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Sorry, but Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Extended Battery Kit - 3000mAh - Blue has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Extended Battery Kit - 3000mAh - Blue

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Product Reference: 37556

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 going for longer with this official kit comprising of a 3000mAh extended battery with NFC and replacement back cover in blue.

  • "extended battery life!"
  • "Extended battery and rear case"

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This product has been given an average rating of 4.8 by 53 customers. | Write a review
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Peter Arterton
4th May 2014

Samsung galaxy s3
extended battery life!
Does exactly what it says on the box! My phone is now a power house in my pocket. The battery now lasts for ages, games, apps and browsing the net have little effect compared to the original battery. I would highly recommend this product. It'll transform your phone too!
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anil kumar
pune india
20th April 2014

original product and very fast delivery by mobilefun
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29th March 2014

Galaxy s3 Samgsung
Wow what a good Difference
A truly marked improvement on stock battery. phone feels much more solid and does not have a will to wander out of your hand.yes its slightly more in weight but you gain comfort in the battery truly does last all day reasonable use and mid to heavy usage with plenty to spare if you say go to low power on 20% great feels like a new phone cover fits tight and sits snug in hand.
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1st March 2014

Galaxy S3
Almost there
The battery pack is perfect, however Samsung need to sell an open backed case the same as they made for the S2, so that normal protections of screen & sides of phone can continue. I need the extra battery life but the ability to protect my phone would be nice as well.
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Brian Lancet
28th January 2014

Extended battery for Galaxy S3
This is a great item it gives you tons of battery life and doesn't make the phone feel any heavier than with the regular battery. A great item to have.
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1st December 2013

Galaxy S3
I use this kit EB-K1G6UBUGSTD allmost 6 months and I am very happy. But now I even happier when I found suitible case: Orbit Flex Multidapt Galaxy S3 and Diztronic Matte Back Black Extended Battery TPU Case for GS3
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Thanh Hua
24th November 2013

Galaxy s3
This is perfect for my daily use.
If you are use your phone a lot and need to get to the end of the day, this is what you going to need.
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22nd November 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Long Life just what i needed
Battery life has doubled.
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25th October 2013

samsung galaxy s3
good product
After having my s3 for over a year the battery life seemed to be getting worse. Bought this on a whim. Thought I'd cancel the next day (Sunday) bought an email said it was already dispatched. They did explain I could return. Sure enough next day product arrived. I was impressed with speed of service and kept the product. Impressive jump in battery life. Yes it's a little thicker and heavier but it's worth it.
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Mike hudson
2nd October 2013

Extended battery
Received my extended battery about a week ago. So far the battery does what mobile fun said it would do. All day with mod/heavy use. The only problem I had was how long it to to get the product.
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30th September 2013

si e no
X quanto riguarda la batteria sono rimasto soddisfatto al 70%. Ho guadagnato si e no un'ora, massimo un'ora e mezza di autonomia in piu'. Considerando che la batteria e spessa il doppio dell originale il cellulare diventa piu grosso (brutto da vedere e da maneggiare) e piu pesante. X quanto riguarda il sito soddisfazione totale. Facile da ordinare e in 3 gg ho ricevuto il mio pacco.
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macon, ga
28th August 2013

must have s3 battery
I was a little skeptical of this battery at 1st due to it just being 900mah bigger than stock but what a difference it makes. On the stock 2100mah battery I was averaging 6-8 hours of heavy usage. I text a lot, stream music, play games, and make calls. Now I get between 10-12 hours out of my phone. On days that I don't use it as much I can actually get 24 hours on a single charge. This battery adds so little bulk most people don't even know it has an extended battery. I live in the us so shipping took about 2 weeks but it was worth the wait. If you have a s3 this is a required purchase.
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Arthur Erickson
Orlando, FL
10th July 2013

Great product
Amazing product. I'm a heavy user and my battery still will last all day and all night. The battery being a little bigger, didn't add too much size. Other than it taking awhile to get here and the tracking of my package stunk, it has been great purchase.
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Larry Wilson
21st June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S 3
Extended Battery
The extended battery is great! I used to carry a charger around, and now with the 3000ma battery, it's no longer necessary to recharge my phone during the day!
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15th June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Good product and service
The extended battery arrived within 24 hours of order - great service from MF as usual. Battery and cover fitted with no problem and is giving me the extra phone up-time I needed. The only downside, as others have said, is that the phone will not now fit into either of my existing lovely Samsung cases!
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5th June 2013

exemplary service
I used the forums to ask questions about various other products which were answered promptly and clearly helping me decide on the best product for my purposes. Ordering was easy, I was kept informed of order progress and my order arrived very quickly. Great service! Oh and the product is brilliant. exactly right for extended battery use.
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27th May 2013

Samsung Galaxy s3
Should be a standard purchace
The battery and cover is amazing. Should have been stock with the phone as the previous battery was too small for a day of various power activities. It does not add a lot of bulk to the phone and the phone actually feels sturdier due to the extra weight/thickness. Highly recommended.
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25th May 2013

extended battery for Samsung galaxy s3
It is very nice . The battery life is almost 24 hours . Before it my 2100 mah battery was gone within 12 hours. It's double your battery power. Thanks to mobile fun for give us that kind of products.
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20th May 2013

Samsung Extended Life Battery
Product was delivered as promised and the battery is working great. I am able to go a full day listening to music, reading emails w/o charging. Excellent investment. ..
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Salt Lake City, Utah
16th May 2013

Larger capacity but very little thickness.
This battery is perfect for the S3. It doesn't add much weight or thickness to the phone. I bought a diztronic case off amazon that was made for the extended battery casing and it works perfectly along with that. I have to break the battery in but after that i should thoughly enjoy this product. Was worth the wait time to get here from the UK.
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16th May 2013

Ottima qualità
Va tutto bene ma non è possibile applicare una cover.
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11th May 2013

Genuine Samsung Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy S3 - 3000mAh
This is a fantastic item, I like the S3 phone, though the battery life was not great. This extended battery allow me to use my phone all day without re-charging.
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Dhinesh R
Bangalore, India
1st May 2013

Extended Battery - S3
Wow, what more would you need?? I am totally impressed as I am on 3G data 24/7 this battery has come as a rescuer. Amazing battery back up, I cant imagine how better it would be if internet is off. I would not look for better phone as end of the day battery back up what matters. SUPER!!! Thanks to Mobilefun team. Good job.
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Kennewick, WA
26th April 2013

Great Battery life!!
I bought it and opted for the cheapest shipping. Got here in 9 business days, which was fine. I wasn't in a huge rush to get it. Aaanyway, when I got it, it had about a 65% charge left so I used it and let it get down to 0. So far after my first 2 charges, I've been able to get between 32-34 hours of typical use (email, web browsing, youtube, apps, texts, calls). I'm switch between Wi-Fi and 3G/HSPA+ throughout the day. My existing clear TPU case I bought on eBay a while back still fits (barely) on the phone. This is an excellent battery. I would definitely recommend it to anyone - and I have to my friends that also have the S3.
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20th April 2013

Excellent Battery Life
This is the battery that SHOULD have come from Samsung in the first place. It does make the phone a little thicker, but it actually makes it easier to hold. The OEM version is almost TOO skinny. Battery life is awesome!! Easily get through a whole day no matter what I'm doing on it. 11hrs and counting and still 50% battery left (with over 2hrs of screen time already).
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19th April 2013

galaxy s3 battery
Great service great service battery works great thank you for the service
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11th April 2013

Ssamsung Galaxy S3
Great Battery
This is the battery the phone should have come stock with. Its a little heavier, but the battery lasts me all day now. Just needs a skin for it.
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Colin Simone
Concord, CA
4th April 2013

Power to last all day!
I easily get on average of 25 hours from a single charge with 2+ hours of on-screen time. Obviously mileage may vary based on your precise settings like display brightness, etc. I can easily say without a doubt that this purchase was WELL WORTH the $55!!! It's now like having an Galaxy S III Maxx! The added weight of the battery is less than an ounce and the bulk it adds actually feels GOOD in the hand! I thoroughly pleased! Can't wait for Diztronic to put out a TPU case soon to fit. Other reviews have stated their cases fit but obviously NOT the way they SHOULD. Thanks MobileFun for being the ONLY one to stock this GREAT OEM item. I would NEVER use an aftermarket battery with my SGS3.
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Daniel Costa Sampaio
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
3rd April 2013

Galaxy SIII - I9300
First I would like to thanks Mobile Fun for the perfect team that support me. ________________________ The battery is amazing, I have now one day or two of normal use of my SIII. I even see this battery selling here in Brazil to the moment, but I have it just because Mobile Fun, Thanks. First day - 20h battery with 4h50 of video. Second Day - 1Day and 6hours battery with 7h of video. UHUUUUUUUUUUUU FINALLY 3G ALL DAY, WIFI TURN ON ALL DAY, 1 movie for day and play games along to job. Buy it know, your can't still use the stock battery. I'm using without the battery cover, but my case UAG and Element Case fit nice.
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Augusta, GA
3rd April 2013

Must have battery
Just received my battery and it is working great so far. I didn't have to charge my phone one time while I was at work where I usually have to charge midday after listening to music constantly. Phone feels better in my hand vs with regular battery. Not too thick. I would definitely recommend to anyone with a S3.
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2nd April 2013

Assolutamente Ottimo
Perfetto,assolutamente consigliato,telefono più spesso di 1,2mm e meglio bilanciato. sono passato dall'avere il 3% alla sera al 50%.
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1st April 2013

Samsung Extended Battery
3000mAh Battery Kit for Galaxy S3
Great service from Mobile Fun as usual.The Samsung Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy S3 works well and certainly extends the use of the phone.
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chef 1 on the floor
29th March 2013

Galaxy S3
as described
very prompt delivery very happy with it can use phone all day with no worries about power.
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United States
26th March 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Great Product! Battery Lasts all day! A must have! Cases Fit!
I ordered mine with the DHL Worldwide Express and had it the next day in the USA! Product far exceeded my expectations. I have an after market 4500 mah Battery that was too big. This one barely adds more thickness to the phone and lasts all day under heavy use. From 7 am to 11 pm and i often still have 25-45% left.If you charge your phone at night it makes the larger aftermarket batteries unnecessary. I ORDERED THIS CASE AND CAN CONFIRM IT FITS PERFECT!: http://www.zoogue.com/galaxy-siii-social-case/ Also this place will make cases specifically for the extended 3000 mah battery starting in April: http://tpu-cases.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=42_68
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26th March 2013

samsung galaxy s3 extended battery
battery looks great seems to work as advertised.. ordered 3/6 rec. 3/23 took a little while coming through the mail to the US, but really like it great look and feel. great customer service.
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Jim Jim
dallas, tx
18th March 2013

expensive, but a worthwhile purchase
i paid about $150 for my S3, so paying almost half that for a battery is definitely expensive. so far it's been worth it for me. i play golf and use my phone as a gps. i turn the screen to full brightness and leave it on the entire 4 hour round of golf. saturday the battery lasted 22h half lte/half wifi with 5.5 hours of screen time. granted i didn't use the phone for service much at all (very little internet or messaging), but still with gps/screen at 100% for that duration, my stock battery would have absolutely needed a recharge before i went out for the night. my standard diztronic tpu case fits this battery fine. the sides can fall off the edge ever so slightly maybe twice a day, but you can push them back on with one hand easily. all of the holes line up properly for the most part. in fact i may not even buy an extended battery case when they come out i've been so content with the diztronic. a must purchase for anyone that doesn't find the stock battery adequate in all situations.
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14th March 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Great product
Wish this came as standard as it really adds significant battery life. May seem expensive at first but I think it's worth it. It is heavier but does make the phone feel more robust and well balanced. Shame there's no flip cover available yet from Samsung.
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12th March 2013

samsung galaxy s3
Super fast shipping! Awsome battery!
Finally a battery that doesnt make my phone look pregnant. I did get it to fit in the ooterbox defender case with a little modification. If you don't use the back that came with the battery and rip out the little foam padding on the otterbox it fits perfectly!
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Mark Hawkins
United Kingdom
8th March 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
great purchase
Waited an age for this option to arrive, well worth the wait. Phone still fits in my desk charger as well, so very happy.
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Keith Jaffray
5th March 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3
Extended battery and rear case
Just received this new extended battery with rear case and I must say from the moment I fitted it to my S3, it has given it a totally different feel. The phone feels more solid and less prone to want to spin in your hand, and is slightly heavier which I like. I have a leather S3 case for it which is a little too tight for it now so I may have to find an alternative. It still fits onto my desktop charger ok so no problems with charging. Usual quick delivery from Mobilefun, always first to get the stock.I would highly recommend this item and of course Mobilefun to all Regards Keith.
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