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Sorry, but Sony Xperia Z DK26 Charging Dock - White has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Sony Xperia Z DK26 Charging Dock - White

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The Sony Xperia Z DK26 Charging Dock in white is designed for ease of use. The dock allows you to charge your Xperia Z without opening the USB protective cover on your Smartphone.

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12th April 2014

best service
Initially I was bit hesitant to buy from the website which didn't have any contact no. Especially since I was in india. I was looking for xperia d26 docking station, which i found nowhere but on this site. I purchased it and believe me they delivered in india within 48 hrs. Awesome. Hats off to you guys for such unbelievable service. Thanks a lot!!!
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11th April 2014

Its Just Awesome Service & Product
I have ordered this Dock for Charging my Xperia Z when its USB port got broken & my phone got discharged completely. Mobile Fun gave me this Doc delivers by just 4 days which is very impressive & to the word by them. Thanks on time Delivery my Xperia Z will be alive again...;)
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Rakesh Grover
Bangalore, India
11th April 2014

A very positive experience on my first online purchase
I purchased Sony Xperia Z charging dock here because I was not finding it available at any store in my city. Though the delivery charge was a deterrent (almost half the product cost), being trackable, timely and in good packaging made it a good experience overall.
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Bikash Das Mohapatra
10th March 2014

Nice product
Troduct was in good condition.With this it is really easy to charge the phone.
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25th February 2014

xperia z
spot on
Seen as the charging ports on experience z is pretty bad and breaks after so long this device is the perfect solution as you don't need toeven open the bit the charger goes in
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Naresh Sawlani
Faridabad, India
19th February 2014

Excellent and simple alternative for Xperia Z charging
DK 26 is a good alternative for Xperia Z phone charging if your charging port is broken or not working or if you do not want to open the charging port cover again and again.
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23rd January 2014

Great charger for Xperia Z
Very neat dock and makes it very easy to charge my Xperia Z phone. No need to fiddle with the cover on the side of the phone. Just pop it in the dock on it's side.
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19th January 2014

Good service
Bought the charging dock dk26 for my Xperia Z phone, whose mini-USB has got broken and I had left with no way to charge it. Got it delivered within a week and all fine. Happy with the service and product.
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18th December 2013

Charging Dock Station Sony Xperia Z
Quality of product very good for this price, very handly for that woterproof phone. Nice present for my hubby for Christmas he is very happy with that ;)
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woombah nsw
17th December 2013

really happy with the charger, ty
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United Kingdom
11th December 2013

sony experia z
fits nicely on bedside table
just the thing saves opening charge port every night to see time & can play music without disturbing wife
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Hazaribagh. India
28th October 2013

Very convenient for charging
It makes charging very easy. You need not to open and close charger point every time.
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13th October 2013

Xperia Z
Great Charging Dock
Great Charging Dock & Easy To Put Mobile On Charging Dock & Very Useful
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5th October 2013

excellent delivery
Excellent delivery by mobile fun receive product in four days in good condition
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29th September 2013

Phone dock deliverable
Very good support in delivering a sony phone dock, which I could not get it elsewhere. On-time delivery and no issues in the consignment received.
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28th September 2013

Sony Xperia Z
What you see is what you get
Works as advertised! The phone can be placed on the dock with no hassle charging is not interrupted by any slight movement while using the phone (as seen on other phones/docks). Highly recommended if you want to avoid wear on the phone usb protective cap.
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15th September 2013

it is what it is
docking station is exactly what it said it is... i though i would of gotten the USB cord with it for the price. also when my phone is in its new case, its to fat to be used for the docking station all together.
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13th September 2013

xperia z
bedside companion
After buying an inferior charging dock from other well known company i decided to try the Sony DK26 and what a difference. A better fit and its smaller and neater AND ALWAYS CHARGES MY PHONE
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Subrath Dash
7th September 2013

Superb Service
I was a bit skeptical whether I will receive the product or not as ths CS said they shipped the product from the WH in UK. The courier service was also a non track able one. But Let me tell you something about these people. The email reply to all my queries was so professional and immediate that they always made me feel that I am receiving the product and I was really amazed today when I received the product. No Bad quality plastics, superb service and hats off to the people here. Keep up the good wor.
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17th July 2013

Caricatore da tavolo per Experia Z
Ottimo prodotto arrivato ben imballato e perfettamente funzionante, originale Sony. A differenza di Amazon in cui si vendono prodotti non originali e di dubbia provenienza questo sito è affidabile, ripeto ottimo prodotto
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Stephan R. Kuepfer
8th July 2013

Sony Xxperia Z
Simply great!
I like to have things organized at work. Having this great cell phone, but not wanting to have to open the lashes every time you charge the phone and have it lying around, I choose this docking station. This one is an original Sony, looks slick and good, fits the phone perfectly, also let's my cell phone lay upright (horizontal) stand next to my monitor in view site and charges the phone without having to open and close the lashes on the side all the time. This is a big plus! HOWEVER! The docking station does not come with a charging cable. And it does not synchronise with your computer. It's purely to charge your phone and let it stand upright! But it recognizes the phone being placed in the cradle with "smart connect". So placing the phone on the charger, it does automatically what you programmed it to do (switch on WLAN, switch of Bluetooth, aso).
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north lanarkshire, scotland
5th July 2013

sony ex peria z android phone
every body should buy one
hi,a first class transaction. i ordered a charging dock at 5-45 pm Thursday. royal mail delivered at 11-35 am Friday. far better service than amazon. I will always use fun mobile in the future. the docking station has completely transformed the android from being a phone, to a small laptop when connected to the docking station and sitting on a table. very pleasantly surprised, especially when I thought I was only expecting a charger unit. well priced, fantastic piece of kit. don't hesitate to buy one as you will not be disappointed. after seeing mine, my wife has just asked me order one for her from mobile fun.
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Manado, Indonesia
1st July 2013

Sony Xperia Z
Great Item
It's really helps me when charging my sony xperia z ,especially i don't have to open the usb plug and it looks great when it is docked. With this great item, mobilefun provide it also with great service. It is recommended to buy here.
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Valla Beach NSW Australia
24th June 2013

Very compact and functional. Sits in the kitchen and even the wife doesn't mind it's appearance.
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24th June 2013

Awesome really good service from mobile fun I will give 5star to Xperia z dock
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Banksia Park, South Australia
24th June 2013

Sony Xperia Z DK26 Charging Dock
Received my Sony Xperia Z Charging Dock recently and was delighted at how much easier this made charging my Xperia Z. Prior to owning the dock charging was a pain due to the phones water resistant tabs covering the Micro USB port. The phone slides in the dock easily and makes contact with the pre-exposed charging points. The default action of triggering a slide show of recent photos is a nice touch.
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16th June 2013

Sony xperia z
very good!
This dock is great although plasticy for any xperia z user. It's a must if you want to protect the small flaps of your cellphone from getting worn... Also the looks are awesome too when you plug it in!
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11th June 2013

Sony DK26 charging dock for xperia z
Essential accessory for the waterproof xperia z. I think it should come standard with the phone because you just slide it on the dock and it will work as a stand and charger (if you plug your usb cable into the dock). You no longer have to fiddle around with the water seal on the phone to access the micro-usb for charging, which over time I think will get damaged. In terms of looks, it matches the phone. Overall very happy with purchase.
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Wattsville, South Wales
10th June 2013

Sony Xpiria Z
With a water proof phone like the Xpiria Z I wasn't to keen on opening and closing the little catches all the time to charge the phone (just in case it affected the efficiency of the waterproofing after a period of time), the perfect solution was the DK26 charging dock, I can place the Xpiria Z into the dock without having to remove any of the waterproof covers, also the phone fits snuggly into it's holder with no worries of it falling out. perfect for what I needed!
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7th June 2013

ottimo prodotto
Il dk26 è arrivato dopo 5 giorni lavorativi, nella media visto che si trattava di spedizione ordinaria. Il prodotto è molto leggero ed anche se è un pò plasticoso, ha un bel design. Unica nota negativa è che nella confezione non è presente l'alimentatore, quindi bisogna usare quello in dotazione con il telefono. Ottimo comunque il fatto che non bisogna più aprire lo sportellino, ma si ricarica grazie ai contatti laterali. Non è possibile usare la dock station se il telefono ha una custodia, bumper, ect
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Delhi, India
5th June 2013

Awesome service :-)
I ordered the product from mobilefun, via a non tracked service, and when I didn't received the product withing 20-25 days and wrote that to the customer service, they were prompt to reply and they said that the shipment may have been lost somewhere in transit, and they happily reshipped the product to me with tracked service. and I received the deliver in 3 days. 5 stars to the customer service.. :-D and as for the product I received, it is genuine and does perfectly what it is supposed to do. 5 stars to the product aswell :-) I am a happy customer, who will be returning soon..
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4th June 2013

Excellent product
A very nice dock charger. You can tip it upside down and the phone will not fall out and it's comfortable enough to use the phone while in the dock. It is worth getting to save the trouble of opening up the flap/cover every time you want to charge
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3rd June 2013

Experia Z
Great Service
Ordered a charging unit for new Experia Z, it's neat and I like the fact that the phone does charge effectively without the need to open the 'vents'. Was also delivered in record time . Very neat , very happy with the product and the service .
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31st May 2013

caricabatteria a culla per Sony Xperia z
Vasta scelta, velocissimi nella spedizione, prezzi inferiori al listino ufficiale. Consigliatissimo
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From Slovenia
28th May 2013

Sony Xperia Z
I was a little skeptical about the speed of transport. But filling speed is astounding immediately after delivery. Simplifies charging, review images, movies, and the rest is a little secret. Discover your own. All this convenience has its price
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26th May 2013

Sony Xperia Z
Satisfaction guaranteed
Having found this company website and subscribing to their infomation emailing service i noticed that the Xperia Z mobile featured quite a lot in their phone accessories section. The White docking station took my eye immediately as it saved having to open the port charging access point every time you wanted to charge the phone. I ordered the dock only to be told it was out of stock. After the agreed wait my dock duly arrived - It is great - so easy to use.I will be buying more gadgets for my phone in due course. So to sum up :- Great product - Very competetive price - Arrived when I was told it would - All round sound service - JON
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Rohit Arora
Delhi, Indai
24th May 2013

Awesome Site/Team
had bought a sony xperia charging dock on 19th May from them, they shipped the same on 20th May and i have the product on 24th May in my hands.... i am so happy.... THANK YOU i am gonna recommend everyone for this site and to shop from this site...... AWESOME GUYS..... LOVE YOU>>>>
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Glasgow, UK
23rd May 2013

Sony Xperia Z
Genuine article with fast delivery
Very fast delivery (next day), works perfectly. As per previous reviews its JUST the docking station you get. No USB cable or charger so you need to use your existing one (or buy another one), but i knew that before purchasing. Very pleased with my first purchase from MobileFun!
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Simon Parker
19th May 2013

Xperia Z
Grips the device
The cradle is effective and I use it daily. It is light and small, with a spring loaded arm that grips the device. You have to hold the cradle when removing the device.
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Ashish Shrivastav
13th May 2013

Promise kept
Even though I was skeptical about ordering all the way from India, I was not let down by the team at mobile fun. Even though my item, an xperia z dock, was shown as out of stock, the team promised to deliver as soon as it could be stocked. And as per the estimated date, the item was shipped on time. Good service from customer care who took time to notify me for just a day's delay in shipping. Overall a good experience for my first time. This will definitely not be my last here at
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Sunny Eastbourne
12th May 2013

Sony xperia Z
No more fiddling about...
If you have a xperia Z then you need one of these. No more fiddling about trying to get the port cover off to charge your xperia Z every night, just slot your phone in and you're good to go.
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11th May 2013

Xperia z
Although it took a bit longer than expected for my item to be in stock, as soon as it was on the shelf it was dispatched and I received it the next day so all in I'm happy with the price and service I have received
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Mário Couto
11th May 2013

Sony Xperia Z
Excelente e Original
Nada a comentar. Excelente a forma como a MobileFun tratou da venda. Produto Original da Sony e com um custo muito baixo no envio. De futuro certamente irei utilizar a vossa loja. Parabéns.
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10th May 2013

Desktop Charger fail
I've noticed that it does not charge if plugged into PC. Was mentioned previously that this is because it requires 1500mAh, but it still charges if plugged into PC directly without the dock... hence this shouldn't really be an issue... Owner of 3 docks.. (one for desktop, bedside and work).. Have two sitting around collecting dust now. Seriously unimpressed. On a positive note, bedside charger is great.
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24th April 2013

1500mAh needed!
For those of you moaning about the dock (which im waiting for at moment) of course it doesn't charge via usb to PC. A PC outputs 500mAh and the Xperia Z needs 1500mAh to charge...i have found it will work on 1200mAh charging lead but not if you use graphic intensive don't blame Sony for your lack of research! Do wish the supplied USB lead with phones inc Sony was 2m instead of 1m...not hard!
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18th April 2013

Sony Xperia z
At last just what I wanted
Excellent, easy to use, great value for money.thank you. Worth full 5 stars.....
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5th April 2013

Sony Xperia z
Top class company
Once again mobile fun come up trumps. This charging dock came within a few days of ordering, even though it was listed as out of stock with a 2 weeks delay. It is solidly put togetherand works perfectly. What more could you want?
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5th April 2013

experia z
desktop charger fail
do not buy if this is to put on youre desk, you cannot charge via usb, you have to be plugged into mains only
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16th March 2013

Xperia Z
Disappointing for the price
I am disappointed with the quality of this dock from Sony. I love my Xperia Z and its premium feel and I thought the dock would match but it is light and plastic giving it a cheap feel. I was also surprised that there is no USB cable included. It has salvaged two stars as it does its job of charging the phone and it looks ok when the phone is in it, but for £25 I'm not sure the bang is there for the buck!
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Craig Medlock
14th March 2013

Sony Xperia Z
Great Dispatch
I received my dock this morning from MobileFun, Product received less than 24hr from dispatch which was great. the dock doesn't come with any cables or mains charger just the dock itself and the warranty paperwork. If you connect the USB to a PC, the dock doesn't charge the phone, tried on a powered hub and directly into my base unit. its seems it will only charge when plugged into a mains charger. I hope others find this information useful.
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13th March 2013

xperia z
not impressed
have to say i was disappointed with this item as it dose not come with it own power supply so i gotta pay extra for another power cable to make this run. also the dock feels cheap. over all not happy that i spent £25 on this cheap non complete dock.
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