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Sorry, but Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View Premium Cover Case - White has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View Premium Cover Case - White

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Product Reference: 38370

Ideal for checking the time or screening and answering incoming calls without opening the case. The official Samsung S-View Cover in white for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is slim and stylish

  • "Genuine Galaxy S4 cover"
  • "excellent bit of kit"

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31st January 2017

Thanks great trader
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Kay Briggs
14th March 2016

Samsung Galaxy S4
Great case
Case was exactly as described -nice bright colour makes it easy to find phone in my bag. -Love the viewing window; easy access to calls, alarms etc. -clips on easily -doesn't add bulk to the phone -only one negative. Doesn't stay closed when you drop your phone
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18th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4
Not quite what I needed
I bought this case on the recommendation of my sons and it is excellent as it is BUT for one major concern of mine. As a female I don't tend to have large enough pockets to carry this phone around so, invariably it will be placed in a handbag. I have visions of other items slipping between the front of the case and the phone, thereby scratching the phone. It would seem simple to have a catch/clip of some kind to keep the phone closed. However, I shall have to make a fabric cover for my phone to protect it further.
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Jeff Johnson
12th November 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Helped with the transition
Having used a conventional "flip phone" for over 10 years adding this cover to my new GS4 made me feel more at home with the product.
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16th October 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Phone cover
Genuine Samsung cover that replaces the rear cover with one with attached flip front cover, this allows phone to be fitted into the Samsung desk charging unit with it in the closed position. It also acts like the iPad covers that when you close the cover it turns the phone off. Any messages can be seen in the front cover window when closed. Expensive but all good things are. Not sure I should have bought white though as I tend to get a bit grubby.
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24th August 2013

Does what it says on the tin
Good product, I was concerned it might get in the way but I have got used to it. Sometimes a bit awkward when taking photo's. A bit pricey for a piece of plastic but quick delivery and genuine product. Always looks more blue than black to me, may be my eyes ageing!
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Alex Reynolds
Edinburgh, Scotland
31st July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Great Product with only one but.
First off great service from the Mobile Fun team. Delivered quickly and nice amount of emails to let me know its on its way. Also almost half the price of any other supplier out there for the same cover. The cover itself is great. Easy to fit and gives screen protection you can rely on. Has all the Samsung branding emblazoned over it, so admirers on the train or at work are in no doubt you have a nice shiny Samsung Galaxy S4. The back cover is slightly thicker than the out of the box version so feels sturdy. Overall the cover add almost nothing to the already slender chassis of the s4. The notification window is a brilliant idea and works very well. It gives you all the info you need without having to open the case. Another great feature is that when you open the case it immediately unlocks the phone. Nice.. Ok ,there are actually 2 buts. The front cover discoloured very quickly. I have a white S4 and bought the cover to match. Its not bad but a little noticeable. You may want to opt for the black if appearance is your thing. Also this won't cover all of the metal sides of the phone. So if you're clumsy and already on your second S4 go for one of the all round protection cases. If your a careful owner this could be the case for you although if you're on a budget the guys here also do some non branded clone covers for around a fiver.
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tom mcdonald
boynton beach
5th July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 cover
I purchased two covers as I had bought two phones. The covers are very attractive and protect the phone. I am very pleased with one cover that fits the phone exactly, however the second cover does not fit well and instead of closing flush with phone the front remains open at all times. I give one cover 5 stars and the other 3 stars.
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27th June 2013

cover originale per S4
la cover funziona benissimo, ho avuto anche la ventura di rovesciare un bicchiere d'acqua sopra il telefono e non è entrata acqua sul display o in altre zone. unico difetto è che non ha una clip per chiuderla, così a volte si riapre, specie le prime giornate di uso quando è ancora un pò elastica; e poi in tasca dà qualche problema col fatto che se ti chiamano rischi di rispondere senza saperlo, ma potrebbe dipendere anche dalle varie impostazioni air del samsung
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21st June 2013

Il prodotto è ottimo, i tempi di spedizione sono stati brevi. Secondo me l'unico problema è il fatto che lo sportello non si chiuda perfettamente (poichè la Samsung ha creato il modello senza calamita). Per il resto il prodotto è ottimo.
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10th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy s4
Very good quality, but with some flaws
The item is of very high quality, which is only to be expected at this price. It fits on simply be replacing it with the original phone back cover just as described an easy to do. I really like the screen which allows you to take calls and with the screen closed the sound quality isn't impaired whatsoever. It fully protects the screen and the cover is very solid despite being so thin. It adds very little to the overall size of the phone and looks pretty slick. My only issue is that it makes handling the phone a little difficult: The cover can be fully folded back, but this means the camera lens is affected (you could take photos through the cover window, but this affects image quality and the hard case can sometimes creep into shot). Also, if, like me, you prefer to use the volume button as the camera shutter release, it is difficult to get to because of the case spine. Holding the phone to write texts is slightly more difficult unless you fold the cover fully back. I hold it open in one hand - if you have small hands you will find this difficult. If you do have it fully folded back for a length of time, it doesn't close flat when you've finished - there is not magnetic snap to or such like and will tend to keep lifted off the screen.
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4th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4
Great, in time.
Chose this from day one of owning my S4 - once I saw you could answer calls and view messages through the 'window' it sealed it for me over a standard S4 flip cover. The window itself is hugely useful, allowing notifications and messages to be viewed without opening the case, and calls can be answered in a similar fashion (you can also make a call then close the case and continue talking which is neat) Fit is perfect, but it does add a little to the thickness of the phone, both on the replacement back cover and (obviously) the front screen protector. The inside of the screen cover is slightly furry and seems to clean your screen when it's closed, however there is always an area of smudges and fingerprints where the window is located. The window is made from touch perspex-style plastic and seems pretty tough. To start with the case wouldn't close properly when the phone was left lying around, but since then the hinge has loosened up and the case closes correctly now, so don't let that bother you. Flawless delivery as always. Recommended purchase.
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31st May 2013

very nice, but cumbersome
Excellent service, does exactly what it says, good quality genuine,but for right handed users it can be awkward or cumbersome to use the phone for pics etc.
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