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Sorry, but Nokia Qi Wireless Charging NFC Car Holder CR-200 has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Nokia Qi Wireless Charging NFC Car Holder CR-200

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Product Reference: 38310

Wirelessly charge your Qi enabled phone with this wireless charging car holder with integrated NFC technology for quick launching of GPS and music software.

  • "Needed to hold my phones !!!"
  • "THE Car Holder for Lumia devices "

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9th September 2014

CR_201 great nfc car charger
This charger is really well built. QI charging works first time every time. Long, cable with extension provided. Only complaint - needs a shield to protect charger and phone from sun to stop electronics from getting fried / overheating.
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9th September 2014

CR_201 great nfc car charger
This charger is really well built. QI charging works first time every time. Long, cable with extension provided. Only complaint - needs a shield to protect charger and phone from sun to stop electronics from getting fried / overheating.
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Oklahoma City, OK
17th June 2014

Sturdy Charging Base
What I like about this: > stays put. The base sticks to the dash like it is supposed to. The device does not droop. I'm using a Lumia 1020. > NFC brings up the program on my phone that I specify. I've settled on Nokia Car Mode but also had Here Drive + for a while. > Charging of the device when being used for navigation is adequate. > Ease of mounting and dismounting the device from the CR-201 is easy. What I don't like - When navigating and charging the phone gets very warm and the charger does appear to keep up with the draw, but barely. - The cable clamps didn't stick well to my car's dash material. This is a small quibble. - From time to time I have to unplug the adapter from the car dc socket and reinsert it to establish charging. Be sure to get the CR-201 and not the CR-200. The CR-201 addresses design issues that negatively impacted usefulness and robustness of the CR-200.
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30th December 2013

lumia 920
cr 200 wireless charger
The wireless charger is great as i do a lot of driving so tend to use my phones maps quite a lot to get to where i am going. It is a good quality but i am now on my second one. The first i had for around 3 months but then the arm mechanism that clamps the phone in place stopped working so have been sent a replacement. overall i would say it is great and the nfc tag is handy but be careful of the locking arms
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15th September 2013

Keeps my Lumia 920 handy & charged
Charger holds on my textured dash without having to use the extra stick-on base. Rather amazing. The stand holds my Lumia 920 with no problem in both portrait or landscape. So far I have tested charging along with navigation for 1/2 hour and it worked fine. I like the NFC feature. For some reason the app won't let me add some of my contacts to the Quick Call list, but it's a small issue because I have voice commands through my blue tooth. The little clips to keep the cord tidy are appreciated. It's also nice that it comes with a short cord, but has a longer extension cord only if needed. So far release button is working fine, but I've only been using it for one week. For some reason my online order skipped a step and didn't email me a confirmation. Customer service was quick to fix the problem for me with just my name & date of order. Shipping was pretty fast despite being UK to the US.
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Dr. Asit Vaishnav
Rajkot, India
11th September 2013

poor sticking mounting plate
Sticking gum of mounting plate is totally ineffective in holding the whole assembly with mobile phone, and drops off quickly. Suction cup is amazingly good, so started using directly on dashboard without mounting plate, and it worked. Otherwise the charger is good, holders are good and nfc navigation works well. Again stickers of cable organisers are poor. Overall the product is good but overpriced. Let us see how suction cup works in summer with outside temp of 47C and inside temp of around 78C when parked on roadside. Wait tiil then....
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15th August 2013

Lumia 928 owners, be warned
Love the wireless charging, NFC app, and solid construction; perfect complement for Nokia phones. But... The Lumia 928's camera button is in a different position than it is on the other Lumia 92x's this was designed for, and it gets depressed by the grip. Many times when I insert it in the cradle, the camera turns on, or it turns on when I go over a bump. As a result, I have it set to hold it a little loosely, and it's fallen out a couple times. For cars where the windshield is far from you, it may not work too well, because the phone is held very close to the windshield, away from the driver. I have long arms, and a roadster where the windshield is fairly close, so it's not a problem for me. But it would be in my wife's Lexus RX. I'll keep it until someone else develops a Qi cradle that's more adjustable. But as far as I know, it's the only Qi charging cradle right now, and that's a killer feature for me.
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giovanni capoduro
13th August 2013

prodotto ottimo
prodotto ottimo per l'auto ma utilizzabile anche come supporto caricabatterie da scrivania, suggerirei perciò di affiancare al cavetto dotato di presa accendisigari anche un normale cavetto con presa USB
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Los Angeles
9th August 2013

Car Holder CR-200
Very solid build, great quality. But has some issues. When using navigation, charger not able to provide enough power to keep charging the phone. Charging NFC plate output 1A, but car adapter output only 0.5A. That combination is stupid.
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7th August 2013

Great dock for wireless charging phone
This dock works pretty well and I love the wireless charging feature on it. The only thing I don't like is when turned to the side it doesn't hold the phone very well especially bigger/heavier phones like my Lumia 928. Though it does hold it still when turned to the side unless you're constantly touching it. Honestly though I never use it turned to the side unless I'm using my gps and at that point I rarely use my phone anyways.
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2nd August 2013

Well made, some issues
Received the new Nokia cr-200 wireless car charger and set it up in the car. It is extremely well made and come with some good accessories. Some problems where encountered using otterbox defender cases on a Lumia 920 and S4. 920 charges fine with OB on but S4 will not due to phone sitting too high on the cradle. A different case will alleviate this issue. The 920 with an OB on cannot get a very good grip on the arms when closed. It holds, just not super super tight. The charger charges at 640mah which is the standard I have seen on other qi chargers. It should be enough to hold charge while using GPS and Bluetooth. The power cable has an extender cable for extra long placement if needed. The power connector has a USB output on it as well however it only puts out 500mah from it. Enough to power another USB device but not charge another phone. Overall it is very well made. I am considering sawing off the bottom of the mount to allow the use of a OB on the S4. Because of that the LG WCP-300 may be a better buy for cases
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8th July 2013

Ottimo prodotto ma caro
Il supporto auto con caricabatteria wireless è comodo e funziona bene ma costa molto. Il sistema di fissaggio è efficace, il connettore di alimentazione invece è un po' sottodimensionato.
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