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Tree Frog Anti-Slip Dashboard Pad

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The Tree Frog Dashboard Pad provides a secure resting position for your mobile phone or other items right on your car dashboard without the use of any sticky residue.

  • "Sticky solution to slippery problem"
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Moorooka, Qld, Australia
9th August 2015

Non Slip Dashboard Pad
Does not work on my leather dash.
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St albans
11th April 2015

I found it magic - for about 4 days. Since then it has been more useful at picking up dirt/small stones/ hair from the footwell where it now spends 99% of its time...
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Valeriy Kozlov
Poland, Krakow
28th March 2015

Xperia ZR
it just does not work for me
Well, it just does not work for my car & phone. First, it is not easy to find a flat surface in the cockpit. Looks like that such regular phone as Xperia ZR (4.6 inch) is too large and heavy for this holder. So, it is just waste of money in my case.
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Peter Thomas
United Kingdom
10th May 2014

NOT a anti-slip mat
What a load of rubbish this mat is, nearly everything I have put on it sticks, the only problem I have is, it WILL NOT stick to any surface in my car!!!! so absolutely useless to me.
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burgess hill
29th April 2014

Works once
I stuck it down and decided i wasnted to move it else where. Once I had taken it off the initial place it failed to work properly again. After that it gradually (a week, maybe less) lost all ability to stick to any surface. Waste of money
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27th February 2014

I was very disappointed with the Tree Frog anti-slip dashboard pad, as it did not stick to any of our cars dashboards, Passat, Peugeot or Kia. I complete waste of money, they are now in the bin.
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Peter R Jackson
12th November 2013

Blackberry Bold 9790
Tree Frog Anti-Slip Dashboard Pad
Really disappointed as this is the first item from Mobile Fun that just has not worked for me. It holds the phone but will not stick to my 2010 Ford Fiesta dash at all - not even slightly. It just slides off even if there is no phone on it. Useless other than as a dust collector. Zero stars.
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20th October 2013

Not very good unless your dash is paper smooth
I bought this to stabablise my phone on the dash, the dashboard is mottled and so therefore does not lend itself well to this product. If your dash is anything other than smooth plastic give it a miss. It picks up dirt very quickly too. Phone sticks to it like glue but the same cant be said for the dash
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John Bishop
United Kingdom
12th August 2013

Just Dont Buy
This mat is 'just useless' worse thing I have ever purchased on the net - sticks to phone but not dashboard - Just keep your money in the bank
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2nd August 2013

Doesn't work!
The pad doesn't stick to my 'pebbled' dashboard although the phone does stick to the pad. So for me, it's unusable.
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David Chamberlain
4th July 2013

IPhone 4S on a Peugoet 407
Not any good
The phone sticks ok but the Tree Frog won't stick on the car maybe it's the material or that the car dashboard has been polished looks like its the car as the phone clogs well.
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United Kingdom
22nd June 2013

Various devices
Do not buy if you have a Fiesta
I'm sure it works fine, just not on a fiesta. The Fiesta has the wrong kind of dash, the treefrog simply will not stick to it. I can't really give any other rating but one star as it is not fit for the purpose I bought it for.
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Bob Bell
18th June 2013

Soney Xperia
Not what I expected
The Tree FrogAnti Slip Dashboard Pad is very disappointing. It certainly holds the mobile phone, but also sticks to your fingers when you try to get it off. The other side of it is that it does not stick to the dashboard, although it does stay in place. However its main attribute is picking up all the dust and other bits off the dashboard. Also as the phone is lying flat on the dash, you cannot see the screen.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi, we have typically received favourable reviews for this product so it is disappointing to hear that you aren't happy with it. We would advise cleaning the pad and letting it air dry to enhance its stickiness and we would never recommend whilst driving
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12th May 2013

when I first got the pad I was really impressed, but after leaving it on the dash board all day in the sunshine, it seemed to lose its grip on the dashboard. so a waste of money to me
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5th May 2013

It doesn't work
It works for a while but then loses its grip and becomes worse than useless
MobileFun Reply:
Hi David, the Tree Frog will reduce in stickiness over time. To return it to as-new condition, simply give the pad a wash and allow it to air dry.
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7th March 2013

Galaxy Wi-Fi 4.0
Dose not work in my 06 Corsa active Dash
This item dose NOT work in my car even after cleaning what polish was on dash if any item sticks to Galaxy player but NOT to dash no mater were you put it so in car no good for me. I will try this mat on my son`s ford Focus!.Dose work on varnished wood.
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