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Sorry, but Cygnett WorkMate Case For Samsung Galaxy S4 - Orange has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Cygnett WorkMate Case For Samsung Galaxy S4 - Orange

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A heavy-duty orange case constructed from layers of silicone and high-quality polycarbonate to protect your Samsung Galaxy S4 during falls.

  • "Amazing case..... Absolute bargain!! "
  • "cygnet workmate samsung galaxy s4 case"

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3rd July 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
a top quality case
The video review on the website was just about spot on and I was very pleased with the purchase. This is a tough case that provides plenty of protection. I didn't find the volume button stiffness or the depth of front lip a problem. Yes it makes an already big phone of the S4 even more chunky and tapping the buttons with the depth of the lip could be problem for those with fat thumbs but for an all round solid case it's well recommended.
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30th May 2014

Great Product
Could not be happier with my cover. It is truly amazing. The shipping is a little slow.
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Wayne Scoty
3rd April 2014

samsung galaxy s4
cygnet workmate samsung galaxy s4 case
I bought the cygnet workmate samsung galaxy s4 case - because I have a busy work life - I wanted to buy a good case that protected my phone, but also wanted something that fitted well.This is a great case.
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torre del greco
9th March 2014

super resistente
ottima la puntualità della consegna e ottima la custodia, aderisce perfettamente e da un bel senso di robustezza. Quindi la consiglio a tutti.
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27th December 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
This is great and just what I needed
This is a great item, it is very sturdy, and the phone looks smart. I have accidentally dropped my phone with the case on and it did it's job brilliantly. Mobile Fun shipped the product fast, it arrived a day later just as they claimed.
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Canberra ACT
27th December 2013

Cygnett WorkMate Case
Love it. the case paid for itself within a day when the phone slide off a stack of books and just bounced nicely across the road! No damage at all. case is just right, not too thick/heavy. good purchase.
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26th September 2013

Charger won't fit!
I really liked this case. Tried several different brands and styles on my phone at the store, love this one. I really like that the phone sits into it so there is more protection for the screen. The grip on the back is nice and it is not super bulky. The only major problem is that I can not charge my phone with the case on. The hole in the bottom is cut too narrow for the charger to fit. Would really like to keep the case, but had to return! Can't take the case off every time I need to charge the phone!
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22nd September 2013

tutto ok
Tutto a posto grande prodotto
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Bradley Conway
Buderim, QLD
21st September 2013

Cygnett WorkMate Case For Samsung Galaxy S4 - Orange
The Cygnett workmate case is highly durable, with a snug fit around S4 mobile, although I have only had this case for a few weeks really. More colour schemes would offer better variety to customers, the only ones available were black, grey/orange and black/blue, and more colours would offer more choice. I would also say if the business put forward the idea of making this case into a waterproof one, I think it would be a big hit! It holds well in the hand and doesn't slip off too many surfaces. I have found that the back does slide off a rubber desk mount designed to hold it, so I would suggest maybe making the back a little more 'rubbery' so this doesn't occur. Otherwise a great case! Thanks!
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19th September 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Good Protection but Disappointingly Inconvenient
I score this 3 stars[reasonable but not great]even although my cons outnumber the pros. Anyway, here are my pros and cons after just one week's use. Pro 1: Good protection; one of the few companies to stick their neck out with a 3'/6'/10' drop test. See the video on their site. [This can't be a guarantee surely?] But in reality the case is perhaps more suited to office than building site. Pro 2: Raised bevel and more than most competitors; must increase the long term survival chances of the 5" screen. Con 1: Awkward to use on/off & volume buttons. Considerable force required. Gets annoying very quickly. Con 2: Edges on raised bevel are surprisingly sharp and hurt your ear if pressed too close. Very quickly you start to notice it all the time. Con 3 : Disappointing standard of finish [on mine anyway]. Does raise questions about quality control in manufacture. I hope you find this of some use.
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Dario de Judicibus
27th August 2013

Ottima presa, robusta. I pulsanti sono un po' duri ma tutto sommato la qualità è ottima.
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19th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Look no futher...
To be honest I can not really fault this product, the design is great and it fits the phone perfectly. The design does not feel bluky like some, but feels invisible (if that makes sense), doesn't add weight to the phone and doesn't feel like the phone has a protective case. I did drop my phone a few times and it is still fine. Would recoomend this case to anyone willing to buy it...the black colour is the best to me haha.
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Dave Fittall
7th August 2013

Galaxy s4
Amazing case..... Absolute bargain!!
After watching the video on this case on YouTube, I decided to purchase it. I'm so glad I did!! It fits the phone perfectly, it looks really cool, and it does not feel bulky at all! And I was quite worried it would. It's extra grip on the outside is brilliant when putting on my dash board or even my desk. I am a hard person to please when it comes to protecting my expensive gadgets, but this is one decision I am really pleased I made..... Do not be tempted with expensive designer name cases because this one is better and cheaper!!
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Sam Lawson
29th July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
More or less perfect
This case is very study and well fitted, its pleasant in the hand and dose not feel cheap the soft almost sticky material on the back also helps stop the phone flinging around the cars dashboard. Removing the hard outer shell makes fitting the soft inner much easier. only gripes I have are that the case removes the tactile feedback from the buttons making it hard to know if you have pressed them and the raised edges which protect the screen can be a little annoying with man size thumbs but these are very small prices to pay for the feeling of protection the case gives and I would be very happy to recommend this product.
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29th July 2013

good one
Exactly what I wanted!!!
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28th June 2013

rivenditore affidabile
consegna molto veloce ed efficiente
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21st May 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
This case is awesome! very thick and premium! feels like the phone is well protected for any hardcore test. not slippery in my hand even if have sweaty hands! the back of the case grip well almost in every surface! even in my car's dashboard. can easy remove the case from the phone! and can split the case in tow parts to clean it! but it feels little big in my hands with this case! but i know my phone is well protected and i don't have any issues with that. Overall this premium and thick case is perfect to protect this expensive smartphone in any condition. Thank you mobilefun for that excellent premium and low price case for my samsung galaxy s4! and sorry for my bad English. :)
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16th May 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Perfect Solution
Excellent cocoon for my S4, feels sturdy, stupidly simple to fit and good grip. Volume and power buttons need to a little more pressure to operate but I'm hoping that'll loosen off in time. As usual with MobileFun my purchase was delivered the next working day, can't ask for more.
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