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Sorry, but Olixar RoadWarrior Micro USB Car Holder, Charger & FM Transmitter has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Olixar RoadWarrior Micro USB Car Holder, Charger & FM Transmitter

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The Olixar RoadWarrior Universal Car holder features an integrated Micro USB charger, additional 1 Amp USB Car Charger and FM Transmitter enabling you to wirelessly transmit music and hands-free calls through your car's stereo system.

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26th July 2015

Average at best
Not very happy with this purchase. It's Biggest problem is that it does not charge your phone. Also, the stem from the base to the cradle is not long enough, which makes it hard to get it to position in a safe place and not get in the way of the gear shift lever. I wouldn't recommend solely on the fact it dosnt charge phone!
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Andrew Nason
7th July 2015

Road Warrior iphone 6
When I received it - all well and good but after a month of use one minor irritation is that it doesn't have the soft pad of rubber / plastic that goes behind the top edge of the phone to stop it slipping from side to side like the Belkin one does (but who don't make one that takes an iPhone6) The more major problem is that, on occasion, I get a warning saying the accessory is not supported & the phone stops charging. I've checked its firmly in place but the only thing you can do it to take the phone out of the holder & re-insert it, but then it can happen again from immediately to after a short while. Either my unit has an intermittent fault or those crafty sods at Apple only want you to use their own chargers!
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Andrew Please contact our customer services team, sounds like it may be faulty.
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San Francisco
30th June 2015

Performed well but broke easily
After only 4 months of use, the piece that fits into the cigarette lighter broke off.
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25th June 2015

Iphone 6
Not overly pleased, if i'm honest
I bought this transmitter after querying another similar product as i had been having issues with chargers not being certified (since a recent ios update). Customer services at Mobile fun recommended this one and i bought it. it started working just fine but a couple of days before my drive to Austria the same 'not certified' error came up and i could no longer charge the phone. I had to go out and buy an apple certified charger and connect the fm transmitter separately. This of course ends up taking up quite a lot of space and I've had to also buy a dual extension so that i can plug both in to the car. The fm transmitter does work, although the i often had to keep unplugging it and starting again every time i switched the engine on. All in all, it does function, but I've had to buy other products to make sure it works, which isn't ideal and i could have probably brought a much smaller transmitter in the first place if i had known the charger would fail.
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Matthew Clarke
20th June 2015

Apple iPhone 6
Not fully compatible with iphone 6
The device works 50% of the time. At other times my iphone says the device is not compatible and won't charge. At other times while playing music in my car, the phone a mind of its own and either stops playing, speeds up the track or fast forwards automatically.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Matthew Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory. If your phone has a case on it, can you please try charging without it on to see if this helps just so we can see where the problem may reside. Also ensure the phone is connected fully with the charging connection. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us.
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12th June 2015

Not compatible 6 plus
It does not work with iPhone 6pluse, very hard to set up as far as flexibility, hard to plug in and out , the base not flexible.. I used it in a rental Nissan Altima for trip and in my Toyota Tundra daily since purchased.. I will be returning.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Alex I can assure you the iPhone 6 Plus does fit, if you have a case on this may be problematic though.
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9th June 2015

Good quality sound, charger fails quickly
Quality of the FM transmitter is great, the universal clamp is convenient. However, like many others after just a couple weeks it fails to charge with the message 'this accessory may not be supported'. It's too bad since we paid a higher cost for the combination, looks like a separate mount and FM transmitter would have been the way to go. Now it's just a bulky FM transmitter that doesn't charge.
MobileFun Reply:
Sorry to hear that Joey. Please contact us so we can assist.
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Andrew Nason
9th June 2015

iPhone 6
I bought this less than a month ago as my iPhone 6 didn't fit the Belkin TuneBase Hands-Free FM which I was very pleased with. First impressions were good, the phone charged & fitted however it was a bit wobbly as it doesn't have the little rubber cushion the Belkin does. However, as of last week it has developed a fault whereby, after placing the phone in the cradle, it starts to charge but after a few seconds the phone displays the message "This Accessory May Not Be Supported" at which point it stops charging. I'd guess its a software issue that Apple have installed to stop non Apple chargers being used but, as its sold as an in car charger and now it doesn't, it's not of fit purpose so, unless Mobile Fun have a solution I will have to wait for Belkin to bring out a revised TuneBase Hands-Free kit that can accommodate an iPhone 6 - shame!!
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Andrew Please ensure nothing is charging via the built-in USB port while you are charging your iPhone, could cause some issues. If you are still having problems you may have a faulty unit, so please contact us.
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Peter Walker
Alexandria, VA
2nd June 2015

Not ready for prime time
I'm on my second one of these RoadWarrior chargers/transmitters, and I have to say I'm disappointed. In theory, and for the first few weeks, they work great, although one could use a little more traverse on the clamping mechanism to better accommodate the 6 Plus in a case, and a longer gooseneck model would also be nice for some cars. The transmitter is good, and it's very convenient. But after a few weeks, a message consistently begins to come up on the phone "This Accessory May Not Be Supported", and it fails to charge. At the same time, the base seems to begin to come loose. The transmitter continues to work fine, but the inability to charge the phone makes this a deal breaker. Nice idea, good form factor, good transmitter, but needs some work before it's ready. If the next version of this were more robust, I'd eagerly give it a 5-star rating, but I regret that I can only give the current version 2 stars.
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Donata Settanni
strongsville, oh
2nd April 2015

Does not fit IPhone 6 plus with case
This broke after only one week, the whole thing does not work for an IPhone 6 plus, especially with the case on
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17th March 2015

Not Good
Sound quality very poor; FM transmitter does not seem to tune in properly with the radio system; I have a high quality Bose System which has worked very well with previous transmitters; unfortunately had to get a new dock/transmitter due to iPhone size changes.
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7th March 2015

Not impressed
Not impressed by the strength of the radio transmitter and the audio quality.
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Luthful baree
26th February 2015

I ohone
Not very good
It seemed practical however the charge pin broke which seemed flimsy and the aux lead did not work. Shame.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Sounds like you may have a faulty item, please return it to us for a replacement.
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Richmond VA
6th December 2014

Does not charge iPhone 6+
This product is so close to being a perfect solution. Unfortunately my iPhone 6+ says "this device may not be compatible with this phone" after about 10 seconds of being plugged in. Once the notice is displayed, the phone stops charging. This is very frustrating because if the phone is not being charged, the "hey Siri" function is disabled. Pros: Stability of mount and function of swivel are spot on! Microphone works great! Cons: does not charge iPhone and because of this it is not capable of hands free calling. FM Modulator does not work well while driving. It does well when parked but you get a lot of static while driving. The lowest frequency is 88.1 (87.7 is completely open in my area)
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Karl Please check you have the latest version of iOS installed and that your phone's connector is free for any dust or debris.
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22nd November 2014

The holder took quite a while to get to me but the most irritating thing is its actually to small for a IPHONE 6 PLUS I tried to use it a few times at full extension but you have to force you phone into the holder it should have had at least another couple of centimetres to adjust.
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Linda Polhill
28th June 2014

Samsung note 3
regret buying it
Fiddly to insert phone worried about damaging socket on phone gets in the way when driving in my Peugeot Expert van and the Mercedes van can't connect to radio as lead so short. Would have sent it back but was going on holiday and didn't know how to go about returning an item
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Linda, Sorry to hear that it does not work fine with your vans, you can get in touch with our support centre about returning it:
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11th June 2014

unit does not charge device
The Fm transmitter worked and held phone in place but unit did not charge phone.
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28th April 2014

Plays music/doesn't charge
I purchased this product over another product because it was listed at a cheaper price and offered the ability to charge my phone when in use. Unfortunately the product does not charge after inserting my phone into it's base and there wasn't any instructions that came with the product that would suggest I need an additional product, such as an 8 pin connector, in order to charge.
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19th July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Great idea but....
Arrived quickly but I suspect due to scratches on the stem and a lack of written instructions in the box that this was previously returned item. My car is 2009 Nissan Xtrail. The plug fitted well in the lighter socket with little play however I did find that the stem tended to get in the way of the gear change. When I rotated the phone towards me I found that at that angle there was a great deal of reflection on the face of the phone from the light coning through the driver5 window making it impossible to make out what was on the screen. Returned for a speedy refund. The FM transmitter worked well.
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Urs Utzinger
Tucson, AZ
11th July 2013

Good Design, Terrible Implementation
This product has all you need and would be handy if it would work. Overall the mechanical design and the concept is excellent but the electronics or the tuning of the electronics is done poorly. USB charging connector fails to provide power when the phone is mounted in the designed configuration. You have to wiggle your phone until you find an angle that works. For me it only works if I do not use the top gripper which wears out my phone's USB connector. Without audio playing constantly from the phone, the FM transmitter hops off the frequency and the car radio receives static after a few minutes. The microphone does not pick up an appreciable volume. One needs to to speak really loud and right into the microphone in order for the receiving party to hear you. The output volume is about 5 times to low and even at full blast settings on the car radio, it still sounds like your engine and road noise is at the same volume.
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