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Olixar RoadWarrior Micro USB Car Holder, Charger & FM Transmitter

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Product Reference: 38895

The Olixar RoadWarrior Universal Car holder features an integrated Micro USB charger, additional 1 Amp USB Car Charger and FM Transmitter enabling you to wirelessly transmit music and hands-free calls through your car's stereo system.

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13th September 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
A very useful item
After jumping from iPhone to Android earlier this year, I've constantly been on the hunt for a decent FM Transmitter to play my music in my car. iPhone had many such offerings, there didn't seem to be any sort of selection for Android at all. I then came across this item quite by accident - read about it and decided to take a chance. I'm very well pleased with it - maybe just a couple of minor issues I've noticed with it so far. Whilst it does hold my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it's a little bit of a squeeze to get it into the holder, I'd say that the physical size of the Note 3 would definitely be the top limit for this holder. However, once in place it's very secure. My car has a forward facing power socket, this item would definitely be better suited to an upward facing power socket. Again, the item fits in the power socket, but you have to really bend the goose neck on the item to get the phone in a usable position. Again, this is acheivable with a bit of effort. Apart form those 2 minor issues, I'm well impressed! FM Transmitter works well, handsfree option is very clear - several people have commented on how clear my voice sounds. A great item! Only reason I'm not awarding it 5 stars is because of the 2 issues as mentioned above.
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5th July 2014

A little bit of twisting to get it to sit right but ince you do its works very well with no lose wires. 4.5 stars out of 5
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simon cole
19th June 2014

So far it's been very good it does what it says on the tin. Very pleased so far
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Matt Arnold
Castle Cary
13th May 2014

iPhone 4
Required adapter but very clear sound when used.
The main charging point on this device does not fit an iPhone 4; this required the additional purchase of a micro USB to iPhone 4 adapter (but only £3 so not a great extra cost). Yet to figure out what the additional USB port on the device was for though (perhaps an alternative charging socket requiring a PC charging cable?). When plugged into the cigarette socket and transmitter set correctly, the sound was very clear and the ability to answer phone calls using the vehicle audio system and built-in mic was particularly useful. Yet to see how well the flex or grip hold up to bumps when driving but it all seemed sturdy when motionless. Only other criticism is that the display is difficult to read when viewed at angle.
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chris maud
9th May 2014

moto g
required some customisation
This is a well built product but how suitable it is will depend on where the power plug is on your phone, where your headphone port is and where the 12v power take off/cigar lighter is in your vehicle. It works with my moto g but only after I cut a hole in the right hand side rubber to thread the headphone jack through. Also beware if you are using a protective case, the charger plug may Not make enough contact to charge. I like it overall but if you're not looking for cable less charging and stereo hook up the there's probably better options.
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6th May 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3
Easy to fit; easy to tune, good quality sound - check fitting for your car
Robust one-piece unit; secure plug fixing into lighter socket, easy to fit to phone - with S3 needed to have it offset slightly to keep jack socket clear for microphone plug. There is some adjustment in the flexible stalk, but will not fit cars with socket recessed under the dash (e.g. VW Golf). For this reason it loses one star - would help if products details on web site gave a list of cars it will or won't fit.
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2nd May 2014

I bought 2 Road Warrior units for both family cars that my wife and I drive. One is VW Golf the other a Honda Civic. Both units we used on Samsung Galaxy S4 phones. Both were installed and operational in under 3 mins. Simple and effective to use, not as refined as the top end products available but for the price great value for money! They charge the phone, allow you to play music and make/receive calls hands free! Simple and effective!
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10th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Well built device.
Firstly the quality of the device is top notch. As I am using with a Note 3 there is one slight downside. Because of the size of my phone and the location of the cigarette lighter on my Ford Focus (near the steering wheel), I need to tilt the arm slightly so it doesn't interfere with my driving. This causes some slippage in portrait, even more in landscape. With some fiddling I have found a sweetspot though. And I would imagine with smaller phones this would be a non issue. I think some sort of clip on the arm with a sucker to attach to the dash would suit my device (I'll fashion one and see how it goes) could be a useful add-on. As I said, my phone is huge, and the cradle needs to be on the maximum setting for it to fit. And it fits very well - if the micro USB connection on the cradle didn't have the built in give I would worry about damaging my phones connector. As it is the little bit of give allows a perfect and sung fit in the cradle. As for the functionality, second to none. General use is akin to using the headphones supplied with the device, clear mic, interrupts music and resumes after the call. Also the ability to skip track and got to previous tracks using the play/pause button on the device. Overall a great purchase at a more than reasonable price, very quick delivery too.
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6th February 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3
Does the job pretty well!
Bought this so I could listen to music and podcasts from my phone whilst in the car. It fits quite well in my car (Astra automatic) but I guess could be different if I had a manual gearbox as it could possibly get in the way of the gear lever. The unit fits well into the cigarette lighter socket so the whole thing feels sturdy enough. I have a casemate cover on my S3 which is a little thicker than standard,however it fits into the cradle fine and the USB connects ok. Now the 1 niggle; to plug in the audio cable I have to push the phone over to the left a little as the audio jack is obscured the the upper cradle clip. Its not too far, but can cause the usb to slightly disconnect enough for charging to stop. This is probably made worse by the case I have. A little wiggle and everything sorts. I think a previous reviewer also had this problem so cut a bit of the clip away. The goose neck is suitably stiff to hold the phone where I want it and the ability to rotate the screen is quite cool. As for the RF connection, that works well. Find a clear channel (ironically one with lots of hiss is best) and set the units frequency to match. The quality is not like a CD with my setup, but perfectly acceptable. Would be 5 stars but for the audio connection issue with an S3
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Milton Keynes
15th January 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3
Does 3 jobs in one!
I needed a new in car phone holder for my S3 and came across this device that allowed me to transmit audio through my radio as well as charge the phone at the same time. I did have a separate holder, charger and audio cable but this device does all 3 and saves faffing about! radio transmitting is good when you find a clear frequency to use and charging via the inbuilt USB is spot on. The holder is sturdy but do consider if the unit will infringe on your gear stick when in the power socket!
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9th October 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone & Samsung ATIV S Phone
Excellent handsfree/charging device
The RoadWarrior Micro USB Car Holder is an excellent product allowing you to connect your phone so it can charge and with the aide of a plug in speaker/microphone you can use the phone for playing music via the FM radio or operate the phone handsfree through your cars speakers and the included microphone on the plug. The only downside sometimes is finding a suitable FM frequency that is not interfered with, but it doesn't take much effort to correct. I've used this device with a Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android) phone and a Samsung ATIV S (Windows 8) phone without any problems.
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9th September 2013

samsung note 2
was good, but use the standard cover
the product and usability was great, fast service etc. the issue us that i purchased a flip cover and this proves to heavy for the device. i reverted to the "standard cover" and all is ok.
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Jimmy Tseng
26th July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
It fit just nicely. Easil sync with FM Radio
I wanted to know whether it can charge the galaxy s4 with extended battery. It's perfectly fit.
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2nd July 2013

Galaxy S3
This device does every thing I wanted.Fitted and working in 2 mins.It is well designed and thought out.use it all the time.
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1st July 2013

Samsung galaxy s2
Great unit, but .....
Great unit for charging phone and playing music through the car system. A fun thing you can do is broadcast over FM to a nearby car tuned to the same frequency. Sent a funny broadcast to my friend's wife using the talking tomcat app. - my friend tuned his radio to my road warrior device, and left his wife in the car, she had no idea were the funny voice talking to her was coming from! Only negative side, when using tomtom sat nav, if no directions are spoken for a few minutes, it stops broadcasting, leaving loud radio noise blasting out! - how can I stop this ? Other than that, well pleased.
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24th June 2013

Galaxy S3
purfect answer
Installed and working in 2 mins.gets rid of messy cables.now i have digital radio to listen to,cheaply ! Decent quality device at a good price.
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Lawrence Duffy
15th June 2013

Galaxy S2
All the Handsfree You Need
Ordered Friday, arrived Saturday with the cheapest delivery option. Tested today. Music sounds great, Phone calls clear and Google Sat sounds perfect. Could have done with a longer arm because of the bulge of the central panel in my car but I found a reasonable position for it.
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