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Sorry, but Olixar RoadWarrior Micro USB Car Holder, Charger & FM Transmitter has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Olixar RoadWarrior Micro USB Car Holder, Charger & FM Transmitter

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Product Reference: 38895

The Olixar RoadWarrior Universal Car holder features an integrated Micro USB charger, additional 1 Amp USB Car Charger and FM Transmitter enabling you to wirelessly transmit music and hands-free calls through your car's stereo system.

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11th October 2015

Do not charge anymore
Worked great when first used, then it would not charge my phone.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi John Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
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4th August 2015

Works well but arm not long enough
Products works really well. The only drawback I had with my vehicle is the arm is not long enough and interferes with the transmission gear in my 4wd. I have to have my car in drive mode before I can put the unit on and take it off before I park which is an a massive hassle. The bendy arm needed to be about 4 inches longer. When I'm off roading it's a case of take take it off and chuck it in the back seat.
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Jonathan Habbershon
29th June 2015

Device Works OKAY
The device in principle works fine. However the area where I change the channel for my FM radio station doesn't light up, it's just 0's. So I have to guess which radio station I'm clicking to. However once I get there everything seems to work fine.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Jonathan Sounds like you have a faulty item there, please contact us so we can replace it for you.
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5th May 2015

Would be great with some improvements
I have an Android phone so this review will be strictly for the microUSB version. My main intention was holding my phone while it charges without using any additional cables. The FM transmitter would just be icing on the cake. However it fails at both. To just charge the phone you need to plug in the headphone/mic cable even if you're not going to use it. Another hassle to plug, unplug when you only need to charge. Secondly the SQ from the FM transmitter is very poor. I'm getting static, fading in and out, and pops/cracks no matter which frequency is selected. Might be ok for calls but unacceptable for music. One important thing to note is the direction the microUSB plug faces on your phone and not mentioned in the descriptions. The shorter edge must face the same direction as your phone screen. If not then the phone will be facing away from you when docked making this useless. Check the photos on the product description to make sure.
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Steve Peterson
West Sussex
6th April 2015

iPhone 6 +
Great Idea but
I had it for three weeks and then it stopped charging (a faulty batch I understand). However in that time it did work well except that it wasn't always easy to find a free FM channel for the transmitter and because I have an iPhone 6+ it was a bit of an effort to squeeze it into the holder. *This doesn't fit the new BMW 1 series*. Overall though a good product.
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David Talbot
13th March 2015

Case or no case
I'm giving this three stars only because this device don't hold the iPhone 6 plus with a case on it. Other than that it works like a charm.
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16th February 2015

iphone6 charger/holder
The charger works. it is a little wobbly and I have had to cut out the bottom off my iphone cover to be able to get the charger in far enough to work - minor inconvenience but all seems to be working well.
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12th February 2015

roadwarrior for iphone6 - good
in general, i like this product. usually the radio tuner works pretty well, it's impressive. the only issue i have w/ it is sometimes the charger doesn't always work -- especially when my phone battery is only at 10% (haha)!
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Scott Sounds like you may have a faulty item, please consider returning it to us.
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Jack B
29th December 2014

Review of Olixar RoadWarrior Micro USB Car Holder, Charger & FM Transmitter
Product works well. However the micro USB could be facing the wrong way for your phone. My phone screen is facing into the bracket in order to charge; thereby I can see the screen while charging phone. Olixar RoadWarrior Micro USB Car Holder, Charger & FM Transmitter
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Matthew Santoro
Melbourne Australia
11th December 2014

The Road Warrior Unit is great , regretabbly the unit does not allow for manual searches to find a better radio station for a clearer reception.
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Steve Eaton
23rd November 2014

iphone 6
Ok for the price
This item does what it says on the tin and is easy to use. Audio quality is not great though and is well below an FM radio station's quality let alone a CD.
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Neil Di Luca
2nd November 2014

Iphone 6
Initially very impressed, then...
On opening the box, the Roadwarrier felt well made and sturdy. I put it staight in my vehicle and tested the FM transmittor - it work ed like a dream. Call quality was great and so simple to set up. My main reason for buying was the in-built Lightening connector as I use the SatNav on my phone quite a lot. All seemed well for the first few days. My phone was held solidly in place even with a protective case. Then after a week I noticed it was not charging. I checked the Roadwarrier to find the Lightening connector had come apart. Will be seeking a replacement.
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29th May 2014

Charging continually Cancels
Everything works fine, except for the charging, which constantly cuts out and leaves me with a phone that actually loses battery instead of charging my phone. It's either my product has a Defect or they're all like this. Not too sure! Would get more stars if I didn't have the charging problem.
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2nd May 2014

samsung galaxy
fm transmitter
Iv already bought a few fm transmitters and had a problem with the tracking. I bought this one thinking it would be better but it still doesn't play very clear.I have to say its a lot better then the others I have purchased.
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25th April 2014

iPhone 5c
Not as expected
iPhone fits nicely and able to play music through fm station but signal often poor and when u plug your phone in it comes up with a warning on screen to say this device is not adaptable for iPhones
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Nicholas Bassett
19th November 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note
A Little Dissapointed
Have bought a similiar item before for my van which worked and still does very well. Unfortunately, design does not fit well into our Toyota Avensis dashboard layout, not your fault I know. However, quality of sound from product through the speakers in car is tinny and when tried on sat nav it kept switching to a radio frequency despite me having tuned it to a separate frequency. Overall dissapointed and have sent back for refund.
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26th July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Good build and concept but poor staying power
The Roadwarrior is a nice product to look at. It has good build quality. It fitted well in my Ford Focus and held my Galaxy S3 well. I was very pleased to begin with. However, after an hour of driving the signal seems to fade and however much you turn up the volume on the phone or the car radio, you cannot hear the sound from the RoadWarrior. So overall this is disappointing. If you are only going for a short trip this might not concern you but for trips of an hour plus it is a waste of time. Maybe I have a faulty version or maybe there is something wrong with the design.
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Mesud Peco
1st July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Nice , but can it damage the device ???
Beautiful design and solid materials, but connection of the unit in the cigarette ligther is not firm enough and device is vibrating during drive. Smartphones are probably to heavy devices to be used in this type of the holder! Central position of the upper part of the holder is preventing 3,5 mm jack to be connected , so you must move the upper holding part on the left , but the positioning of the whole device in that manner is abnormal and charging unit is probably under stres! But worst of all, positioning of the phone on the device is the most dangerous maneuvre, because it demands to connect the charger under some angle , which can, and probably will , destroy phone charging unit , so I am very much reluctant to use the holder at all !
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