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Sorry, but Olixar 4-in-1 Charge and Sync Cable (Apple, Micro USB) - White has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Olixar 4-in-1 Charge and Sync Cable (Apple, Micro USB) - White

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Ideal for travel, the 4-in-1 Charge and Sync cable from Olixar supports the charging of multiple mobile devices on the go and data syncronising and charging of Apple Lightning devices.

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24th January 2016

Great purchase and very low price. Works well.
Great price and works very well.
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Jane Lanagan
Mid Wales
2nd December 2015

4 in 1 charge and sync cable ( Apple,Galaxy Tab, Micro USB) - white
Good Product
Delighted with this product, does exactly as it says on the tin. The added bonus is that it charges up all Apple products and Galaxy super fast.
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ruby wilson
14th September 2015

samsung tab 4
excellent item
I looked everywhere for a charger for my mum sister and me I have a Samsung tab 4 and my mum and sister iphones so is the best charger as it works for both thanks it is really a great item and will buy from you again.
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26th August 2015

Mixed Devices
4-in-1 Charge
Flipping Awesome! We have a mixture of devices Apple phones 4's & 5's iPad Air as well as Samsung products. It does exactly what it said it would do and more, as it also charges my Kindle using the Samsung lead.... Happy Days! So only need to pack this when away. Only downside is the the cables are quite short and all the same length. Although this is shown in the video of the product it would be more user friendly if the cables were longer and had different lengths. Otherwise perfect for my needs.
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Eirlys Evans
17th August 2015

Samsung galaxy
Very useful
I found this very useful for charging several tablets at once. It is easy to use and handy when on holiday, no loose wires trailing everywhere. I bought two of them and gave one as a present. The recipient was delighted with it, saying that it was ingenious and useful.
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13th August 2015

Handy little adapter
Great deal on a handy adapter. What do you do when you have an iPhone, iPod and a Kindle? Ditch the three cables you'd normally carry and get one of these. As a bonus, my iPhone could sync to iTunes just fine using this item.
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Charlie vial
23rd July 2015

I am I missing something?
All I see is 3-1 not 4-1 where is the 4 th outlet?
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peter humphreys
7th July 2015

4 in 1 charge and sync cable
charging cable
really pleased with the quality and price,its so compact no more tangled cables.
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24th June 2015

Fab product
This item was well worth the price I paid it's handy for charging up more than one item at a time .. It was packaged well and the delivery was very quick received it the next day after ordering ...I always use mobile fun as what you buy is always good quality you always get very good service from mobile fun plus they have plenty products to choose from. And there web site is very easy to use ..I certainly recommend this product !
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Jeffrey Ryan
Bexley, Kent
5th June 2015

Samsung S5
Multi use charging/sync cable
This really is a useful piece of kit to have, USB at one end splitting into four at the other. Suitable for all Apple products and has a micro USB as well. Nicely made.
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2nd June 2015

iPhone6 iPad iPadMini Watch iMac
Declutter your desk
I can't believe that I've never seen this cable anywhere else before (and I travel - on and offline!). Advantage is two-fold - instead of having to reach around the back of my iMac all the time to swap cables, this cutey sits permanently in place ready for all of my devices (including camera connection). Secondly, I don't have the problem of cables cluttering up my desktop, just three handy heads sitting waiting nicely organised. To top that off MobileFun delivered fast efficient service which isn't always the case when you're delivering outside of the UK - thanks guys
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lorna lambie
27th February 2015

iphone 4s
compact cable
handy cable to store in car to charge multiple devices only negative is the length of the cable , however as only used in car it is adequate. Bit pricy but seems to be well made and does fit 4 different types of devices prompt delivery
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Sander Noormagi
Tallinn, Estonia
28th December 2014

iPhone 5S
Must have
This gadget saves me tangles of cables and tons of space. Use it for iPad3 and iPhone 5S. Works as promised. If You need longer charger, then use USB extender.
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24th December 2014

4 in 1 Charger Sync Cable
Order Sunday got Wednesday Good price Good Cable very handy
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Emma Glover
5th December 2014

Great idea!
Would never have believed that one cable could save me so much hassle! No more searching for different cables (and plugs) for the variety of devices in my household, it's all in one now. My only quibble would be that it would be nice if you could have one just for Apple products or Samsung products. 5 stars
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19th November 2014

4 in 1 usb charger
I was really impressed with this item. Everything charges quickly and great price. The down side would be the leads could be a little longer and it doesn't charge the iPad mini. Would definitely recommend.
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1st November 2014

Ricarico contemporaneamente più dispostivi, peccato averne preso uno solo, ne servirebbero almeno tre: casa, macchina ed ufficio.
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Mark Pollitt
2nd October 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Upwardly mobile People
All those people like myself with multi devices and chargers and cables plugs etc. This is the answer to your prayers. One cable with 3 adapters with one socket needed. Does exactly what it says on the tin
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1st October 2014

iPad, Samsung S2 LG P700
Get Charged Up
Great for charging several device keep yourself charged up with this great product.
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Christopher Wigdor
30th September 2014

iPhone + Samsung tablet + others
Life suddenly became easier with this charging "angel"…..
No more cable anarchy last thing at night when I am tired and suddenly remember that I must put several devices on charge - just one simple and elegant solution. And only one "cable" to pack when I am away from home. This is a really good and indispensable accessory.
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29th September 2014

Phone cables
Very handy cable for connecting phones and iPad.
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Charlie Clarke
29th September 2014

Iphone 4 , iphone 5 & Kindle
All the cables you'll ever need
Fed up of the wife moaning particularly on holiday as no enough cables or charges and at home moaning about to many plugs and cables cluttering up her kitchen , well this cable does it all no mess very neat and fast charging , glad I bought 2 .Great stuff
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9th September 2014

iPhone 5S & Samsung S4 mini
Lighten the load
As a frequent traveller the less I have to carry the better and this little beauty ticks that box. Means I don't have to choose whether to charge the work or personal phone when time is tight or airport security needs to see a working phone these days. Highly recommended.
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Mario Mariotti
Vighizzolo di Cantù
30th August 2014

Finalmente un cavo con cui puoi fare quasi tutto.
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Brooke Modene
13th July 2014

Travel Perfect
Received exact item as described in good time. Perfect for travel! Multi use plug!
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21st June 2014

the octopus
brilliant idea, which i never thought was possible. to have both ipad and iphone charging by the side of my bed... yes its true. its all i need when i go away. no more two or three connector wires just a little octopus in my pocket and all is done. I was going to get couple more as gifts for friends but the price went up. highly recommended
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East Anglia
18th May 2014

iphone 4, Kindle paperwhite, iphone
Very useful
As well as charging our own devices this has proved very useful when grandchildren are visiting. They are always running out of charge on their various devices. One of my granddaughters was so impressed that I have had to order a 4-in-1 charger for her.Hopefully it will make things easier at home.
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Karl Hubbert
18th May 2014

Iphone 5 , iPad2
Charge together
Ideal as I don't have to look for different chargers and my devices can be charged together at same time.
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Donny Stewart
17th May 2014

iPhone4s,iPad2,Samsung Galaxy Duos
Neat and Compact
Excellent gone all those cables, very neat and as I travel by air a lot its lightweight and compactness is perfect.
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Malcolm Calthorpe
17th May 2014

Iphone and ipad
Small tidy convenient......
Forget loads of cables and swapping over This convenient little gadget charges them all. Cable is quite short but who needs long ones anyway if they're next to the laptop. Great, simple bit of kit!
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16th May 2014

iPad, galaxyS2, kindle , galaxy tab, Sony Experia.
One size fits all!
My partner and I travel a lot and both have a collection of devices that need charging. This 4 in 1 lead is all we need to pack to ensure that all our gear can be charged. No more tangled pile of leads in the suitcase.
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st. louis, mo
23rd April 2014

Works as advertised! Would recommend!
This works as advertised. I was a little skeptical as i've bought numerous non-apple charging/sync cords in the past only to find they won't work or aren't supported. This works and will be useful for other devices.
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Rob Smith
11th March 2014

iPhone, Kindle and Samsung Galaxy
No more tangles. No more excess baggage
I travel a lot and hate carrying loads of chargers and cables with me so this is ideal. I now only need a single USB charger and just this cable to charge all of my devices. And because the cables are only a few inches long I no longer have a bird's nest of tangled wiring in the bottom of my bag to unravel when I get to my hotel!
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15th December 2013

iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy s3, iPod Classic
Perfect, charges all 3 devices at the same time and quickly. Loads of people have asked where they can get one!
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Jim McWilliams
18th November 2013

IPad iPhone5 Kobo Mini iPhone4 Samsung Galaxy S2
4 in 1 Charger
I found this device to be absolutely essential. No more searching for various charging cables. There they are - always ready, in one place to charge my various devices. Another extremely well-thought out device from Mobile Fun....
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26th August 2013

Galaxy S3, iPad2, Galaxy Note 10 and iPhone5
Works just like it should
Arrived day after order was placed. Not only does it work with each individual device but it works simultaneously. Cable is a bit short but I can live with that versus the convenience. Overall a great service and the product works exactly as advertised.
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23rd August 2013

iPhone 4s, iPad 4, Nokia
Tidy charging station!
One cable for all three of my products. Great.
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12th August 2013

I-phone 5, Samsung Galaxy note 2 and Samsung galaxy tab 10.1
Oh wow! It works!
I must admit that before receiving this item, I assumed that it wouldn't charge all three at once. Guess what. It does. Brilliant.
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Dale Karl Harvey
East Lothian,
10th July 2013

Samsung s4, iphone5
4 in 1 totally worth the pennies
I needed something that would charge all our phones at the same time during holidays and when on the move. This cable does it all and the other fits the Nintendo so the daughters 3dsi chuff as well, cheers dale
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Ashley Law
9th July 2013

iPhone, iPad and Kindle
Ideal adapter
Gone are the days when you needed a lead for all your devices, that would get into a tangled mess in you bag. This one plug has the three leads is small and neat. Perfect for charging your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, phone.... Need I go on??
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Cengiz Elkoca
8th July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 , IPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.
Perfect product
Easy to order and Quick delivery by post order . 4 in 1 charger and sync cable works perfect . Thank you mobile fun:-)
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27th June 2013

S4, iPad Mini
A quality lead
I was always hunting for the right lead, with this I can charge and sync all my devices. I've even used it to charge my iPad mini and S4 at the same time using a 2 amp usb plug. Only slight downside is the cable isn't very long but at the same time it makes it nice and easy to keep in your pocket
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