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Masterplug Surge Protected 6 Plug Power Block with Dual USB - Black

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Product Reference: 38710

Increase your charging options with this black 6 plug extension block by Masterplug featuring surge protection and two built-in USB ports.

  • "Compact and very useful"
  • "Excellent multiplug"

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Peter Hotham
17th October 2014

Galaxy S3
Very useful
Promptly delivered and it is working so far. A good replacement for a 4 point power block; it provides 6 outlets, none of which have to be occupied by USB adaptors because it has 2 dedicated USB power ports.
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16th September 2014

Nokia lumina 920 & iPad
Does what it says
Good item if I were to improve it would have separate switches for plug points
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24th August 2014

iPhone, iPad, other computer peripherals
A good idea, but could be better
Getting 6 mains sockets on a single, surge protected board is good news. The additional 2 USP outlets are a great idea as so often valuable mains sockets are taken up with USB chargers. All is well, but there are 2 points that just take the shine off the product. 1) the USB outputs aren't high enough to stop the 'not charging' warning come up on the iPad. The output needs to be a little higher. It does charge slowly, but the warning is annoying. 2) the module could do with a mains socket that is configured 180 degrees in another direction, so that bulky chargers can still use a socket if the unit is wall mounted. I have a power unit for a DVD drive with the output coming from the earth pin end of the plug. As the earth pin end of the mains sockets is at the base end of the whole unit, if its wall mounted, you can't put in my DVD power plug in. To make it perfect, add a higher output USB socket for iPads, and have one row of mains sockets with the earth pin closet to the base, and the other row with the live and neutral pins closet to the base. It would then accommodate everything.
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Oxford UK
11th August 2014

Touchsmart Computer
Small neat and works fine
Just fitted this behind my TouchSmart all in one computer where I had limited space and it works great also providing 2 USB connections to charge devices. The computer failed during some lightening recently and I had to fix it with a new PSU so I bought this device subsequently and I am hoping with this fitted I will have no further problems, up to now all is good and we had another storm last night with no problems
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West Wales
1st February 2014

iPad, iPhone, iPod, Hudl, etc, etc.
Great piece of kit.
Well done Mobile Fun for drawing my attention to this neat power surge protected unit. It offers 6 normal plugs which are upside down thus allowing you to use USB plugs that have the connection on the bottom, together with two direct USB plugs on the top of the unit. Only gripe I have - it won't charge my iPhone and my iPad from the USB slots on the top at the same time, the only drawback I can find!
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14th January 2014

Glow in the dark power block
I have multiple gadgets that need charging so a 6 socket power block with the additional usb ports is perfect for me. Only downside was that I used this beside my bed and my husband woke in the night and wondered what the curious blue glow was in the bedroom! The light that denotes the unit is on - is quite bright, so it could double up as a night light!
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25th August 2013

Ideal for office or travel.
This power block is ideal for both your home, office or just to take to the hotel. Some hotels simply have a could of plugs and many are utilised by lamps etc. However, if you are like me and need to charge your laptop, iPhone and iPad for the day ahead, then this is ideal. Surge protection and 6 outlets all from one neat design. My only 2 negatives is that the block can be fastened down via 2 screws and if you have those tall adapters where the lead comes from the top, you can't use them with the block screwed down. An ideal solution would to be position 3 of the sockets the opposite way around so they can be used by all accessories. My second negative comes to charging my iPhone and iPad via the USB Sockets, it appears it cant handle it as I get an error on my iPhone saying its unsupported. However, unplug one of them and they charge fine. Other than the above, the service from MobileFun, same as usual, top notch.
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Dr CW Ogle
10th June 2013

Blackberry phone, Sony Tablet, razor charging
Exactly what I needed
It is an excellent product. It is a great pity that small switches could not be included for each socket! This would have made the product 100% "perfect"!
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6th June 2013

Suits my needs
Great product. I bought it as I travel a lot The one small downside being it has a very heavy 2 meter cable which is not user changeable but serves my purpose well
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