
Superb micro USB Car holder and Charger
Simply it works! You can easily adjust to the desired handset size, it charges really fast and will hold your phone in place. Very handy for saltelite navigation!!!
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Los Angeles
6th April 2015

Does Exactly What I want
I have been looking for a good mount that will also charge my phone, without having to modify my car. This mount worked perfect. It is easy to setup. The phone inserts and ejects with ease.
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Brian Lloyd
15th February 2015

Fits well and very flexible to avoid obscuring knobs and dials . Great to get rid of hanging cable etc
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Sue H
1st January 2015

Good value for money
Got this for my husband as part of his Chriswtmas present - he loves it except for one thing, he wished the gooseneck could have been a little longer to accommodate where different car manufacturers place the cigarette lighter. His is on the bottom of the central console and he has to place his phone just touching his left knee as it would interfere with the gearstick otherwise. Apart from this its great!
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Whitley Bay
20th December 2014

Samsung Galaxy
Excellent product
Best product I have found as a dual holder and charger and would highly recommend
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26th September 2014

luxury holder
Arrived few days ago. very good and well made product. I get 4 stars because VW Passat has cigaret socket very near the gear stick and you can easily touch the holder while driving. But anyway, it is very good product and I would recommend him to others.
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23rd September 2014

Galaxy S4
Brilliant servie and product!
One of my concerns was how it would work with the S-view case which I had recently purchased for my Galaxy S4 but I needn't have worried. It holds the phone in the adjustable holder securely - and charging is rapid. My other concern was that the lighter in my BMW 3 Sports is recessed and I wondered if the goose neck would be sufficiently flexible to hold the phone securely in landscape mode to avoid the gear stick. Again, I needn't have worried. The rubber feet on the fitting head ensure the holder stays secure and the goose neck enables flexible positioning to any position. All in all, an excellent buy and one with which I'm very satisfied.
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16th July 2014

Not strong enough
The goose-neck is too weak to hold my Note 3 in position.
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mr anthony cattini
7th July 2014

samsung s4 mini
never leave home without it
Bought this car phone charger because of its disign and performance, it does what its ment to do and with the extra USB connecter that in its self is a bonus would buy again.
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19th June 2014

Don't buy, it broke withing one week. Not strong enough to hold my phone up. Waste of money
MobileFun Reply:
Hello Ryan, We have had good feedback from our customers on this product, it seems that you may have received a faulty unit. You can contact our customer service team to arrange a return and replacement: http://support.mobilefun.co.uk/index.php?_m=tickets&_a=submit&step=1&departmentid=28&group=returns
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27th May 2014

Robust arm and speedy charge
I was impressed with the flexible arm which is suitably robust enough to avoid vibration. A good sturdy product which charges my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini speedily! Good value product!
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john booker
United Kingdom
23rd April 2014

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Judith Lee
United Kingdom
17th April 2014

Samsung S4
Too short!!
I drive a Ford Mondeo and I wanted something that I could attach my SAMSUNG S4 to. On paper this item looks ideal,but in reality it is to short. You have to keep looking down to see the info. not great. Also for any other Mondeo drivers the cigar socket is very near the gear stick so when you plug the charger in it gets in the way. Finally the charger works it self loose after a relatively short period and wobbles about not what you want while driving.
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13th April 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Totally The Right Piece Of Kit
This holder/charger is PERFECT and does exactly "What it says on the tin"
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United Kingdom
14th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3
Not bad
It makes it a lot easier to operate things like the sat-nav without accidentally pressing buttons or catching the screen. It does however put the screen in an awkward place to see - possibly a blessing in disguise. By shifting the phone slightly in the grip I'm able to connect up the cassette adaptor I got separately & have the sat-nav give verbal instructions over the stereo.
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11th March 2014

Galaxy 3s Mini
Does everything I expected
Pretty handy gadget that grips the phone holding it onto the USB connector, making sure it doesn't become detached. Mounting and de-mounting is straightforward and the flexible support allows the phone to be put in an easy to view position and is stiff enough to ensure it stays there. Perfect for using the phone as a satnav whilst keeping it fully charged. Looks good in position, with no training wires and the phone can be held vertically or horizontally.
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6th March 2014

samsung galaxy S3
great for the price
if you don't want cables all over the place this is great, some I have used in the past tend to vibrate whilst driving, not this one it's strong great bit of kit.
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Matt Pepper
County Wexford
24th February 2014

Must-have gadget
I came across this item while browsing for an in-car charger. Not only is it a charger but it is also a very sturdy, well made phone holder as well. It can also be turned to a horizontal position, which is ideal when using your phone in sat-nav mode.Overall a very well made item with no messy wires to be seen. Fits very well and secure in the cigarette lighter. Would recommend to anyone!
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22nd February 2014

Roadcharge micro usb car holder and charger
Clever piece which every car should have
This holds my phone in a position where I can both see and control it without distracting me whilst driving, would recommend both product and mobile fun to anyone looking for clever and practical gadgets
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Arthur Durrant
13th February 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
A Good Choice of Mobile Holder
I bought the RoadCharge Micro USB Car Holder as it uses the car's cigarette lighter socket as a base to a flexible arm to hold the phone: I don't like window mounts as they invariably drop-off, dashboard - not possible due to airbags, and not keen on airgrill holders. I am pleased that the product is of god quality, appears well made, is steady and easy to use. I would have preferred a slightly longer stem, but overall I'm very happy with the product.
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Ana Marino
10th February 2014

Very useful
Is very useful because it continues charging your smartphone even if you are using it. Just be careful adjusting it away from the gearshift.
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31st January 2014

Samsung Galaxy s3
Absolutely first
Bought this phone holder so that I could more easily mount the phone when it is in speed camera mode. It holds it totally firm, can be adjusted as necessary and includes an additional usb charger. My son is so impressed he is going to oder two.
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14th January 2014

Moto G
high quality product
this holder is very sturdy, the adjustable bracket works great, and my device fits in perfectly, easy to mount and unmount. The materials and finish are very good. Of course the big plus is the integrated micro USB charger. The only drawback is that the angle between the cradle and the goose neck is fixed (it's not a ball join). This might be a problem if your lighter is not located at the perfect spot to get the correct angle with the phone.
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9th December 2013

Micro USB holder and Charger
Nice item for your vehicle. Sturdy as described and holds my Samsung galaxy S4 phone with no problem. Would recommend to others.
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9th October 2013

well made item
First impressions were not good the packaging arrived looking as if it had been severely squashed and creased, the information on the outside of the box related to an FM transmitter version and the contents were packed in scruffy polythene bags. Thankfully the product itself is very nicely finished in a nice matt black (or is it dark grey?). I had problems at first getting the holder to stay straight mainly because I had to bend the arm to one side to suit the console and avoid the phone colliding with the gear stick however after studying the obviously well thought out design I realised that if I pushed the unit in at about 60 degrees from vertical pushed it in firmly whilst twisting it to the upright position it locked firmly into place. In use its a little fiddly to place the phone on the charging connector but you get used to it, the design is neat in the way that the bottom is slightly hinged to allow you to the phone forward when you remove it. Overall it is a very neat solution some downsides in that the unit may obscure some switches (dependant upon the actual vehicle) and even not fit well in all dashboards but it is a good product doesn't look cheap and works well.
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26th September 2013

nexus 4
tidy solution
Nice product, easy to take phone on and off. v happy with the quality-should last.
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19th September 2013

great piece of kit
great piece of kit but gets in the way of the gearstick
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14th September 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2
Phone is in a good position to use as a sat nav, and charging simultaneously. No more getting there fine and running out of juice and getting lost on the way back. Box looks a bit dodgy, but the kit itself is good.
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9th September 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 & S2
Great Piece if Kit
Well made piece of equipment, fits snug into the cigarette lighter (no wobble). Grips the phone securely. Well worth the price.
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Lisa Baker
United Kingdom
1st September 2013

samsung Galaxy note 2
so good I recommended to my friend and she ordered it yesterday.
Brilliant what a great toy for my phone.
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30th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
I have been very impressed with the RoadCharge car holder. It is very well made and feels strong unlike a lot of car holders you can get. The adjustable height of the holder means it will hold various devices. I find some in-car chargers are under powered and charge very slowly but this charges quickly enough. Overall I would highly recommend.
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Jim Adams
28th August 2013

Nexus 4
Just what I needed
The RoadCharge Micro USB Car Holder and Charger does just what I want I holds the Nexus 4 firmly and safely, allows orientation to suit my use and is just fine for using the Nexus 4 as a sat-nav. I'm completely satified or will be when Google allow the drive software to show thw direction of travel as uo the screen.
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Clive Lawn
Batchworth Heath
27th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2
Just the ticket
I expected the item to work and to meet my requirements, but the fact it can be either vertical or horizontal is a boon as far as I am concerned as it now doesn't obstruct my controls, but due to the screen 'flip' it doesn't affect the working. I'd recommend to anyone.
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24th August 2013

Google Nexus 4
suits some cars better than others
This is a good piece of kit charging the phone efficiently and allowing a second device to be charged through the USB connector. The "bendy" arm allows flexibility in positioning the phone to give the most convenient view. The only problem is the charger unit which fits into the car, my charger point is horizontal and the unit works loose, the unit would probably be better suited to a vertical charging point.
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South Africa
15th August 2013

Galaxy Note
What every motorist needs
This is a sturdy item that holds and charges the smartphone at the same time. can be used with a tablet as well as it includes a usb port and cable to charge the phone in landscape mode. Perfect it reduces cable clutter in the car and is easily removed to use in a second vehicle.
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27th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy SII Plus
Serves its purpose well
Great holder and very neat and tidy. Charges fast and no messy cables (big plus for me). Gooseneck is long enough to bring to phone easily into view while driving. My 12v socket is quite low down and this brings the phone to a comfortable height. One small problem is the gooseneck causes a bit of wobble over very rough road so the phone can wobble a little and sometimes causes the charger to disconnect so you have a adjust it slightly if this happens. Overall though I would recommend to anyone.
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