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Sorry, but Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit - White has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit - White

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Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery and Battery Charger - Make sure your spare battery for the Galaxy S4 is always fully charged.

  • "Strongly recommended to anyone using there phone for photo/video purposes"
  • "Excellent piece of Kit"

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Anthony Morris
26th October 2015

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile
Strongly recommended to anyone using there phone for photo/video purposes
Realising that my S4 is a little power hungry prior to going on holiday I purchased the Samsung S4 battery/charger pack, it arrived very promptly (next working day almost.) a delightful piece of kit! Very neat and compact, easy in a pocket or purse, Strongly recommended to anyone using there phone for photo/video purposes.
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Washington T&W
22nd September 2015

Handy charger
The separate charger means you can just change to a fresh battery and go.The battery is a genuine samsung and works as good as the original. Delivery was good as per usual.
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Mario Colella
17th September 2015

Battery and charger Samsung 4
Quietly satisfied....
It's always a worry when you buy off the internet....will it arrive...will it work....will it be in one it a fake? I thought this company looked good on paper (website) so I took the plunge. Quietly satisfied, I hear you ask! Yes because I'm too old for jumping around with learn to take the knocks in life, however, I was definitely highly satisfied with my purchase. Neat, compact, delivered in good time, excellent communication and does what it says on the box!
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Washington T&W
11th September 2015

Samsung galaxy S4
The extra battery comes with a charging pack
Always had prompt delivery and this time was no different.The extra battery comes with a charging pack which means you can come in change it put the used one on charge.Then you can leave with a fresh battery. Cons Never really timed it but it seems to take charger along time It may be because it's new .Time will tell.Either way I like this product good to take on hols
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Philip Coekin
9th September 2015

Samsung battery and charger pack
Efficient, tidy and value for money
Needing something that would charge a spare battery quickly and safely and without overcharging, was important. Coming into sudden periods of high use with little opportunity to recharge the phone, a spare battery is the only way. External charge packs stress he connections and inhibit the handset for typing and calls. An excellent product well priced here; perhaps facility to allow a recharge of phone from this pack to avoid needing to swap bateries would be a useful development. Check what sort of Samsung battery you want before ordering.
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28th August 2015

its extremely impressive little kit
its extremely impressive little kit i Love it, and very handy to have which i take it with me wherever i go. thanks guys .*)
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12th June 2015

Battery Charger
I recently purchased an extra vattery and charger after my galaxy S4's ability to charge was lost. Needing a plan b, I ordered a Samsung brand charger. I really like having a fully charged battery available when neded. I thought not being able to just plug my phone in would be a pain, but this is more efficient. Important as well, I received my charger in about 5 days.
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Kevin Marchelak
4th December 2014

Excellent piece of Kit
Genuine Samsung Spare Battery (2600 Amp hours) Top quality white case to put it in with port for mini usb charger plug. Charge it and remove the usb, close the case. Good to go - instant fully charged battery for when you need it. Does not take up any room in your pocket/bag/etc. Small spare translucent case to store the charged battery if you need it...but I find in practice the HQ white case is sufficient. This is a great piece of kit anyone with a S4 will love. Kev
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Bill M
24th October 2014

First time I have used mobile Fun. Both service and Samsung galaxy s4 battery kit brilliant will definitely use them again.
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Ashley Frost
17th October 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Great Idea
This is a really useful product. A portable charger is all well and good but is liable to become disconnected and therefore not work while out and about. Carrying a fully charged battery is a much better solution. Being able to charge the battery out of the phone means you always have a fully charged battery in case of emergency!
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Tasleem Ali
28th June 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Pack
just what i needed
i had a swollen battery which used to go down really quick and I ordered a battery pack for my S4 and it is perfect it charges well and lasts a long time, the battery charges well in both the mobile phone and the charger kit which is handy. the delivery was quick and the product is good I shall be ordering another one soon
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7th June 2014

Samsung S4 Extra Battery Kit
Super fast delivery . Sorted problem with poor battery live on S4 and now have spare charger and battery to carry in car.
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Marie Symons
24th April 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Saved a drowning phone
Cleverly managed to drop my phone down the loo. Retrieved it quick, however the phone had drowned. I took battery out and initially dried both on top of warm radiator...still not working...several friends suggested bag of rice, so phone and battery spent several days drying out. Sadly, the bag of rice was irresistible to one of my four dogs and the rice was survived the rice debacle however still not last resort was try a new battery...the battery pack is easy to use. Phone still temperemental however does kind of work...however phone won't recharge the battery charger and spare has been a life saver!
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10th April 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4 & Samung Galaxy Grand 2
Can be used with Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 !!
The battery & charger supplied are also a direct replacement for the battery supplied with a Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. That's why I purchased. Also it's a original Samsung product. What could be better.
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davinder singh
19th January 2014

Samsung galaxy s4
Samsung galaxy s4 battery
The samsung galaxy s4 battery is absolutely ammazing. The battery lasts so long. It lasts way longer then the pervious samsung galaxy phone I love I love it.
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Dave Howe
13th January 2014

Samsung S4
Fast and Convenient
This kit combines both a OEM 2600mAh battery and an external fastcharger for it. The charger lacks a power supply of its own but works well on the micro-usb charger supplied with the phone; it is not much larger than the battery itself, and the construction is good, being cleanly molded white plastic with no flashing, although the samsung logo is on the plastic wrap and not on the device itself. The kit exactly met my needs; on receipt, I assembled battery, charger and external PSU and two hours later had a fully charged OEM battery to swap into my S4.
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8th January 2014

back - up battery
Nice package for travel, which is what I purchased it for.
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Gary Porter
7th January 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Brilliant device
My battery was always running low so I checked out on line for a spare battery. Then came across this fantastic device now I can charge any battery separately ready for the road. I don't care what any one says about their hour rating on the battery of their phone its always handy to have a spare fully charged battery with you at all times.
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Waterford Ireland
16th October 2013

Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit
This is a genuine Samsung battery and charger,the plastic battery holder is ideal to carry with you in your pocket,no need to be without charge for this great phone,thanks to mobile fun for a great product and an even better service.This is my 3rd purchace from this company with no complaints,thanks and keep up the good work.
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David King
Kelloholm Dumfriesshire
27th September 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Just got my life back"battery life"
Hi Folks! I recently purchased the Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit - White. My main reason in buying this item was it's genuine and you can trust Samsung. The charging unit is really modern and neat. it has an led indicator to let you know when it is charged. It only takes 2hrs for the battery to charge and the battery it's self has an NFC chip installed in it so your s4 works perfect at all times. There is also a handy little plastic case to store your battery which keeps the contacts clean and stops it being damaged in any other way. So now I've always got loads of battery life,great when going to track days,concerts etc. Chuffed to bits with this,and it's perfect for my S4 Happy Days :-)
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Herman Santiago
20th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Beats the end of day drain
Having an extra battery is better than carrying a bulky power pack. The S4 goes the day but not the evening, takes two batteries to make it.
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9th August 2013

Samsung galaxys4
Exactly what I required
I ordered the charger and spare battery on a wednesday,paid additional charge for quick delivery and item was delivered Friday morning.In between time I was updated re my order status. Have now ordered several items from mobile fun and never been disappointed. Well done.
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Muhammad Bilal Khan
Dublin, Ireland
26th July 2013

Great Experience
It was my second time buying an item from Mobile Fun and i am happy to say that i am 100% satisfied with the service. The product was exactly what it was described as and shipment and delivery was on time too... Can't recommend this website enough.
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14th July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
plenty of juice
Very happy I bought the extra battery,always good to have a spare one with you on the beach or camp site. Mobile Fun has an incredible service; fast and no fuss,just perfect!thanks!
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Yuval Benjamin
TA Israel
4th July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Great product
Genuine Samsung battery and charger. Great to hold a spare one to work through the day. Charging is awesome with the case, no more cables connected to the phone. Great product and genuine. Fast delivery! MF you're good.
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19th June 2013

Samsung S4
Essential Spare Battery & Robust Charger
Well what can be said a duplicate of the battery that came with the handset (with NFC), with a great fast charging unit so you can charge a battery independently from your phone. The charger also has a 3 colour indicator to let you know it's charging status. The packaging even comes with a plastic battery case (housing your fresh battery) so you can keep your spare with you safely without needing to carry the charger unit itself.
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18th June 2013

samsung S4
Samsung extra battery/charger
Excellent item takes very little room in your pocket, worth paying that extra for the genuine item , excellent service as always , well recommend
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Qasem Alsaleh
18th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE
Very professional and honest people
These people of "mobilefun" proved to be very professional and honest. I have ordered through them 2 items: Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Cover and Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit White. AS both item were not available in stock they kept sending me emails of apology for the delay and offered to switch to other items if I wish but I wanted these 2 items so I was waiting until they arrived in excellent condition and I received exactly what I have ordered. I will definitely order from this site in the future.
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York, PA
16th June 2013

Works as advertised
Quick charge and great to have for on the go needs. Works as advertised.
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Carol Weaver
16th June 2013

Spare battery kit
The battery does not last as long as my iPhone which was disappointing, so I have got this to keep me going when necessary. Comes with small plastic case to keep clean and undamaged in my bag
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