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Sorry, but Nokia Qi Wireless Charging NFC Car Holder CR-200 has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Nokia Qi Wireless Charging NFC Car Holder CR-200

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Product Reference: 38310

Wirelessly charge your Qi enabled phone with this wireless charging car holder with integrated NFC technology for quick launching of GPS and music software.

  • "Needed to hold my phones !!!"
  • "THE Car Holder for Lumia devices "

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Jason Shuter
1st September 2014

Lumia 930 & Lumia 1520
Needed to hold my phones !!!
Awesome product. Wireless charging and does what it says on the tin. Recommended !!!!
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Pearl City, HI
28th February 2014

Nice car kit
I purchased two of these for our vehicles. They work flawlessly. The base is super solid, so it stays mounted even on textured dashes. Once in a while due to heat the base will fall off. But it's a simple matter of remounting it. This even comes with an extension wire so you can mount it pretty much anywhere in the car or truck. I have only one slight gig. This does not fit ALL Nokia phones very well. The grips are positioned so that when you clamp it in, it presses the bottom (camera) button. This is for both the Lumia 928 and Icon (aka 929). Otherwise it works great.
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Silicon Valley
24th January 2014

Great product, very fast shipping
The charger is excellent, of course. All the necessary parts are there, and then some, such as a set of clips to keep the wiring tidy. Shipping is fast as well. I had the charger in my hands a couple of days after placing the order. Recommended vendor.
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14th January 2014

Nokia Lumia 920
Best Dash mounted Phone cradle and QI charger
I purchased the Nokia Wireless Charging NFC Car Holder CR-200 to use with my Lumia 920, my first impression when open up the cradle is how well made it is. The cradle comes supplied the dashboard mounting disk but the suction cup is one of the strongest i've ever come across, and I have easily been able mount it vertically on the centre console of my Golf without the mounting disk. With over 500 miles of driving there has been no sign of it moving let alone falling off. Great product I would highly recommend it.
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22nd December 2013

nokia cr-200
Ottimo prodotto ben fatto
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Morton Grove, ILLINOIS
12th December 2013

The product was as described & on sale, and it works great in my car. Does not move around, the quality is solid as expected of any Nokia products. Received the product in time and good condition.
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Ian de Graaf
Belgrave South
7th December 2013

NFC Car Charger CR-200
I have found this a great accessory for my Nokia 920. Easy to use and easy to fit. No more fiddling with wires. However, it doesn't always work with the phone cover on. Most times, but every so often I need to take the cover off to ensure that it charges. No idea what determines what changes whether the temperature or humidity. Even so still much easier than having to plug in cables.
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Silver Spring, Maryland
11th November 2013

Very helpful device when you are the wheels!
Just put your Lumia on the NFC charging plate and your connected to music, phone, internet, video! I part is missing - you cannot operate with rear view camera. Plate of the charger is closing lenses of Lumia, so you cannot use Nokia app HERE City Lens. But overall is excellent device!!!!!!!
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John Connolly
Dublin Ireland
16th October 2013

Great quality
Solid and well built. Just note that you need to also buy the wireless charging adaptor for the phone which is not highlighted in the advert. That costs another 29.95 euro otherwise excellent car holder with nokia or aapl phones
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7th October 2013

CR 200 Cradle
The cradle was a brilliant purchase, just pop the phone into the holder and away you go. Fitting was simple and the unit is very neat on the dashboard. The cradle opens very wide and as my 820 has a large Ballistic case on it, it accommodates the phone with ease. I thought the case wouldn't allow it to charge, but amazingly it does, I now only put my phone to charge in the cradle or at home on the charging pad. The cradle is also extremely sturdy allowing you to use the phone while in it with ease. I would definitely recommend the cradle to anyone with a Nokia Lumia, it is a brilliant piece of kit.
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Thessaloniki GR
24th August 2013

Nokia Lumia 925
My new E.T.!
I call my new car holder E.T., because of its fun design.. It's actually a pretty useful and compact product, in line with the typical Nokia Original Accessories philosophy. Robust built, catchy design.. U would like to know that the mounting plate attaches to your windshield or front-board like silicon glue! It's simply a perfectly reliable product.. And at a very competitive price here, compared to other sites ;)
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19th August 2013

Nokia CR-200: ottimo!
Acquistato il Nokia Car Wireless: veramente un ottimo prodotto!
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Christian L.
Pittsburg, CA
19th August 2013

Very decent phone cradle charger.
Charges and securely hold my phone for easy viewing. The NFC part is a nice touch but would prefer if my phone doesn't need me to accept to change to car mode. This would be better if the chord was connected to the arm instead of the plate so that when you rotate the holder the cable wouldn't be sticking out to the right. Would also prefer if this was design so a camera on the back can still be used somehow, like a peephole or a cut off section. Charges fast but bout when I have apps running and Bluetooth devices are connected: car stereo and obd2 reader.
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slobodan stipic
Sanford, FL
19th August 2013

Works great as advertised. Keeps the phone in place. Very sturdy.
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14th August 2013

great Charger
The charger is great and suction cup is very strong. the guys from Mobile Fun rock.
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dave davies
swansea wales
12th August 2013

nokia lumia 920
Essential piece of kit .
One of the most annoying things when you pick up your mobile , battery low warning , now when away from the home charger your probably on your way somewhere in the car , problem solved , wireless charging car holder , sat nav on , bluetooth on , stress off , enjoy : )
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11th August 2013

Got the Nokia CR200.. it is one awesome cradle with wireless charging! very very awesome and high quality... Extremely sturdy, and charges as I have my phone docked. The only annoying thing is the NFC chip is on the bottom of the cradle, so you have to tap the top of your phone first before you dock it. seemed a little unnatural for me. Other than that, it feels like an extremely solid product
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9th August 2013

nokia wireless car charger
This product works great. Living in Texas with the hot weather, the base plate wouldn't stay stuck to my dashboard so I ended up super gluing it to keep it in place. No big deal. I simply enjoy the fact of just placing my Lumia 920 in the holder for easy access to my phone and recharging. No wires and not having to look for the charging cord makes my commute to any destination a breeze. Thank you for this excellent product. Keep up the good work!
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9th August 2013

Great Accessory!
I love my new Nokia wireless charger! Works as advertised and is a great addition to my truck. Must have accessory if you own a Lumia.
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Miami, FL
8th August 2013

Good stuff!
Love it! Couldn't ask for more. Mounts to the windshield perfectly. NFC works well and charging isn't an issue. I would get one for my wife if she didn't already have a Garmin in her car.
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James E. Howard
Jones, AL
7th August 2013

Great Device
The car charger works great. I love the wireless charging functionality and NFC. The one additional feature would be to have the holder also attach to windshield in addition to the dash.
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Seattle, WA, USA
2nd August 2013

Great car holder
This thing is awesome. I have this stuck via the sticky suction thing onto the non-flat dashboard on my Prius and it is stuck very firmly. I've never seen one of these things stick on the dash before - they usually don't even stick on the windows very well. The holder is shaped perfectly for the Lumia 920, charges when plugged in and the Lumia has a special add that you configure when you use NFC that prevents the screen from locking/blanking when it's in the holder. Lastly, the charge plug has a normal USB port there too so if can charge other USB stuff too. This thing is AWESOME!
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1st August 2013

Ordinato due articoli (cover x ricarica wireless e supporto da auto nokia)al giovedì e il venerdì sono arrivati in maniera precisa in meno di 24 ore..perfetto e consigliato.era la prima volta che usavo questo sito e devo dire che tutto é andato in maniera egregia.
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26th July 2013

Nokia excellence
Bought this to compliment my Lumia 920 for wireless charging in the car. The build quality is excellent like most Nokia products, as soon as you tap the NFC part of the holder it fires up HERE Drive with no fuss what so ever. It also gives you the ability to choose what apps you want to load up when you place in the holder.
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Sydney, Australia
20th July 2013

Must have accessory
Good charger, seems solidly made and good quality. With QI charging, gets rid of the need to plug cables in to the phone every time you get in the car. I'd recommend this to anyone with a Nokia phone with QI charging. And turn on NFC on your phone, and a car-friendly menu of useful options appears.
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18th July 2013

Supporto auto con caricabatterie wireless e NFC Nokia
Fantastico prodotto, utilissimo e pieno di accessori come l'estender del cavo e delle clip adesive per fissare il cavo! Una nota speciale alla consegna: in 24h il prodotto è stato consegnato! Complimenti!!
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Ernesto Hurtado
12th July 2013

Nokia Lumia 920
Simplemente perfecto
Desde que vi el anuncio lo quise; yo viajo mucho y definitivamente es super practico; las opciones que da para configurar, la calidad de fabricacion, en fin, muy bueno !!! Saludos desde Mexico.....
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11th July 2013

Nokia 920
Pretty much awesome
The quality of the product is apparent from the start. Superb. The NFC and the accompanying accessory app that it launches is really helpful. The mounting of it was a tiny bit disappointing. The adhesive plate that comes with it is amazingly perfect as a surface for the sucker to stick to, but the other side has an adhesive to stick to your dashboard and it was quickly apparent that it wasn't anyway sticky enough. But the story ends well, because the sucker is so well made, it's the 1st sucker I've seen stick to the dashboard with such strength. So I didn't need my under-achieving adhesive plate anyway. The mount does not move! The phone does not move! It's perfect!
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10th July 2013

Supporto auto con caricabatterie wireless e NFC Nokia
Prodotto ottimo in ogni sua parte, funzionale e grazie alle clip, da attaccare al cruscotto e lungo i bordi, l'ordine in auto rimane invariato (niente fili appesi). Spettacolare la resistenza della ventosa anche su parti non perfettamente lisce (come il cruscotto) La consegna del prodotto è stata velocissima, complimenti a!!!
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8th July 2013

Nokia Lumia 920
Outstanding Nokia quality, and the very best car holder on the market! Wireless charging with built in NFC. Feel sorry for everyone without a Nokia Lumia phone
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compagnoni claudio
7th July 2013

ottimo prodotto
ho acquistato il Supporto auto con caricabatterie wireless e NFC Nokia, molto valido e comodo è arrivato con "un pò di ritardo" ma non avevo fretta. Si installa sulla vettura su tutte le superfici con la massima facilità, grazie MobileFun da Claudio.
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Matt Brown
1st July 2013

Lumia 920
THE Car Holder for Lumia devices
This is an excellent product. Very well built and solid. It holds the phone rock steady. It comes with a good long cable to power the Qi wireless charger in it. It also has a power cord extension to reach that bit further if your power point is out of the way. The in built NFC tag activates your app of choice but the in-built app which loads to your phone when you first use the holder is hard to beat as it gives quick access to Maps, Music and Calls as well as showing the time and weather. Well worth the additional money.
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27th June 2013

Vasta gamma di scelta. Prezzi competitivi. Per me, siete stati una bella scoperta.
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