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Sorry, but Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Car Mount Cradle Charger has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Car Mount Cradle Charger

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Keep your Galaxy Note 2 in view and fully charged while driving with the Car Mount Cradle and included car charger.

  • "Great holder for note 2"
  • "fredom to use your phone while on the move. "

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5th September 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Doesn't charge the telephone
I only use the holder. It's not charging the phone.
MobileFun Reply:
Hi Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate.
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Ben Scott
12th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Car Mount Cradle Charger
Great holder for note 2
The product is very solid and easy to use. The sucker has not fallen off yet and seems very sturdy. It can be adjusted horizontally and vertically easily. The reach away from the windscreen is good as I have a VW transporter and the dash is quite deep. The method to clip in is very smooth and holds well. In the past i have struggled with getting it in and out. Not so with this one, I would highly recommend buying this if you have a galaxy note2. It also accommodates a protective cover by taking an insert out to give it more space.
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G. man
31st December 2013

samsung galaxy note2
fredom to use your phone while on the move.
It feels well built strong, with a insert that you can take out to make more room for your phone case if you have one. The clip for pushing down the rubber foot on to the glass is sturdy and well balance. And once it is locked in place it does not move or vibrate. can be used as just a cradle or a cradle and charger. The charger has a very active blues neon glow
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11th November 2013

Galaxy Note 2
I purchased the Galaxy Note 2 Car Mount Cradle after having bought many holders that were no good. This bit of kit is EXCELLENT. Does the job perfectly. I've also attached the Auxiliary cable to the phone so I have the music and phone calls, and Sat Nav play through the car speakers. Best thing I've purchased from Mobile Fun,, it came the following day after I ordered it. You WONT BE DISAPPOINTED If you purchase this holder.
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herndon, VA
18th August 2013

Great Car Mount!
I did a lot of research before purchasing this car mount for my Galaxy Note 2. This is a great Car mount. the Galaxy Note fits in this perfectly. Wasy in and out. the built-in charger cord eliminates messy dangling cords. Th suction cup is a very good quality one - no worries of it popping off and damaging your phone. Don't waste your money anywhere else. This is worth twice what I paid for it. True 5 star rating here.
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15th August 2013

Love it!
I love this item. It's exactly what I was looking for. It's sturdy and holds the phone in place.
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15th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Very well made, well designed, perfect fit for Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Cable length is about is about 1m stretched out and more than adequate for most vehicles. Plug end may be a problem for some vehicles with very limited space around the lighter socket. All this at a very reasonable price.
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Martin Boutle
South Lincolnshire
8th August 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 11
Just the job
Money well spent.All the bits you need in one box and looks very smart when in use.The web site very good in describing the product,all you would want to know about it. Delivery on second day of ordering,excellent would recommend to everyone.Thank you MobileFun.
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7th August 2013

Samsung galaxy note 2
brilliant product!
This is exactly as described and is a very good product! Easy to install and use. Was good value as other options all seemed much more expensive, for no extra features. Would highly recommend.
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2nd August 2013

it is OK
The mount is mostly what I was looking for. The clamp on the top has a rubber grip on it that is stuck on like a sticker. Doesn't stay on real well. I got into my truck and found it had fallen off to the floor recently. Not real happy about that. It also doesn't accommodate many phone covers. So I have to take mine off and on when using the mount. Gets annoying. But I can't find another one out there that looks like this one so......bother!
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26th July 2013

Samsung Note II
Fantastic product
This cradle is perfect, easy to use and stays firm to the wind-shield, Quality. the adapter is a great idea and the charger is fast when charging. Great Stuff!
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Leonard Davis
New Orleans, La
13th July 2013

KiDiGi Samsung Note 2 Car Mount Cradle
At first it worked fine. My note 2 has a thin outer protector, so the phone still fit. The latch at the top stopped working properly suddenly after (1) one week. For $38-$40, this is a horrible investment. I do not recommend at all. Poorly made, period.
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Mike Harris
12th July 2013

Galaxy Note 2
Just Perfect
Fits like a dream, easy to install, seems extremely well made and does exactly what it says it does.
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8th July 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Car Mount Cradle Charger
Fast and efficient service. Would use again.
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Sebastiano Cirinna
7th July 2013

Supporto auto
Ottimo prodotto,solita professionalità e serietà di mobilefun
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Paul Horwitz
Concord, MA 01742
7th July 2013

Product good, service not so.
I very much like the cradle -- it fits my phone (a Samsung Galaxy Note II) perfectly, it's sticks faithfully (so far!) to my dashboard, and it makes it easy to attach and remove the phone. My only complaint is that the product arrived later than I expected -- one day, in fact, before I was due to leave (and wanted it so I could listen to an audio book while driving) and no updating or tracking service was provided, so that I didn't know for sure that it was even on its way until it arrived. Paul
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27th June 2013

Samsung galaxy note 2
Lovely quality screen mount
High quality, easy to use and adjust. Good strong fix to screen with a good length of power cable.
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25th June 2013

Galaxy note 2
Very impressed
This was a Father's Day gift for my husband (from our son) via my purse! He's really impressed with it.
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9th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy note 2 cradle
Purchased a car cradle for my Samsung Galaxy note 2 & works perfectly, it even as an inlay so you can use it with or without a phone case....
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Ames, IA
21st May 2013

Great for no-case phones
This cradle looks great, is very functional, however if you have a large case, like an Otterbox, it will not accommodate the extra size. I will have to get rid of this cradle, as the otterbox is such a solid case, it doesn't come off easily and I don't want to take it off.
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20th May 2013

Galaxy Note 2
Car Mount
The item arrived very quickly , however the product is next to useless as it shakes and comes lose. Ive applied super glue to all the joints , this has improved it a bit , but to be honest not well made. I drive a new BMW 1 Series so my car is as smooth as it could be. However it holds my phone , so all good :-)
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Hants/surrey border
14th May 2013

Galaxy Note Eleven or possibly 2
I'm a courier and spend all day in my cab - My phone is an essential piece of kit - Comms, satnav, internet & music. The CM2-SGN2 was more expensive than I had anticipated, but having bought the cheaper option for previous phones, I have learned that it is usually more cost effective to get the right piece of kit in the first place. In my opinion, this is the right kit for the note 2 (or eleven if you like). Once the CM2-SGN2 has been sited and adjusted properly it has a feel of permanence. Solid. Very easy to load and unload the phone. The only negative thing i can find to say about this product is that you can't access the volume keys whilst mounted. But so what, eh? All else is good. Happy customer - Highly recommended
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Dave Wells
26th April 2013

Samsung Note 2
Note 2 cradle that works! brilliant
Now, I'm over 40 and well used to being a bit like dear Victor Meldrew... feed up with endless rubbish that is marketed as "quality" I do have expectations, some say they are high.. I say "I just want it to do what it should" Well this cradle is good quality and does indeed do what it is supposed to, i'm sure it will last more than the 2 weeks others seem too, it holds the phone easily, portrait or landscape, the charger is of good quality (actually didn't buy it for the charger but its the best I've ever had! result!) So I suggest if its a Samsung note cradle you require get this one, don't waste your hard earned dosh on £3 bits of rubbish,, Save money, buy something a little more expensive that will last and work
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25th April 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Not Bad
Sturdy enough. My only complaint is when the fone is docked the volume key not accessible.
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30th March 2013

Great Dock
This dock is high quality. It has a removable sleeve that allows you to use it either without a case or with a case on the phone. It includes a high quality power plug with a cool looking lighted blue orb that shows up when it is plugged into a cigarette lighter plug. I wish that it had the usb plug integrated into the car like the Motorola docks do. It is a small Hale to have to dock the phone then reach around for the plug and insert it into the phone jack. I recommend a future redesign on that part. Overall an excellent item. I actually have TWO.One in my car and this latest one is mounted on my motorcycle with a special modification bracket I made in the workshop.
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Rob Clarke
29th March 2013

Galaxy Note 11 Holder
Great holder for my Galaxy Note 11
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Bruce Coleman
Sarasota, Fl
23rd February 2013

Galaxy Note II Car Charger
Excellent my phone fix in the cradle nicely and it looks very nice.
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21st February 2013

galaxy note 2 car kit - love it
Was skeptical that I can get something better that motorola's car kit and I did! Awesome device - fits phone tightly with or without casing tightly - great price for a wonderful product comparing to other - had to wait 3 weeks for delivery but it all worth it - great phone customer service btw also - so - very happy and highly recommend!
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18th February 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Absolutely tip-top
Everything about this product is great. It lets you use the phone on it's own, or remove a sliver of plastic to incorporate the case, and either way fits perfectly thanks to the foam "foot" that holds the phone in place (I use the official Samsung case, so ymmv with other models). It's solid and weighty, nicely designed and even the charger light is a tasteful soft blue. Only downside is that the length of the cable from the lighter to the holster could be a bit of a stretch in larger cars, but it's designed to stretch, so you can buy in total confidence. If you need it, get it.
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Curt Corbi
New Orleans
19th January 2013

Perfect Dock for Note II
This is the second dock I tried since my purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. In all respects it is great. A high priority to me was the fact that it will accommodate the phone with the case (Distronic) on the phone. Secondly, the power is supplied by an easy to insert pig-tail which I think causes less stress on the USB port than docks having an integrated male USB fitting for the power. It is adjustable in an infinite number of positions, very sturdy and relatively compact. I give it 5 stars.
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