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Olixar Tree Frog Ultra-Grip Dashboard Pad

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Product Reference: 38308

The Olixar Tree Frog Dashboard Pad provides a secure resting position for your mobile phone or other items right on your car dashboard without the use of any sticky residue.

  • "Does what it says"
  • "Sticks like a very sticky thing"

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Richard Pelly
17th November 2016

Olixar Tree Frog ultra grip dashboard
Clever simple idea
Unfortunately it would not stick to my Land Rover Discovery 4 dashboard.( I bought it so I could use my iPhone as an additional GPS with Waze).it seems to stick to other surfaces well but not the dashboard. I am sure it will useful in our very old BMW 530 .I have bought your Olixar CD bracket which again is very simple and works well . I am a farmer and have always found simple things tend to work best in the long term !!!
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J Knowles
1st November 2016

Samsung S8
Works well, if you have a flatish area. Tricky to keep dust free in car.
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12th September 2016

Olixar Tree Frog Ultra-Grip Dashboard Pad
great grip, and reusable after cleaning!
I purchased the Olixar Tree Frog Ultra-Grip Dashboard Pad for my wife, because she has a long commute to her work. When we received the Olixar Tree Frog Ultra-Grip Dashboard Pad , we could tell that it was strong enough to secure her new iPhone on a flat surface. Unfortunately on her cars dashboard, there is only one smooth, flat surface. This location on the dash is great for hands free communication, but it also a negative because she drives facing the sun, going and returning from work. That is the only con, other than this it works great!
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Clive Berry
20th August 2016

iPhone 6s
Sticks to the task
The Ultra Grip dashboard Pad is such a great idea, easy to fit anywhere in the car and holds either my iphone or iPad in position even over bumpy roads. Only one down side is the pad does tend to lift off the dash board when removing the device from it. Excellent
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Barry Nessling
25th June 2016

Useful item
This very simple device works very well with my smartphone, even with the case on. Doesn't require a totally flat surface to sit on nor does the phone need to be completely on it. With most smartphones being capable of being used as a satnav this makes it easier to find somewhere on the dashboard out of your line of vision so much safer. Like it a lot.
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Dumfries Scotland
19th June 2016

Olixar tree frog ultra grip
The advertising was factual and it was eeexactly as I expected so hard to improve the peoduct
The advertising was factual and it was eeexactly as I expected so hard to improve the peoduct
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16th June 2016

Interesting idea.
Thin, flexible and very sticky plastic mat that will stick to pretty much any smooth surface. It help my phone (Nexus 5X) in place quite well although the surface the mat is stuck on would need to be on an angle no more than 45 degrees max. The thing easily peels off and sticks to something else. I'm not sure how well it would stick when very dirty and I'm not sure how effective washing it would be, I haven't had it long enough to find out.
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Mark Otway
Kingston upon Thames
16th June 2016

iPhone 6
Does what it says on the tin
I've tried many phone holders but none are really right. This one is simple and doesn't get in the way. Only slight complaint is that the topside ahould be slightly less sticky than the bottom side which sticks to the dashboard.
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Harry Bratley
12th June 2016

Samsung Galaxy
Good product
Excellent product and my 'phone sticks like glue. The only downside is that when I pick up my 'phone, the mat comes off with it and has to be re positioned back on to the dash.
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Colin Parkinson
5th June 2016

Samsung Galaxy
Very Sticky, but not sticky
Very quick delivery and the Tree Frog Ultra-Gip works a treat. Just slapped it on the dashboard and plopped phone on it. No movement at all. Just a bit too sticky for my phone case though, it won't let go without a bit of a fight. But it does exactly what I wanted it to.
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John Roberts
5th June 2016

iPhone 6
Very sticky
Nothing slips but as I may have put it wrong side down. When taking an item off the pad the pad comes as well! No problem though
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Carole Bromehead
Rotherham yorkshire
3rd June 2016

Olixar Tree Grog Ultra-Grip Dashboard Pad
Very handy mat
This dash board pad is very handy, it will grip to the surface even if its not flat mine is curvey but its gone on no problem, you can also cut it to make it fit where ever you want, I find it very handy for my glasses as I am always losing them in the car lol..and the phone fits and grips very well even though it is on the curve, hope this helps anyuone thinking of buy it
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Jeremy Ruffer
2nd June 2016

samsung galaxy s4 mini
Does what it says on thetin
I couldn't work out how it could do what it said it does but it did. It grips so strongly you expect the phone to end up sticky but it doesn't. Awesome.
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Peter Jones
24th March 2016

iPhone 6s
Surprisingly Super
My wife's car dash is about 70 degree angle. Pretty much vertical. I attached the tree frog and it holds so well. Her phone has to be literally peeled off. Mine is in a rubber back case and even that stays put. Best Buy in a long time.
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27th January 2016

samsang galaxy
dashboard pad review
The mobile device sticks really well on the pad without leaving any marks on the mobile you can just put the dashboard pad anywhere on the dash board although it can get dusty but can easly be rinsed off with water and dried off.
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24th January 2016

Iphone 6
Dashboard pad
Useful and makes what it says
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1st February 2015

Nokia Lumia 830
Does what it says on the tin
Holds items without problem. I thought it might be somewhat larger and thicker and any touch will leave it covered in finger marks and dust. But like I say, it does what it says it will.
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11th January 2015

bel prodotto, funzionale
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7th August 2014

Good product
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Ross Hawkins
17th July 2014

Lg Nexus 5
tree frog non slip mat
I tried my phone on the mat and as long as the slope isn't too bad it's very good. I use them to put pens and highlite pens on and they are great. I prefer my phone upright but I would recommend the tree frog mat for loads of different uses in the car.
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13th July 2014

various items
Works fi ne
I was impressed with the advert for this little item so I bought one. Worked very well for the first few days but noticed after dropping it several times it lost it's grip and staying power, however, after giving it a wash in warm water it was fine again.
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La V
27th June 2014

It's convenient, simple, easy to use. Worth the $
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Colin Pritchard
Nr Oxford
9th May 2014

Handy Place for my Driving Glasses
I now keep my driving glasses in a fabric case on the mat on the dashboard. In the bad old days I never knew where they were likely to be I tried it with a rather posh leather case but the mat wasn't sticky enough. The mat seems to be collecting dust and I'm not sure how I'm going to clean it. All in all I'm extremely pleased to have my glasses permanently to hand.
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Neil Bennett
9th May 2014

Nokia 1520
good and sticky
Strapped 2 to my feet now I can climb trees. They work great in the car, office or in the bath.
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Mr Cabbie
4th April 2014

Samsung s2
fantastic phone holder
What a easy and good product. it just sits on the dash board and you put your phone on it .. you do need hold the matt down when take phone off.. i tell you it stayed on that well overtime i took it off it was pulling the back of my phone case off as well. now i got a cover on and works just the same .. why mess about with holders . buy this great cheap Matt. thanks mobile fun...
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4th February 2014

But it really does work. No more loast phones on long journeys
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3rd February 2014

iPhone 5
Works, but not as the product video suggests
The product did not initially work. In the advertising video you just placed the product on the car dashboard and then your phone or keys would stick to it. This was so, however when the phone was picked up the mat came with it. You need to push the mat very firmly into position, not just lay it down. Once you do this you can pick your phone up without problems.
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19th January 2014

nokia lumia 520
the frog that wants to be a sticky crustation
It does all it they say it should...mines not for my dash but for my desk...no longer can my phone just hop off when the cats try to catch it. Brilliantly sticky!
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30th December 2013

Tree Frog Anti-slip Dashboard Pad
Useful help
This is just what it said on the tin. Flat, neat and unobtrusive, it stops my mobile from sliding around and allows me to read the screen from my driving position. Simple and easy.
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22nd December 2013

Samsung galaxy s4
Serves it purpose
I haven't really had any problems since using it and I hope it stays that way for long
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21st November 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2
Big Surprise
I ordered this item with a bit of disbelief that it would work but found it to be great and got one free so someone else is getting one for Christmas :)
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Sunny Suffolk
18th November 2013

Tree Frog Anti-Slip Dashboard Pad
Good Job Tree Frog Breeders
They really do hold your items steady in one position. Things stick like glue, yet can be picked off easily. If they weren't so 'yeuky' to handle, I would have given them a 5.
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Michael Sarosi
16th November 2013

Galaxy S3
Sticky Frog
Seriously sticky to the extent you have to stretch/peel it off the back of your phone. How long will Froggy last at this stage?
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Kevin Beattie
1st October 2013

In car
Great wee car tidy
The tree frog is ideal to keep your lose objects handy during car journeys. It's smaller than I thought it would be but it's still big enough and really sticky to hold your phone, keys - even had a watch on it!
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15th August 2013

Iphone 4
Magic sticking power
Used last weekend. We were not convinced it would work on the dash with the phone in its heavy case as thought it would land on the floor on top of our feet. But it worked brilliantly even aroun the winding roads of Dartmoor - great gadget!
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Derek Gray
London UK
10th August 2013

HTC phone in leather case, keys
Great idea!
On the dashboard of Peugeot 207, 07 reg., Treefrog tends to pull away from dashboard rather than item detaching from Treefrog. Otherwise an excellent device.
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P Anderson
26th July 2013

Great but expensive
This is a brilliant idea and it works, .........but the packaging is extremely cheap so you just know that the actual cost of manufacture is very low. So someone is making a lot of money. However the Tree Frog does work well. I have had an iPhone on the dashboard at an angle of about 45deg and it didn't shift at all during my journey. Sunglasses stay put and keys seem to adhere well although I haven't driven with them on the mat yet. Good item but so obviously overpriced.
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1st July 2013

7" Tablet
Good choice
Very simple and effective. Next day delivery, but why £2.99?
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22nd June 2013

Iphone 4s with Otterbox commuter case
It certainly sticks. I've had the phone almost vertical on the dashboard and it stays attached to the phone. However, the dashboard is made of some plastic which the tree frog and it don't get on very well with. I've dropped the tree frog on the ground a few times and got it plastered with grit. Washed it and it's as it was when I bought it. Not as good as I had hoped, but that is down to my dashboard material rather than the tree frog. Worth the money just to see if it works on your car.
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Ann Bowen
Chalfont St Peter
19th June 2013

Anything small that I need to carry in my car
A frog by any other name
I love the frog. It holds my phone, it holds my keys. why is it called a frog? it doesn't jump....in fact it would be useless if it did.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Ann, we are pleased you like the product. It is named the Tree Frog due to its sticky texture which allows it to grip to your dashboard and phone. For more information about this fascinating creature please see here: http://bit.ly/1awc3dA
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18th June 2013

Can't see how it works but it does
Bought the tree frog to hold my phone in car. Firstly... wish it had looked like a frog!! As it is it is a very neutral black mat. Didn't feel very strong and couldn't see how it was going to stay put with my phone attached but.. so far.. it has! I don't go in for rally driving so don't know how effective it would be hurtling round corners. Will see how it retains its grip over time
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Brian Pritchard
Napier New Zealand
11th May 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2
Tree Frog Anti-Slip Dashboard Pad.
Very happy with product bur the advertisment said I would recieve an additional free one with my purchase. I only recieved one pad. Brian
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6th May 2013

Galaxy note
Does what it says
Does just what it says but the day after I received it Mobile Fun started giving 2 for price of one . Thanks for that , wish for hints box ie. wait for a couple of days for new offers.
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31st March 2013

Samsung Galaxy 2
Excellent but......
Shame it ripped tring to remove the plastic protecting the sticky surface .....
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