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Sorry, but OneCable Apple Lightning, 30 Pin and Micro USB Sync and Charge Cable has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

OneCable Apple Lightning, 30 Pin and Micro USB Sync and Charge Cable

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Product Reference: 39092

Charge and sync your Micro USB, Apple 30 pin and Apple Lightning devices and with the OneCable sync and charge cable.

  • "What a cracker"
  • "Gadget geek heaven"

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Julian Milburn
21st April 2014

iPhone, iPad & Blackberry
Great solution for My Gadgets
For the first time in 8 years of ordering stuff for my gadgets I received a faulty piece of kit! However true to form Mobilefun had a new cable on route to me within 48hrs of reporting the fault. Best in class service that keeps me coming me back time after time for the best selection of mobile accessories. Also the cable is a fantastic tool that I use in my car to allow 1 cable for all of my mobile stuff.
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John Turpin
29th January 2014

iPhone 5s
What a cracker
Great little device this, especially for the car. I have an iPhone 5s and a Blackberry (for work), so can charge both in the car or at home with just one device. The cable retracts, so you don't end up with wires flapping around across your dashboard. A 'must have' for everyone who has to work on the go.
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South East
21st December 2013

Not as good as I had hoped
Unfortunately this was bought for new iphone, but unless I take the case off it does not work. Perhaps a note saying that it will not generally work with iphone cases on would have been helpful. Works perfectly with ipad so not all is lost!
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Laurie Hartman
23rd August 2013

multi plug for most devices
Just what i needed
This is a multi plug and ideal for traveling as it is so small. It will change from one to the other as soon as one pulls on the plug that is part of it.
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21st August 2013

iPhone 5 Samsung galaxy
Just what I was looking for
Just what I was looking for great idea.
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Jean Hall
Crynant, Neath
19th August 2013

Iphone 4s
I bought this with the adapter as it seemed so good for travelling. Its an excellent product. Mobile fun send products out quickly so you normally get delivery next day. Cant fault them.
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16th August 2013

No messy wire in the car!!!!
Finally no more messy wire in the car!!!!!! One wire does it ALL!!! I manage to charge my Sony Xeperia S and iPad :) Havn't used it for data transferr so donno if it works. The extension works well for me since the phone dock is not that far off from the main charger port which is near the gears. I recommend this for ppl who don't want their car clutter with endless wires!!!!
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26th July 2013

Just the ticket
All for one and one for all as the saying goes. No more trying to find different leads in the car just take the one. Mint !!
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Joan Friedman
Urbana, IL
24th July 2013

Good for charging
This combo charging cord is great for travel, since the one cord does the work of three: charge your older Apple device, your newer Apple device, and a non-Apple device, all from the same cord. It doesn't seem to work well for synching with your computer, though.
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dereck evans
19th July 2013

small charge for a great charger
i needed something simple to charge iphone in the car when power low , saw this on MobileFun web site just what i needed so ordered ,,hey presto charger arrived before expected delivery date, oh and it works great
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Phil Smith
East Yorkshire
10th July 2013

Ipad 4 Samasung Galaxy Note 2 iPhone 4S
Retractable Multicharging Lead
I am using this on holiday and it just perfect for my needs. I would have had to have brought three different leads instead just the one has done the job. Ipad 4, Note 2 iPhone 4S and Bluetooth headphones all charge perfectly with it. A definite recommendation.
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Garry Clarke
1st July 2013

Samsung Galaxy, iPad
Charging cable
Ideal for anyone of the move who needs to use different products ie, mobile phone or ipads, can alos charge in the car as well
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martin Knight
29th June 2013

iphone 5, iphone 4 and cobra tag
OneCable Apple Lightning, 30 Pin and Micro USB Sync and Charge Cable.
This looked very practical and is if you have several devices to charge or use for data transfer. Carrying one cable instead of three appeals. But it proved to far to light weight. the different heads kept coming off. And after only one months use the wires came out of the end socket. So its in the bin. good idea not robust enough.
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Standon, Herts
25th June 2013

Grandaughter's delight
Bought this for gran-daughter and she loves it
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Ron Franklin
25th June 2013

iPhone 4S and 5
Best little gadget
This lead is perfect. I've been looking for one to plug both my 4s, iPad and iPhone five into and even the phone manufacturers own at three times the price isn't as practical as this. It's so easy to use and so quick to changeover. With the spring-loaded cable rewind, it closes up so neatly and this makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. I'm very happy with this amazing little gadget.
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24th June 2013

iPad + mobile phone
I found the one cable great my hobby is cycle touring and I found this cable is verry usefull it's small and verry easy to pack great product
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24th June 2013

Iphone 5 and iPad 3 and iPad mini
Bit flimsy
Although the item does the job it is very flimsy and where the cord pulls out it gets tangled and stuck when it tries to retract
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Dave Robinson
24th June 2013

iPhone, iPad Mini
Neat Idea, Doesn't Work
I purchased this item after watching the video review. It arrived in double quick time as is always the case with MobileFun and put it straight to work. Initially it was fine but within two days it stopped working. It now won't charge the iPad Mini at all and with the iPhone it clicks on and off and is therefore rendered useless. Overall very disappointed. I expect MobileFun would have refunded me the cost or replaced it but I simply couldn't be bothered packaging it up and sending it back as I had discarded the box etc. Stick to the proper Apple cables, they work.
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Paul Kerrigan
10th June 2013

Iphone 5 Ipad kindle
Truly a great cable. Took one look at it, and chucked my iPad, iphone and Kindle charging cables straight in the bin. One cable to rule them all - one cable to bind them - and in the USB port - charge them (with apologies to Tolkien).
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8th May 2013

iPhone 5, iPad 2, Kindle
Gadget geek heaven
As a lover of gadgets, it is brilliant to be able to carry around just one cable with connectors for all my different gadgets - iPhone 5, iPad 2 and Kindle - so different from finding that I have the wrong one in my bag when a battery needs charging.
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Alan in Belfast
7th May 2013

iPad 3, iPod Nano gen 7, iPod Touch, Blackberry Curve
Saving space in your bag and on your desk - charge everything in sight
As a frequent traveller, I carry around quite enough laptop chargers, network cables and leads. This tiny, retractable cable eliminates carrying different USB cables for charging old and new Apple devices as well as having micro-USB for Blackberries (and many other mobile devices, including most Android tablets). It'll power your devices - obviously only one of its three connectors works at a time - and also acts as a data cable. So you can backup or synchronise your devices at the same time as charging them. All three cable ends remain attached to each other, simply hinging out of the way, so there's nothing to lose or leave behind. When I'm not away, it's also eliminated a lot of clutter on my desk - with three cables now replaced with one. If someone is looking for a charging cable, this one is sure to work.
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7th May 2013

iphone 5
Great little gadget
Great for charging a variety of things in the car. Will certainly use this site again.
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6th May 2013

iPhone 5 & iPad 2
The One Cable Apple Lightning
The One Cable Apple Lightning, 30 pin & micro USB charge Cable, Great for Iphone 5 & iPad 2 Brilliant piece of equipment, and fast delivery.
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27th April 2013

ipad 4
I purchased this item while it works with my Samsung Galaxy Note the lightning connector will not charge my ipad 4 which I understood it did having said that it is a very handy charging cable.
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