Masterplug Surge Protected 6 Plug Power Block with Dual USB - Black

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Part No: SRGD62PB-MP

Product Reference: 38710

Increase your charging options with this black 6 plug extension block by Masterplug featuring surge protection and two built-in USB ports.

  • "Compact and very useful"
  • "Excellent multiplug"

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8th September 2014

Iphone, ipad mini, macbook pro retina, and other devices
Happy with my purchase!
This item is compact and stylish. The only slight flaw is that the direct usb charging outlet is a little slow and takes longer than it would normally take. Other than that, an excellent buy. Would definitely recommend!
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Nigel Davies
7th September 2014

Small and Beautifully Form
How often have you got into a hotel room to find there aren't enough sockets to charge or power-up all your devices? Well with this clever device you'll have enough sockets to power everything from Smart Phone to electric toothbrush. Taking the Masterplug with you and you'll have the means and capacity to stay productive and entertained even if you gave access to only one plug socket in a room.
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Paul Parr
29th August 2014

iPhone, Macbook Air, Ipad 3
Very smart product
A compact and very useful unit that has replaced an old extension bar. It arrived within a couple of days of order and looks good and is not too big or obtrusive.
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25th August 2014

Toaster Carving Knife Iphone Ipad Kobo
Great space save
With all our electrical and phones this is a great space saver and avoids overloading plugs. Looks neat on a kitchen worktop. Jiust make sure all plugs are full pushed in as the cop not work unless they are. This is also a safety measure where children are concerned
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East Midlands
25th August 2014

6 Gang / 2USB Masterplug
Just the power block I have been looking for for a long time. It's from a good manufacturer with a guarantee.
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24th August 2014

Sound system
What I,ve been looking for
Excellent unit. Neat tidy and looks good. Would be perfect if it was switched but delighted anyway.
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23rd August 2014

iPhone, iPad
Handy piece of kit
I bought this really to use in my camper van because of it's versatility . It's also small compact and smart looking. I can now plug various things in at the same time just using one of the electric points I'm my van when I'm on hook up. I can also charge both my iPhone and iPad at the same time too. Now use it in the house too It arrived quickly and was reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend
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19th August 2014

Bedside lamp, electric blanket, hairdryer, straightener and HTC M8
Most Versatile piece of equipment!
Only have two sockets behind the bed so this little baby was a godsend offering me the flexibility I needed without having to unplug an appliance every time I wanted to use it. I'll definitely be recommending it!
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17th August 2014

Ipad, mobile, ipod
Most useful item to purchase
As these days we have so many electronic devises the plugs were being overloaded with the things needing charging so I bought a few of these, both this size and the smaller ones. They all work fantastically and are especially useful when going on holiday. I gave presents of the smaller, one plug ones to the grown up children who have been so impressed their friends are getting them. Even small they charge three items at once so ideal when going away as they only take the charging unit and one plug and the leads so less weight. The larger ones are ideal at home as I have put one in each room with the leads so the can charge as they need. I have tried other things in the past but these have been the best. I thoroughly recommend the masterplug blocks, and the smaller single plugs are great as a useful present or stocking filler, once you have one you will see yourself just how useful they are.
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12th August 2014

The best I've found so far
I entered the search term 'pretty multisocket adapter' as I am fed up with the ugly long things with thick cords trailing around my living room. This is the best I've found so far. It is less bulky, sits neatly on a side table, has six sockets plus usb ports, and is a nice shiny white. It is an excellent combination of elegance and practicality.
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Stone, Staffordshire
10th August 2014

MacBooks, iPhones, ipads
Neat tidy and safer
We live on a narrowboat on the Trent and Mersey canal, so we need to be careful with space storage and useage, we use our computers to both work and have fun. So keeping them charged is important. But space and keeping the place tidy was also important. This hit the mark one min plug to the walls and all the others are in a cupboard and we know it's safely tucked away
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Thetford, Norfolk.
8th August 2014

iPhone , iPad,
Most usefull electrical extension on the market.
I find tho master anti surge plug so useful, indoors where I sit in my lounge I have no electric plug, but now I have 6 if needed for various things to use and I charge my iphone and iPad at same time,I have found it very useful, and RECCOMENDED to any future user, 10/10. I have found it even more use in my tourer,only got 2 power points, it's a really useful. Block of POWER.
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7th August 2014

Xperia z1 ipad
USB Charging
If you have a usb cable with any of your devices this will charge them no problem. My wife was always looking for somewhere to charge her Kindle or smart phone, now the Masterplug Surge Protected 6 Plug power Block with dual USB sits by the side of the television, where she can just plug it in when she wants. Me peace and quite and no interuptions
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Peter Terry
7th August 2014

laptop, iphone, Nokia Lumia 800, ipad, drill chargers
Top Notch
Realy handy to have all the outlets, so can sit in one place with various devices. Have now purchased a total of 4 for all the family. Great product.
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Harry K Graham
6th August 2014

Review of Purchase
I have found this more than useful. It was something I was just waiting for. Where has it been all my life ! Many,many thanks.
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Matthew curtis
5th August 2014

Iphone 5
Perfect Extension lead.
This product is outstanding, i now no longer need plug socket space to charge my phone or camera, 6 plugs and 2 usb's all my cables are in one place! simply just connect the USB and your good to go! Very efficient and perfect for holidays abroad meaning only 1 adaptor is needed, not 6. This product is a must have.
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United Kingdom
4th August 2014

i phone ,i pad ,mp3 player
space saver
this is a compact unit that lets me do away with a larger extention lead that look ugly.
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Keith Verrall
4th August 2014

iPhone, Laptop Power supply, Standard Lamp, Phone Charger
Compact Power, Supplying 6 Sockets and 2 USB ports
A well thought out solution to the age of problem of not enough power points and also charging or supplying USB devices. I now use this adapter to power my Laptop lead, the Chair Standard Lamp, then the USB ports charge my iPhone and android phones. So useful, compact and unobtrusive. The extra long lead means it can be put anywhere to give you much needed extra power supply. Highly recommended.
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Sam Waters
United Kingdom
2nd August 2014

iPad 4, iPod, iPhone etc
Looks good, super to be able to not only charge 2 items via USB(more if you use the plug sockets)and use it for normal uses such as table lights etc.
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David Koffler
26th June 2014

Masterplug Surge Protected 6 Plug Power Block with Dual USB - White
Outstanding Power Block
There are five of us living at home with lots of mobile devices between us which always seem to need charging. We used to have multiple power blocks in each room and moved the USB chargers for each device from room to room. We now have five of these, each with their own USB cables in each room so can charge our devices whichever room we are in. Having a single power block that supports up to 8 items is also much neater. The surge protection is simply a bonus.
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Jeremy Harpham
United Kingdom
5th May 2014

Compact and very useful
Probably the best surge protected power block that I've ever come across. It is compact and yet has 6 mains plug sockets (a 4 plug version is also available). All are surge protected. It also has the bonus of charging 2 USB devices as well with the built-in USB sockets that save having to use extra plug sockets. I have both 6 and 4 plug versions around the house in both black and white (to fit in with the wife's decor). I first came across these at work (we all have them on our new desks now).
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28th January 2014

Great solution to my plug dilemma
fantastic item. The dual USB ports on top of the 6 way are brilliant. it now frees up two plug sockets as my iphone and ipad can be charged straight from the USB cable without the need of the plugs.
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19th January 2014

Iphone5, iPad, bedside light, landline and there's still more space
Iphone5, iPad, bedside light, landline and there's still more space
Iphone5, iPad, bedside light, landline and there's still more space, I bought two for each side of the bed,
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Peter C
17th January 2014

Nexus 7; Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini; Netbook
Excellent multiplug
Neat and well designed multiplug, which caters for the different array of plug shapes and sizes. Also 2 very fast direct USB charging slots. With surge protection included, and a very reasonable price, this has to be the best quality multiplug buy around.
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16th January 2014

Excellent product
Well designed, neat looking and very functional. USB slots x2 made it for me...! Very pleased and very reasonable. Oh! MobileFun's service is very good, too.
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14th January 2014

Masterplug Surge Protected 6 Plug Power Block with Dual USB
Compact and does the job. Very handy.
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John Worley
14th January 2014

iPhone Ipad Cameras
Master plug surge protector
This small and handy little device is perfect for my needs you have the usb ports on the top and six power outlets. you can plug the iPhone and iPad into the usb ports and save two power outlets for anything else. no need for the adapters with your usb device just plug into the usb ports and that's all. fast convenient and very compact does not get in the way.
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Bodrul Mostafa
28th November 2013

Iphone 5s . iPhone 4S and samsung s4 Mini
Masterplug Surge Protected 6 Plug Power Block with Dual USB - Black.
Great bit of kit .. No need to mess around looking for plugs to charge phone charger ..
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13th August 2013

Nexus 7 , Samsung Galaxy S4 , PC
A must have product for everyone that have valuable devices at home or office. Stylish design suitable for all.
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Peter bell
East Sussex
31st July 2013

Master plug Surge protected 6 plug power block with dual USB white
New type master plug
Good idea having 2 USB sockets neat and tidy they also do 8 socket found the 6 ideal for me
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Yvonne Andrews
31st July 2013

Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy 2 mobile
Does what it says on the tin
This mini item is ideal for powering up to 8 items at the same time, it takes up little space and is ideal for purpose. I was so impressed I bought a second for when I go on holiday, sometimes only 1 plug is available in hotels and this item is perfect.
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27th July 2013

Travel Companion
Masterplug Surge protected is the best travel companion for me.It's very compact,light and user friendly.I would recomend it for all travellers like me and those who want to use it at home.It's the best.
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jersey channel islands
19th July 2013

i phone and iPad
this is a must have !
yeah i liked this item so much this is the second one i have purchased it is the most useful device iv ever had and its so compact i love it thank you so handy to have every one should get one :)
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Roger Strutton
Assens, Denmark
14th July 2013

Sony Xperia Z,Sony Cybershot Camera, Pentax Charger etc.
Six AC outlets in one neat glossy black center
Although I live in Denmark, most of my small electric items,shavers, kitchen items etc are purchased in the UK. With the Masterplug I now don't need to buy an adaptor for each item. I do really need one for the kitchen as my wife collects gadgets the moment we land in the UK. It also has two USB sockets ideal for phones. It also looks good and works.
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angie melim
jersey channel islands
8th July 2013

every one needs one of these
this is just the best thing i have ever taken away with me , as usaly in hotels there are never plugs near the mirror this extension was perfect as it is small but has plenty of plug sockets and best of all i didnt have to take a usb phone plug with me to charge my phone as there are two included on the same power block just brilliant il never go away with out it now a very useful device, thank you who ever thought of producing this item.
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David Hennigan
8th July 2013

Smart Phone, Notebook, Hair Dryer,
Compact and versatile
This item was bought with travelling in mind to countries with different power supplies to home. Its design is such that only 1 plug converter is required to connect to the power supply in the country you visit but it allows for 6 other power connections of a three pin variety used in Ireland. The inclusion of 2 USB connectors is also most valuable.
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Kaiomarz Mistry
London, UK
1st July 2013

Iphones, Ipad
Thank you MobileFun
i purchased a Masterplugs from Mobilefun and found their service to be very helpful and professional. I had a problem with my address which was promptly taken care of and my items were promptly delivered. I would strongly recommend my friends to buy from Mobilefun.
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John Thompson
24th June 2013

iPad Mini
Master plug 6-way Power Block - Black
This is a good looking and sturdy piece of Equipment And keeps 6 plugs neatly in one solid block. This is ideal for Home Cinema use and Computer work stations were multiple plugs are required and this block houses them perfectly. It is also very good on the eye and matches the Equipment You are using which is one of my reasons for purchase. I cannot recommend this enough. In fact I have just ordered another one the same.
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Mrs J Simmons
9th June 2013

Everything I could plug in and my USB leads
Waited for these a long time
Black white pink blue no matter what colour I would have still bought two of these master plug surge protected 6 plug ect ect. Mobilefun where have you been all my life , I can't stop buying and wait anxiously for the next e-mail to browse through , keep up the good work luv u lots and lots Joan
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James Craig
7th June 2013

Travel accessory
My wife and I do a fair bit of travelling and take laptops and phones with us. Charging is always a problem. With this device we can charge several devices at once - all from one socket with a converter to the local supply.
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16th May 2013

household plugs and mobile phones
Brilliant Item, lovely and compact
I love this, its much tidier and compact than a normal extension lead and has 2 brilliant usb attachments with it so I can charge lots of different devices. Highly recommend the product and website for there fantastic customer service and fast despatch x
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30th March 2013

Google Nexus 4
Great product design
Masterplug have literally turned the design of this surge protected Powerblock and turned it on it's head. Having the plugs inserted in its manner makes all the sockets accessible. The powered USB slots are great as well, doing away with 2 other plugs!
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