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Ideal for travel, the 4-in-1 Charge and Sync cable supports the charging of multiple mobile devices on the go and data syncronising and charging of Apple Lightning devices.

  • "No more tangles. No more excess baggage"
  • "4 in 1 Charger"

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Rob Smith
11th March 2014

iPhone, Kindle and Samsung Galaxy
No more tangles. No more excess baggage
I travel a lot and hate carrying loads of chargers and cables with me so this is ideal. I now only need a single USB charger and just this cable to charge all of my devices. And because the cables are only a few inches long I no longer have a bird's nest of tangled wiring in the bottom of my bag to unravel when I get to my hotel!
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21st December 2013

iphone and ipad
Very good
This works perfectly with iphone and ipad so a very good buy. Perhaps a slightly longer cable would have been even more useful
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15th December 2013

iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy s3, iPod Classic
Perfect, charges all 3 devices at the same time and quickly. Loads of people have asked where they can get one!
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United Kingdom
5th December 2013

iPad Air, Samsung S3 - S4 and ipod
Does exactly what it says
Wish the cable was around 2-3 meters
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19th November 2013

Galaxy S3
usual good service
a nice product, good price and arrived just when it was supposed to
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Jim McWilliams
18th November 2013

IPad iPhone5 Kobo Mini iPhone4 Samsung Galaxy S2
4 in 1 Charger
I found this device to be absolutely essential. No more searching for various charging cables. There they are - always ready, in one place to charge my various devices. Another extremely well-thought out device from Mobile Fun....
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Michael Murray
17th November 2013

iPhone 4S, iPad & Bluetooth keyboard, SD10 speaker
Very convenient charging accessory
An extremely useful charging cable unit that could be improved immeasurably by having slightly longer leads. They are currently 18 cm long & I would find 24 cm much more versatile & convenient
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17th November 2013

Sending it back!
Thought this was a good idea, but the cable is SO short you cannot use the item being charged as there is no length to it at all! Fine if you want to leave three gadgets on the shelf whilst they charge, but who does that? Partly my fault, guess I should have taken note of how short it would be. Does the job of charging all three items at once, so I guess that's a plus. Not for me unfortunately.
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Murdo McLellan
7th November 2013

IPhone 4s, 5, 5s & IPad
As with a lot of the other reviews, great idea but a bit poorly executed. I am now in my second lead as apple lightening connector came off the cable after the first use! and i fear that the same is about to happen with the 30 pin connector on the second cable. The whole leead feels a bit poorly made, beef up the cables and make the joint between the cable and connector stronger and you have a robust and useble soloution....oh and it could do with being a bit longer! I have to say that Mobilefun's cusotmer care is (as always!) excellent and my first cable was replaced without question. I feel I will be contacting them again shortly though!
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19th September 2013

Charge samsung galaxy and ipad2
Not bad
Fits the Samsung nicely. Fits the iPad but very stiff but does charge. It would be better if the cable length was longer. Maybe you should do a number of lengths and charge a different amount. Good idea and a reasonable price.
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26th August 2013

Galaxy S3, iPad2, Galaxy Note 10 and iPhone5
Works just like it should
Arrived day after order was placed. Not only does it work with each individual device but it works simultaneously. Cable is a bit short but I can live with that versus the convenience. Overall a great service and the product works exactly as advertised.
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23rd August 2013

iPhone 4s, iPad 4, Nokia
Tidy charging station!
One cable for all three of my products. Great.
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14th August 2013

iphone5, hands free charges and iphone4
no more arguing over charging!
Bought this for my wife, who spends a lot of the time on the road visiting clients round the uk. She often travels with a colleague, my wife has an iphone 5, her colleague an iphone4 and there is also a hands free that needs charging. This one lead keeps everyone happy, just one adverse point: it would be better if the three leads were longer
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South East
13th August 2013

Ipad, iPhone , blackberry
Great idea but not great execution
As a regular traveller this was exactly what I needed. Firstly the cable is far too short, max 10 cms which doesn't allow for socket to any table in our household, it does stretch from laptop to device. Also it charges mini USB and old apple but not new apple micro fit. Mobile fun offer excellent service and delivery but this is the first disappointing purchase I have made that over promises and under delivers.
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13th August 2013

iPhone & Samsung Galaxy S4
I have to be honest and say this product is absolutely useless. The lead is so small that it doesn't even reach from the plug in the wall to anywhere you may want to place your phone. The idea is great however the charge leads are much too thin and is not worth wasting your money & time on.
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12th August 2013

Came apart first use!
Maybe I was very unlucky but this gadget, which I thought was going to be very useful, was difficult to fit into my latest version iPad and came apart as I tried to remove it. Sadly I had to send it back and revert to my usual charging cable.
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12th August 2013

I-phone 5, Samsung Galaxy note 2 and Samsung galaxy tab 10.1
Oh wow! It works!
I must admit that before receiving this item, I assumed that it wouldn't charge all three at once. Guess what. It does. Brilliant.
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12th August 2013

Samsung S3, and 7in tablet.
Not very useful
This looks like a great idea, unfortunately in practice it's little better than useless. The cables are so short, that it's practically impossible to find a location where you can use it as the device needs to rest within 6 inches of the socket. However, I overcame that obstacle by rearranging some furniture and using a pile of books. The 2nd problem is even bigger. It simply doesn't charge the Galaxy Tab 7. It will charge a Samsung Phone, but the tablet/ipad charger doesn't appear to work at all.
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3rd August 2013

iPhone5, iPad
Not quite as I expected!
Believing that the cable would sync the iPad to iTunes, I was disappointed. It didn't so I sent the cable back for replacement, having been reassured by Support that it would. The new one didn't sync iPad either, using the 30pin connector. iPhone does sync to iTunes using the lightning connector, and all cables will charge devices. I think the description "Charge and Sync is used loosely, so beware.
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Barry Jones
15th July 2013

4 in 7 charge & sync cable
Very handy but!
Having both an IPad and an IPhone means going away and taking a couple of charger cables and USB plugs every time. Now with this it means just one cable and if another member of the family has something else 3 items can be charged at the same time. There is one big draw back to this cable set. Once you have two or three items connected, each lead is not long enough to move each item clear of each other. They all seem to be piled on top of each other. It could do with longer cable to keep each item clear. Otherwise a great little gizmo!!
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Lindsay Vinton
12th July 2013

iPad 2, Nexus 7, Galaxy S3 , Blackberry.
Great idea
Brilliant idea to cut out the bag of chargers we usually have to pack when going away. Unfortunately whoever designed it didn't do so by plugging it in a normal height kitchen socket so the devices could rest on the work surfaces...it's cable is about an inch short. Slightly disappointing for this reason.
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Grantham, Lincolnshire
11th July 2013

ipad, iphone4
4 in 1 charge & sync cable
A handy piece of equipment for the usage of so many different items that it can be attached to. Disappointing factor is that the leads are far to short, 20cm (8 inches) and you could only connect comfortably using your USB on your laptop or tower system.
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Dale Karl Harvey
East Lothian,
10th July 2013

Samsung s4, iphone5
4 in 1 totally worth the pennies
I needed something that would charge all our phones at the same time during holidays and when on the move. This cable does it all and the other fits the Nintendo so the daughters 3dsi chuff as well, cheers dale
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10th July 2013

iPhone 5 and iPad 2
Partly good
I bought this to both charge and sync my iPhone and iPad. They will charge, the iPhone will sync, but the iPad won't. Not sure why. Headed abroad soon after arrival so no time to find out why.
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Ian Taylor
9th July 2013

Ipad, mobile phone, Kindle
Very handy charging unit
Very good piece of kit; the only drawback is that the mains cable is a little short. Apart from that, a very good idea and very neat.
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Stoke on Trent
9th July 2013

Galaxy S2
Does the job well
Excellent value for the money like a little swiss army.knife
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Ashley Law
9th July 2013

iPhone, iPad and Kindle
Ideal adapter
Gone are the days when you needed a lead for all your devices, that would get into a tangled mess in you bag. This one plug has the three leads is small and neat. Perfect for charging your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, phone.... Need I go on??
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Cengiz Elkoca
8th July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 , IPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.
Perfect product
Easy to order and Quick delivery by post order . 4 in 1 charger and sync cable works perfect . Thank you mobile fun:-)
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27th June 2013

S4, iPad Mini
A quality lead
I was always hunting for the right lead, with this I can charge and sync all my devices. I've even used it to charge my iPad mini and S4 at the same time using a 2 amp usb plug. Only slight downside is the cable isn't very long but at the same time it makes it nice and easy to keep in your pocket
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Sylvie Bassett
21st May 2013

I pad and samsung tablet
Excellent piece of kit
We needed something we could use to charge my samsung tablet and hubbys I pad, when away in our motorhome. This excellent bit of kit does the job. The service from mobilefun was second to none - they processed my order on Sunday and delivery was Monday. Well done!!!
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